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Repub Pioneers Use of Teabonics to Connect With Base Voters

Montana TEA Partiers have focused on separating Montana from the federal government, and nullifying federal laws.


If they are going to secede from the union, creating their own country, they might as well create their own language too.  Enter Teabonics: A new dialect of the English language created by sign wielders at Tea Party protests. Some call it ‘creative spelling and poor grammar,’ others call it essential for communicating with a certain segment of Republicans. Either way, GOP candidate for governor Ken Miller has it down.

Here’s a sample from an email that’s been going around from Miller to a constituent in the new fledgling tongue:


There are several areas that need’s[sic] to be clarified in our state constitution, but the balanced budget amendment should not be weakened.  It still allows for debt in several forms such as building programs.  The “healthy environment” clause needs to be clarified because it is currently being used to stop good clean natural resource projects.

The Opportunity Scholarships[sic] was something I tried to get through as a State Senator. Basically it funds the state protion[sic] of an in state[sic] higher education student through a scholarship that the parents and students would be able to determine where and what they wanted it spent on.[wow]

OPI is bloated, as is[sic] administrations in nearly every public school.

We need to be doing much more  drilling, mining and timber production.  We are rich in natural resource[sic] and we need to utilize all of them.

I want to see at a minimum charter schools and tax credits for private and home schools.

No I don’t think students should be allowed guns at public schools.

I believe a marriage should be between one man and one women.

I have been a small business owner all my adult life and it[sic] is the foundation of our economy but big business is very important as well and we need to be competitive with all levels of business expenses.  We should have zero business equipment taxes and we should have one of the lowest workers[sic] compensation rates.

Your issues are many and complex.  If I didn’t answer them in enough detail, please call me on my cell phone so that we can discuss them fully.

Thank you for contacting me.

Ken Miller Tries Giving ‘Em the Old Razzle Dazzle

Surely it is a bad thing in Montana politics to hail originally from another state if you are running for high office. “Out of state” in Montana politics is a pejorative noun, verb, adjective, and maybe even an adverb.


Most often, the “out of state” accusation is hurled by Republicans at Democrats, the GOP playing the percentages in a state that is more conservative than the nation as a whole, where “out of state” thus implies “liberal.”


So when a right-wing GOP gubernatorial candidate was born and raised in another state, such a candidate must be very artful in excusing or explaining his out-of-stateness, lest he be hoisted with his own petard.


In today’s example, we have Ken Miller, the guy who released an laughingly bad youtube video last week for the purpose of introducing himself to voters.


The video is an over-the-top effort at a “made in Montana” candidate branding.  It uses old, grainy 8 millimeter color footage, of farms and ranches and tractors and silos and rows of crops, and people working the land.


Miller does say that his parents owned a farm in Colorado, but he quickly moves on to assure us that his parents “moved to Montana when I was still in school.” As he says this, we see a shot a toddler sitting on a harvester, watching his father work the machine. We are clearly supposed to understand that this is Miller as a boy, on his parents farm in Joliet, and that “in school” thus means kindergarten or thereabouts.


Unfortunately, Miller was 20 years old when he moved to Montana. If he was still “in school”, I suppose he means college.


This video shows, if nothing else, that a GOP candidate who was not born and raised in Montana must obfuscate about his childhood, early and often.

Wisconsin Man Arrested for Planning to Kill Abortion Providers

This week, police in Wisconsin detained a man who was planning to attack a Planned Parenthood clinic. According to the police report, Ralph Lang intended to shoot the clinic’s doctor “right in the head.” He now faces federal charges.
Nearly two years after Dr. George Tiller was murdered inside his church, the medical professionals who provide abortion care continue to face a campaign of violence, vandalism, and intimidation.
Thanks to all of the medical professionals involved, and to the law-enforcement officials whose work helped stop a senseless act of violence in Wisconsin.


The Billings Gazette reported today that embattled PSC Commissioner Republican Brad Molnar couldn’t be bothered to show up in court but didn’t contest his involvement in a hit-and-run on a high school student in a fast-food drive through.

Molnar had at first tried to deny that he had mowed his car into that of some hapless girl a few months ago, and fled the scene and was placed under a restraining order from any contact with the victim.

Something about Republicans and traffic ordinances simply doesn’t mix.

First it was the infamous and tragic Shane Hedges DUI accident and death of the House Speaker, and felony charges all around, with Judy Martz barely escaping a prosecution for evidence tampering. Rs have kept a steady pace since then. Greg Barkus got a few DUIs on the road over the last decade; Scott Boggio, a GOP legislator from Red Lodge, ran up on a curb while driving around with another repub, Elsie Arntzen, and got pulled over, and turned out to be massively drunk, though of course Arntzen, a DUI Task Force member, expressed the usual right-wing-passenger-shock, and said she “had no idea” driver Boggio was impaired.

Then Brad Johnson, the Secretary of State, got pulled over for a DUI and went subsequently to treatment, though it didn’t seem to phase him: from a rehab center, he actively continued campaigning in his PSC race.

And of course then Barkus went for the hat-trick, a third DUI, this time in style by running a boat up into the rocky shore of Flathead Lake, causing injuries all around, with passenger Rehberg, drunk himself, taking a page out of Arntzen’s script and saying he was shocked to hear that the driver was impaired.

Then there was Senator Jim Shockley, who got busted driving around with a red beer and was forced to step down as Chair of the Judiciary Committee of the Montana Senate.

Drinking, Driving, Boating, Hit and Runs. What is most important is that Republicans will often fight publicly for stiffer sentencing for criminals, and against the evil smoking of marijuana, and in favor of “values”.

Dennis Rehberg’s Sloppy Homework

Congressman Denny Rehberg While announcing a conference call he organized to trash Jon Tester’s bipartisan Forest Jobs and Recreation bill this week, Dennis Rehberg tried to cobble together a laundry list of people and organizations that apparently oppose the bill (read Dennis’ list for yourselfand the screen shots here in case he tries to renege).  The only leadership Dennis Rehberg has ever shown on this entire issue has been to hold a few conference calls with his base supporters to dump on Tester’s bill.  Why? Well, according to Republican Sherm Anderson of Deer Lodge, simply because it’s Jon Tester’s bill.


Here’s what Anderson, an even-keeled former state senator and owner of Sun Mountain Lumber, told the Helena IR:


“Representative Rehberg has had the opportunity to get on board with this jobs bill and to be a part of it… I’m saddened by the fact that Representative Rehberg is making this a political issue.”


Ouch.  While Dennis Rehberg scrambles to kiss-and-make-up with his fellow Republicans, his press release listing the “opponents” of Tester’s bill deserves a closer look.  Because looking at it closely, there are more questions than answers…


1.       Where exactly did Rehberg’s list come from?  It’s a misspelled mishmash of organizations and batshit crazy ex-legislators cobbled together by Rehberg and… Matthew Koehler?  (The guy who single handedly tried to damage one of my favorite blogs Left in the West all on his own a few weeks ago.)  In 2009, Koehler testified against Tester’s forest bill before a Senate committee.  Page 47 of Koehler’s testimony lists several organizations that Rehberg borrowed for his press release this week.  Did Rehberg verify on his own that these organizations opposed the bill?  Or did he really just take Koehler’s word for it?


2.       Does Rehberg know he forgot to strike from his list all the out-of-state organizations that oppose Tester’s bill?  Among the far-left out-of-state leftwing groups on Rehberg’s list:

-RESTORE the North Woods (Um, based in Maine)

-Big Wildlife (Yeah, that’s in California)

-Biodiversity Conservation Alliance (Wyoming, Dennis, Wyoming)

-Cascadia Wildlands (Washington State)

-Friends of the Breitenbush Cascades (that would be based in Oregon)

-WildEarth Guardians (Arizona!)


3.       Do some of these organizations even exist?  Seriously, you can’t even find “Empire Snowmobile,” the “Freemont County Advisory Board,” and “Montana Rivers” on google.  Try it!


4.       I’ve been told no one from the Montana Stockgrowers Association took part in Dennis Rehberg’s call, despite the mention in Reherg’s release.  I’ve also been told there was a specific reason behind that (yoo hoo, reporters, that’s a hint!)


5.       The Buffalo Field Campaign?  Really?  If the Buffalo Field Campaign (hippie skirt-wearing white dudes with dreadlocks who cut down barbwire fences) is good enough for Rehberg’s list, then why weren’t they invited to be on his call?


Dennis Rehberg has to be pretty sore this week.  After all, the witness Senate Republicans invited to testify against Tester’s bill actually testified in support of it, telling Tester he “couldn’t have done a better job.”  That’s what you call sloppy homework on their part.  Our Congressman knows a thing or two about that.



Inspiration for the “Meet Ken Miller” Ad Uncovered

While Intelligent Discontent has discovered the must-watch early draft of the “Meet Ken Miller” Movie ad, the Cowgirl Blog has uncovered the ad’s creator/media consultant.    While you’re over at Intelligent Discontent, check out their analysis of Ken Miller’s issues and web site “Ken Miller Has Issues.”

Koch Brothers Pranked

The Koch brothers have been impersonated for pranks–a prank caller pretending to be David Koch was able to talk with Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker.  This time, the Koch’s were the target.


At an event at the Koch Theater last week, the group The Other 98% launched their new “Koch Commercial” by projecting it onto the Koch Theater outer wall.  Here’s the video.


Congressional TEA Party Republicans in charge of disaster relief have pledged to hold it hostage until states agree to more spending cuts.

From Think Progress:

Cantor Says Congress Won’t Pay For Missouri Disaster Relief Unless Spending Is Cut Elsewhere
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), however, said that before Congress approved federal funds for disaster relief, it had to offset the spending with cuts to other programs.

More tornadoes are coming – more than 100 people in Missouri have already died, and for Montanans, the disaster has struck in the form of flooding.  Will the TEA Party do the same to us?

I doubt flood victims are interested in being held hostage so the TEA Party can continue playing political games.  Disaster relief funding is intended to help people after disasters.  That’s the point of building a civilized nation.

Worst Political Ad of the Week

Ken Miller has released a movie short film about himself. In case you’re at work and can’t watch a movie right now, here’s a summary of the film’s plot:

Miller, speaking very slowly, expounds on his confusion over what the Governor of a state actually does, and his apparent beliefs that members of the military gave their lives so that a furniture salesman could be governor. America!

Miller claims that as governor he is going to “create options for out of control deficit spending?” [Ken, you’re running for the Governor of the State, we don’t have a deficit, in fact we have a $300 million surplus. Did you get confused? Remember, Governor=state, Congress=nation]

Then, the dramatic climax. In the same heroic “spirit of wealth, dignity and freedom” demonstrated by Ken Miller when he succeeded in putting an American flag above his furniture store after 9/11, he’d be that awesome of a Governor and Montana’s future depends on it.

Finally, the dog whistling.

Ken Miller: he’s gonna be a Gov that will “execute” our “God-given” rights. Get it, like the right to put people to death and force his religious views on us.