Millionaire Macaca Moment

Talking Points Memo is reporting on Rehberg’s latest:  Montana’s millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg is trying to convince Montanans that he’s “cash poor,” but his millions of dollars say otherwise.

Congressman Rehberg is so completely out of touch that he believes that inheriting millions amounts to ‘struggling.’

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Rehberg is worth between $6.5 million and $56 million. That makes him the 14th richest member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Here is a link to the video of Rehberg’s comments.

Rehberg’s attempt to convince Montanans that he’s “struggling like everyone else” follows remarks last year, when he told a crowd that the he owns the prominent sandstone rims that surround the city of Billings, Mont.  “I actually own the rims all over the city,” said Rehberg, who is also suing Billings firefighters.

The entire transcript of Congressman Rehberg’s comments Thursday is below:

Questioner: What I want to know is where exactly is your priority?

Congressman Rehberg: Well, I’m glad as a group you park your politics at the door.

[Audience disapproves]

Congressman Rehberg: Because gratuitous comments like, “the rich like myself” … I’m a small businessman. My wife is a small businessman. You know she hasn’t taken a salary in ten years. She has not because of a result of the business. We’re struggling like everyone else with the economy…

Questioner: What’s your net worth?

Congressman Rehberg: I am land rich and cash poor. Like ranchers and farmers and small businesses throughout Montana. I have the same struggle [audible laughter in crowd], I have no employees, and we have the same struggle because we have the ability to borrow the money, but the problem is, in our particular case, if you don’t have the ability to pay back the loan what’s the reason go to the bank and borrow the money.

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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | April 30, 2011 9:31 AM at 9:31 AM |

    One must now “leave their politics at the door” to question Dopey Reeburp? Wow! That’s interesting. Must we also bow, avert our eyes so that we never look him in the eye, and keep our heads at all times lower than that of King of the Rimrocks, King Dopey? Incredible, and NOT funny at all as Dopey seems to believe.

    Look, if never realized it before, this man is a DUMBASS! His “politics” are destroying the country and slaughtering innocents around the world! And we’re not supposed to ask this loser about politics? He needs to just go away.

  2. His wife is a “businessman”? Is there something Denny isn’t telling us?

  3. Struggles all right- with intelligence….

  4. I really like your place. I read about your Congressman today at Think Progress and wanted to learn more about him. I live in Kentucky and we, of course, lay claim to the two most loathsome Senators in the nation. We also have a less than stellar House delegation led by Hal “Porky” Rogers. Throw Rehberg out and send him our way. Hell, we wouldn’t even notice a change in the slime level. You live in a beautiful place and I hope you can defeat this garbage in 2012. Drop by and visit. Cletis Stump

  5. I only wish I was struggling as much as Denny. I am trying to figure out how to afford to go to the dentist for the first time in five years or if my husband’s colonoscopy will suck up all our spare money. Bet Denny knows just how that feels, not knowing if medical problems will lead to bankruptcy.

    Wait. . .

  6. $56 million doesn’t go as far as it used to. i’m betting the gazette and the IR don’t make a peep about these comments.

  7. I’m the guy who asked the question as well as asked him his net worth. I’ve done a little research and found that if Denny is cash poor, it’s his own damn fault. If you go to, you’ll see that of 115 homesites, only 15 remain for sale: The least they sold for is $50,000, for income of $5 million over the last 9 years. There are also townhomes in the plat, but I don’t know if they’ve been built or sold. So, the cash poor Congressman has actually had cash income of over one half million dollars per year since 2001, not including his $174,000 annual congressional salary. It’s also interesting that the homesites are still being marketed as being next to a golf course, since the golf course was canceled years ago because of no water. Didn’t Denny know that there was no water up there when they started? Finally, he isn’t a rancher. He sold off all his cattle and his cashmere goats years ago :

    • Thanks for your comments and welcome to the blog! Great job on questioning Rehberg!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 3, 2011 1:06 PM at 1:06 PM |

      Yea, way to GO, Buley! You screwed things up BIG time with that question of yours! You SMACKED Dopey upside the head with a friggin’ TWO by four question! And now, Dopey will respond with a THREE by five from now on!

      What you did was violate the unwritten rules of the Dopey campaign. These town hall meetings are suPPOSED to be filled with birthers, wolvers, inbreds, reetards, Fundiwackmentalists, nazis and Teawankers who throw softballs to Reeburp. They are NOT supposed to contain any commies, socialists, enviros, wobblies, unionists, intelligent NORMAL people or OTHER assorted anti-American America haters!

      But yet you showed up and asked a real question. HOW COULD YOU? Yes, Buley, you blew it for the rest of us. Now I’m afraid that instead of two by four questions, the Dopey folks will allow ONLY questions on three by five cards, and THEY will select a “representative example” of the questions to be asked! THAT is the “civil” way of doing things you know! For you see, Chucky Dinkoweh canNOT allow Dopey to be Dopey! Hell, he might show up with his freakin’ UNDERwear on his head after a snootful!

      So, I hope that you’re proud of yourself, Buley! (p.s. Even so, you were GREAT!)

      p.s.s. the three by five cards are not being used all over the place as more and more subversives like Buley start asking real questions. We can’t allow that to happen. Real democracy is very, very scary to the Kocksuckers like Dopey Reeburp.

  8. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 3, 2011 1:07 PM at 1:07 PM |

    Cgirl, I got one that didn’t make it through for some reason. In moderation limbo!

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