POST SESSION PREVIEW: GOP Primed With Unique Leadership Pool for 2012

The GOP has realized it is out of bad ideas and is preparing to abandon ship.  So with the end of the session near, it is time for gubernatorial candidates to start campaigning in earnest.

The primary candidates will need to work hard to separate themselves from the pack –I believe there are at least six R’s thought to be running– by winning over key constituencies that are parts of the GOP base. One way to do that is by the strategic recruitment of future political appointees.

Here is a list of potential cabinet level possibilities selected from the GOP’s top leadership –bold minds that a Republican may need to get to get through a full primary field.

Director of the Department of Revenue, Bob Wagner (R-Harrison) was the most outspoken member of the GOP legislature on monetary policy, especially the gold standard.

Wendy Warburton (R-Havre) has positioned herself well as the GOP expert on military affairs, or at least militias, making her a great choice for GOP pick for Director of Military Affairs.

A Lt. Governor pick is key for helping to turn out the vote among key constituencies, and Champ Edmunds (R-Missoula) certainly was the Republican poster boy for voter policy this session (leading their campaign to suppress the vote in Montana) .

For Fish Wildlife and Parks director, the GOP need look no further than spear hunting spokesmodel, Greg Hinkle.

For the right pick for Department of Environmental Quality look no further than GOP visionary,  Derek Skees, (R-Whitefish Kalispell)  who was advocating for nuclear power before Japan, oh..wait…

The Montana GOP already has a man whose making national waves in the climate change discussion, making intelligent science expert Joe Read (R-Ronan)  a perfect pick to lead the DNRC.

Alan Hale, expert on driving (especially where drinking is concerned) exemplifies the views of many GOP-ers on transportation issues, making him a leading pick for Director of Transportation.

And for the Department of Health and Human Services – Tom McGillvray (R-Billings) who understands that the best way to help people is to attack and insult women and to keep them down!  Sums up the GOP philosophy of keeping government out of everything — except your most personal and private business– perfectly.


7 Comments on "POST SESSION PREVIEW: GOP Primed With Unique Leadership Pool for 2012"

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 28, 2011 8:27 PM at 8:27 PM |

    All great picks! And for the new Tealiban governor’s spokesperson, I would suggest Pastor Hairass Slimes! That dude don’t mince words! He gets right to the point and is an effective communicator. He gets his message out in few words. AND, he doesn’t shy away from controversy! “Death for homosexuals”! Clear, concise, unambiguous, forceful, decisive, and DUMB AS DOGSH*t! He’s PERFECT!

    Maybe if Dopey Reeburp keeps gettin’ his ass whomped in the polls for senate, he’ll switch over and give the guv race a shot! He’s a PERFECT teabaggin’ man! He embodies ALL the traits of the cabinet members you’ve mentioned above!

    Drinkin’? Been there, DONE that! An expert of sorts!
    Hunting? Not with spears, but his pals are into poaching!
    Militias? He’s one of’em!
    Dept of Health and Human Services? “Ya get aids, and ya die!”

    Yep. Now that Dopey’s cast his lot with the baggers, he’s their best shot!

  2. Nice job GOP, you had TWO more days at your disposal to help get the BONDING (JOBS!!!) BILL passed, but ‘oh no’, you’re too ‘tired’ and frustrated??!!! Well, the PEOPLE know you for you’ve done, and YOUTUBE will BE there next election cycle!!!!

  3. You forgot Joe Balyeat for Budget Director. Balyeat leads the GOP budgeting charge of Budgeting by robot or autopilot with all his triggers in inflationary index and other garbage. He’d just set up some Rube Golberg machine and go home. What a leader!

  4. What you have here is a whole lotta stupid that represents the GOP perfectly. They really did it this time folks. They showed us who they really are.

  5. Joe Balyeat would be a great Budget Director!

    It’s too bad he’s not eligible for the Supreme Court as he would actually stick to the law and constitution. Although you have to love his ballot initiative to elect justices by district. Helena will only be allowed to have one elitist liberal justice. Sweet.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 29, 2011 10:33 AM at 10:33 AM |

      Um, Fathead, just HOW would Joey Bullalot be different from our current Supremes? Be specific, little fella. For you see, you seem to be flatulating up the forum again with Christofascist nonsense. Joe Bullalot is goofy. That’s all.

  6. You know this list of GOP leaders, actually scares me, and the thought of not having Governor Schweitzer in 2013 makes me want to become a North Dakotan.

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