Montana Women Launch Grassroots Campaign to Re-elect Tester

How cool is this? Big Sandy farmer Jon Tester is continuing to build more momentum in his bid for a second term in the U.S. Senate, thanks to this week’s launch of Women for Tester, another grassroots organization supporting his campaign.

Anyone is welcome to join Women for Tester online here . The organization is also on Facebook here.

The group was started by Stacy Rogge-Senterfeit, who works for the Clark Fork Coalition in Missoula, and Barb Skelton, a rancher and business consultant who was the first woman to be nominated for Lieutenant Governor in Montana.  Great idea ladies!

In a press release, Stacy said:

“One thing is clear about Dennis Rehberg: He can’t be trusted to stand up for Montana women and our families, Congressman Rehberg voted against equal pay protections for women, and enthusiastically supported the effort to take away access to preventive care — including breast cancer screenings — by defunding Planned Parenthood.”

I could not agree more.
Women for Tester is the second grassroots organization supporting Tester’s hard work and Montana values in the U.S. Senate. Students for Tester, which launched earlier this month, is on Facebook here.


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  1. Please define “Montana values.” What are they? Are they different from “Wyoming values?” Are Montanans unique in valuing things that others do not? For instance, do Montanans find, like, red balloons valuable? If so, that would be a unique Montana value, as people who live in other states do not share that value.

    For myself, I am into “Colorado values.” Down here, we like frogs, long walks on the beach, and those little straws they put in orange juice that actually can be extended. Colorado values are quite unlike Montana values, especially the walks on the beach. You guys can’t do that.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 28, 2011 6:23 PM at 6:23 PM |

      Culture and environment have NO influence on values to you, Mark? Really? Hey, if you have to ASK what Montana values are, you wouldn’t know. Here, allow me a tiny, teensy example.

      We Montanana are for the most part friendly, helpful people. We were taking some folks from outta state down to Yellowstone Park from GF. We went up over Kings Hill and headed toward White Sulphur Springs. Our guests were TERRIFIED! They had never seen nor IMAGINED such open space, and it scared the hell out of them! They kept asking what happens if we break down?

      Well, I my wife and I just had to laugh. And really, it was kinda funny. Because let’s face it, if you break down in the Montana outback, SOMEone will eventually come along and help you. And then in addition to that, there’s a good possibility that you’ll KNOW them or know their people. THAT is a Montana value!

      We value each other. It’s who we are. It’s born of both the necessity of living in a big, harsh, open environment, and our nature of self-reliance. Our friends from outta state had NO comprehension of how we could be so unconcerned about traveling through land that was to them totally uninhabited and scary.

      So, mark, we do indeed have values that are FAR different than other regions even those of Wyoming and Colorado, which have far different histories. (is there REALLY another Butte somewhere in the country?)

      The question you ask is silly. Of COURSE there are Montana values, and Dopey Reeburp in NO way represents our values. He’s a Kochsucker. Those are his values, values consistent with the values of Aynus Rant and the Big Kochs. I would submit to you that those are NOT Montana values. We don’t value heinous murderers like Dopey’s herione, Aynus Rant!

      • For all its nonsense, your comment has some substance, even though you are quite wrong. Montanans are not different than New Yorkers or Haitians. People are people, most of us kind and caring. Regional environmental difference create different illusions – the Montana “Cowboy” who sits in an office with pine furniture and pictures of noble elk, and the New York “financier” who has mahogany furniture and a picture of Alan Greenspan on his wall. Both might be total a-holes, both might be nice people. One night help people lost on country road or trail, or one might reach out to someone lost and confused on the subway. I had the latter experience.

        “Montana values” is shameless flattery. There is no such thing.

        • “Montana values” is another euphemistic bit of shorthand–kinda like “human nature”. Both are simply attempts to broaden opinions into actualities.

  2. Thrilled to see the ladies here in action and check out the real ‘winner’ in Oklahoma, Sally Kerns, state legislator who said ‘women and blacks’ don’t work as hard, so that’s why that legislative body working to terminate affirmative action policies. Oh, by the way, didn’t ‘Dubya’ get ‘affirmative’ Rich Boy Action to get into Harvard, and that said, why don’t we
    compare President Obama’s transcript next to ‘Dubya’s and see how that looks? Why don’t all our legislators report to Helena with their LONG FORM birth certificates for ‘Birther Bob’ to inspect? I’m surprised he didn’t challenge Windy Boy or others about where they were born??

  3. A freshman MT Democratic legislator was learning to be a balloonist and took his first solo flight. Unfortunately, he got blown off course and had to land in a field close to a road. He saw a 1995 Ford F-350 with MT Plates that read, “KIL4FUN” coming his way and hailed it. Mark Tokarski, CPA came out of the large vehicle wearing a tricorn hat and pointed a musket at him. The balloonist begged him, “Please don’t shoot me, just tell me where I landed!”

    “You’re safe for now!”, said Tokarski. “You have just landed in your balloon. With this wind you were obviously blown off course. You are in the back field the Rehberg ranch. Denny is suing the city firefighters over a fire on this land and blaming his wife. You are 1.5 miles northeast of Billings. Denny will be building a new development here next to the rifle range if they can build a bullet proof wall high enough to stop the bullets from hitting the new houses. Mr. Rehberg has sent an attorney to detain you. He tried to call the Billings police, but they would not take his call. Now the lawyer is behind you and about to serve you.”

    At that moment the lawyer reached the freshman lawmaker and served him with trespass. Then Denny came out and threw him under the tires of Tokarski’s truck. The balloonist got up, dusted himself off and calmly said to Tokarski, “I gather you must be a bean counter tea bagger.”

    “Good Grief!”, exclaimed Tokarski, “You’re right! How did you know that?”

    The balloonist, a business owner, explained, “I employ accountants, and like the ones I hire, your information was detailed, yet most of it was completely useless and it arrived far too late to be of any help.”

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