UPDATED: Rawjinos Give a Hand to Dems, to Get Construction Bill Through State House

A RAWNJINO, (pronounced rawn-JEE-no) is a Right Wing Nutjob In Name Only. This is a Republican who froths and foams and rants and raves 24/7 about the evils of government spending, but then quietly finds a way to steer some government funds toward his or her friends.  Like all those right-wing nuts who say Obama is a socialist, while at the same time they are pocketing massive amounts of government welfare in the form of farm subsidies.

Today, the Rawnjinos saved the day.  The House considered a much needed construction bill, knows as the “bonding bill” to fund a series of new public buildings in Missoula, Havre and a few other places.

In a bizarre development, a handful of  right-wing nuts stood up on the floor of the House to declare that this bill, which would incur a large debt to the state which would be paid off through long term bonding, is a good bill because it “would put people to work”.  Whence these Rawnjinos?

The explanation, of course, is that the interest groups and lobbyists who tell GOP members how to vote happen also to profit from building the buildings that this building bill will build–including the Montana contractors Association and the Montana builders association–put heavy pressure on these right-wing phonies so that they’d get some state business out of it.

So these Rawnjinos have become progressives for a day.  And, the bonding bill looks good to become law, a good result.

UPDATE: Though the bill had advanced on a preliminary second reading vote yesterday, Republicans killed the bill on a final third reading vote today.  The bill needed 2/3 of the legislature to allow the bill to pass. The bonding bill is not looking good to become law at this point–so much for jobs.


4 Comments on "UPDATED: Rawjinos Give a Hand to Dems, to Get Construction Bill Through State House"

  1. Tax the Billionaires | April 26, 2011 7:45 PM at 7:45 PM |

    Denny Rehberg will be in Missoula on Thursday to defend the Paul Ryan effort to turn Medicare over to the private insurance company thieves. We could use a couple hundred folks.

  2. I thought Denny voted AGAINST it as he articulated in the media lately about his ‘deep’ concern for seniors?? In any event, he can’t run FAST enough to escape that ‘sucking’ sound pulling him
    ever closer to his Tea Party ‘friends’.

  3. Cowgirl(s) –

    Is there a time limit for posts going without comments before you create a couple of fake commenters to fill the void? If so, what is it?

  4. The ‘Baggers’ and GOP have FAILED, utterly FAILED to do their duty and have the nerve to leave Helena when they have TWO more
    days to ‘FIX’ their screw-ups on cannabis, budget and BONDING
    bill, that’s FAILED….this Session has been the ultimate incompetent ‘crazy train’!!!

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