Rehberg Quietly Floats Federal Power Grab to Usurp State’s Rights

It has recently come to light that Republican incumbent Congressman Dennis Rehberg is quietly floating a plan to usurp states rights in favor of a federal power grab.

Rehberg is known for posting things on social media and passing it off as action, but his recent tweet in favor of “letting insurance companies sell across state lines means”  means taking away all state powers over insurance and usurping it all for the federal government – a stark contrast to the rhetoric he spews in the light of day.

Rehberg’s his latest stupidity goes against the core freedom minded “states’ rights” values of his very base.  Perhaps he thinks that by floating the idea on social media via his Twitter feed, no reporters will question him about the position more closely.  Perhaps he thinks that his base won’t notice the obvious hypocrisy of putting the insurance industry solely under the jurisdiction of the federal government, while claiming to support states rights.  He could be right.

What is he smoking?

Insurance is currently regulated by the states.  For example, in Montana, we require insurance policies to cover autism, while in California, insurance companies are required to cover treatment for lead poisoning.  Therefore a policy created in Mississippi that didn’t include autism couldn’t be sold in Montana,  because each state decides what it wants at the local level.  Of course, insurance companies are free to offer a policy that covers autism here, and one in Mississippi that does not.

Rehberg wants to allow a policy sold in Mississippi (or whatever state has the least restrictions) that contains none of the consumer protections Montanans want, to be sold everywhere (regardless of how lacking in coverage the plan is) — thus taking away Montana’s authority in this regard, and ultimately giving all the regulatory power for these policies to the federal government.   Republicans have even floated a plan  to allow Guam, the Northern Marianas Islands, and American Samoa to count as U.S. “states” (read unregulated havens) for insurance companies to relocate to for the purpose of avoiding state regulation.


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  1. Unless I am mistaken that is the way companies are incorporated at present.
    The real prize will be of course when insurance promises can be made from Helena while enforcement will occur in one of those Banana Terrirories…

  2. And the Banana Territories donate to Denny…

  3. Our society has adopted a philosophy calling for comfort and convenience above all else for the past 64 years.
    I have lived through it–and enjoyed it all.
    So it is no wonder to me that skinflints, and privileged babbits, have withdrawn from pep clubs to organize themselves against coolies, peasants, peons, and serfs. (It had become politically incorrect to do so as Republicans or Democrats)But as libertarians, there are no such societal restraints–and what better time for teawankers than now–when an uppity wog inhabits the executive mansion?!!!

  4. You have nailed it, Cowgirl. I have nothing snarky to say here. Good post.

  5. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 10, 2011 9:33 AM at 9:33 AM |

    What a freakin’ industry PIMP! I have just ONE question Dopey Reeburp, and it should be asked at EVERY townhall meeting that the Dopester has. And that question is this. How’s that CREDIT CARD dealy workin’ out for ya, Dopey?

    You see, allowing the health insurance industry across state lines is EXACTLY what the credit card companies did! And we ALL know how well THAT worked out! They ALL, every last friggin’ ONE of them, incorprated in Delaware where are are essentially NO laws governing what they can and cannot do! Great idea, huh? Not hardly!

    So, what this means is that if your credit card wants to raise your interest rate to one hundred percent, they CAN do that with absolutely NO oversight! None. Nada. Zippo!

    Is THIS really what we want with our health insurance laws? What the freakin’ hell is that piece-o-sh*t moron Dopey thinking? Hey all you Teabaggers out there, get ready! Get ready for the industry colonOScopy! Them boys is about to put it RIGHT UP YOUR OL’ WAZOO to see what’s up there! And what’s UP there is Dopey Reeburp! See’im up there smiling with the big boys and get pats on the back? Yep. That’s him. And you thought it was just a common, everyday turd. Nope. That’s Dopey!

    Seriously, folks, this is bad. MUY bado! If you haven’t paid attention before, by GOD you better start now! If nothing else, think credit card! And then think race to the bottom. And then think Deleware. And THEN say buh bye to ANY kind of local control! Ever tried to actually DEAL with a credit card company from Delaware?? Fun, isn’t it?

    This is simply a case of the tail wagging the dog. The giant Kochtail is wagging our little Dopey, and Dopey is a happy little poodle who enjoys a good wagging! This one is SO obvious that that even a Teawanker moron should be able to figure it out. Then again, maybe not.

  6. Blinky needs to go on permanent vacation.

    Preferably in a 3rd world country.

  7. I wonder where our former Governor is on this, the one who became lobbyist and chief of the insurance companies association? Yes, we know him, because Denny used to work for him…….

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 12, 2011 6:05 PM at 6:05 PM |

      HeeeeeeLARious! That was good! Them fatassed cops didn’t know whether to sh*t or go blind! Do those fat suckers EVER do a day’s work? Ya don’t get THAT fat workin’!

      OK though, here’s the deal. Obama showed his birth certificate, why won’t David Kock take a LIE detector test?? I wanna know what HE knew about our FIRST coup, the Kennedy assassination! I wanna know what he knew and WHEN he knew it! He would’a been bout twenty-three years old or so, and hence, he would’ve known EXACTLY what his sh*tbag daddy’s role may have been in it! You see, his piece-o-sh*t daddy, like ALL them texASS oil men, hated Kennedy! That’s what the john birch society was all about! Daddy Kock did what he could to create the climate of hate in Dallas. (wanted posters, etc.) I wanna know what JUNIOR Kock knew about the situation! I’m guessin’ plenty. I mean, just WHO has really benefitted from that hit? Well, it wouldn’t be the Kock family, would it?

      Time to take the country back from the treasonous plotters of our first coup.

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