National Suicide

A group of America’s most far-right activists are pushing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to do away with our union as we know it--a constitutional amendment that would allow states to nullify federal laws by a vote  2/3 of state legislatures. Montana State Senator Jason Priest (R-Red Lodge) is one of the movement’s leaders.

The concept of nullification was a key feature of the most extreme legislature in Montana history–nearly a dozen bills to declare federal authority “null and void” or unenforceable in Montana were introduced by Republicans during the 2011 session.  However, Democrats and moderate Republicans joined forces to defeat the nullification bills time after time.  Governor Schweitzer called the bills “anti-American.”

Montana State Senator Jason Priest (R-Red Lodge) is listed among the dozen or so supporters of the amendment.

Priest says:

“Montanans are a liberty-minded people and I will proudly sponsor the Article V application for the Repeal Amendment in the Montana Legislature to send a clear, strong message to Washington that we are a sovereign state withMontana-made solutions to today’s challenges.”

Priest has drawn national attention before.  Speaking to group of Tea Party followers, apparently unaware of a running camera, Priest said,

“I live in Red Lodge where I’m that guy that nobody agrees with, and I don’t mind. I have to talk to them about things that are important to them in ways that aren’t offensive to them. That’s a good lesson to learn. I would rather tell them they’re insane… Is that camera on?”

Priest made national news for posting comments to Facebook using gay innuendoes to argue his dislike for paying taxes. In that posting, Priest wrote,

“Keynes was a big homo if he’s fondling your balls it probably means you’re getting a reach around which is way better than what Obama is giving America. We are all getting the dry thumb.”

The amendment is expected to be announced today.  It will be interesting to see what Rehberg‘s position will be.   Will he support the dissolution of the United States as we know it, allowing his affair with the TEA party  to cloud his judgement?  Or will he abandon his key constituency – the hard-right wing of the GOP?


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 12, 2011 8:11 AM at 8:11 AM |

    Yipeee! White Homeland of Montana here we come! We don’t NEED/WANT no stinkin’ Feds tellin’ US what to do! If we want to allow the Kock Bros. to buy Montana, we’ll do’er! If we want Chucky cheesey Bulbdim to create a theocracy here, we’ll do it! If we want to change our name to Kockistan, or maybe Baldwania, by god we’ll do’er! And slavery? WHY NOT! It’s a brave new world that’s gonna look a lot like the old old world, circa 1850. And really, when you think about it, the good old days weren’t so bad now, were they?

    • Sure, and while we’re at it, let’s sell off all our natural resources to the highest bidder! Drill, baby, drill. Pollute the water, pollute the air, kill off all the wildlife. Sell off every square foot of agricultural land to utility companies so they can put up 180-foot transmission towers. Yeah, cowboy!

  2. What is sad for our nation– is that the federal government has overstepped its constitutional authority to the point that people have to do this. In this country, you either work for govt or you probably work for a private entity that works for govt. Everybody has their hand out.

    I respect someone who has the balls to take on the feds at the constitutional level, as I certainly don’t have the time or energy to do so. Good luck Sen Priest!!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 12, 2011 8:28 AM at 8:28 AM |

      Oh Fathead, you’re so profound!…..PROFOUNDLY SCREWED UP! Is this really General Robert E. Skees? Welcome to Baldwanaland! Chucky cheesey Bulbdim wants to be our governor you know. He just KNOWS that a real Montanan isn’t from Montana. Being a Montanan is really a mental state, and buddy let me tell ya that ALL them dufi like Preest and co. are mental cases!

  3. Why are you spending time fussing about anything which is being LED by somebodey as vapidly insignificant as Jason Priestly

    • “The proposed constitutional amendment, a tea party favorite, is being touted by Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) in the Senate and co-sponsored by Sens. John Barasso (R-WY) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT). In the House, Reps. Rob Bishop (R-UT), Morgan Griffith (R-VA) and Paul Broun (R-GA) are leading the charge”

      From the Article … if it was just Priest no problem

  4. Maybe if we can get that two-thirds vote in our legislature, we can bring back slavery. That Jason Priest (R-La La Land) is always thinking.

  5. If we’re going to toss unions, let’s get rid of the Korporations also, fair play right? While he’s at it, Mr. Priest can also repeal equal pay for equal work, impose servitude, and only property-owners get to vote and we’ll all go back to 1750!

  6. Priest is a first class fathead with the intellect of a piece of drywall. Kick him all the way back to whatever muck-filled hole he came out of.

  7. The Republicans in this state do not like the United States or the constitutional Fathers at all.Why, because they finally read the constitution, and found out that everything those laws stand for will not help their cause. So now the next argument will be we don’t need the Federal Government.

    These petty little men needs, will get nowhere very soon. This is just a distraction. They have no National leadership to counter our President now and we have 2012 in the bag for the top spot. You think Louisiana, Georgia, or Alabama will help them after the Oil spill, tornadoes and nasty weather of climate change? No! Texas is so far in the money hole with Military bases and complexes It dare not complain more because the Majority of their population, could not survive without the economy the Military gives it! So what state is gonna follow these Jerks??? None!

    The tea party Republicans have become the Whig Party of today. My Grandaughter ‘s will outlive Idiots like the KOCH’s and Dick Army’s of the world, and hopefully if the Older Democrats stay vigilant Long enough…. the Young folks below us will get the job done turning away from the Rethug Ideology!

    Its like watching an old Dog go blind…then Die. These crazy Republicans are in their death-throws now. The majority of these goofy Morons heard only by old white haired Conservatives, with Oxygen tanks and electric strollers to move them around. And… if any of those listeners are on Medicare…. they already drove away at 5 miles an hour as soon as the tea party tried to replace Medicare with vouchers.

    So sit back and watch the show, but stay vigilant my friends, Dying Ideas and the people that carry them, tend to go a little crazy just before the last Breath…

    • Interesting how you lump ALL Republicans together. Do ALL gays believe the same things? Do ALL women believe the same things? Might want to watch your over-simplification and lumping everyone together.

      • Melissa, how exactly do Republcians differ from one another? Do the white racists argue with those wanting to allow underage women to be raped? Do the Republicans wanting to get rid of social security argue with those who want to do away with the minumum wage or equal pay for women?

        What great subtleties of argument do they engage in?

  8. First this idea of nullifing federal laws is turning the US Congress into Country Kitchen Buffet. And Congress does not work like Country Kitchen Buffet, basically if they give you mashed potatoes you get mashed potatoes until they take the mashed potatoes away in another session of Congress. Then this thing of calling Keys a “big homo” doesn’t that go against Ronald Regans 11 commandment “do not speak ill of a fellow Republican”? Also how do the Log Cabin Republicans feel about this?

  9. I hope somebody has screenshots of this–it’s perfect campaign mail material.

  10. Farm boy you are Right! If these GOOPERS really knew what they were talking about and understood the law… they would realize that a constitutional amendment needs 2/3 of the states to ratify that law. Secondly, Little funky state senators and even a few Federal senators will not get this done because it is a referendum vote, meaning it is already dead because of the sane majority of voters in the country.

    For you folks in teabagland it means constitutional provisions has to be voted on in a presidential election year, not an off year where goofballs get a few seats in congress and state assemblies!

    Nullification, is a no shot vote! So grow up little teabaggers, read the laws, become informed for the first time in your life, get involved properly in the political process, and stop watching Fox News!

    • I suspect many of these folks approach the Ten Commandments the same way. Nullify the inconvenient, sanctify favorable. Example: coveting they neighbor’s wife is okay, but her husband’s shooting you isn’t.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 12, 2011 4:42 PM at 4:42 PM |

        That’s funny, James. And you may be ON to sumthin’ here! You see, the Constitution was DEEvinely inspired! By God! And by God who’s bold enough to mess with G-O-D? Or stupid enough. ONLY the Teawankers!

  11. Melissa, You might not like that I lump all Republicans together, but If others like you do not like what is being said by me… Tell me what happened to your voice of dismay, when the laws were being crafted by such Republican/Tea party Misfits??

    In law: If you watch a man get bullied and then murdered, and don’t raise a hand to protest, don’t walk to a payphone and call the police, refuse to intervene, or don’t raise a hand in opposition… You are called a accomplice.

    Moderate Republicans can say what they want now, after the dirty deeds of the 62nd session are over….. But you allowed inept people to make some bad decisions this year because you didn’t protest at all! Instead of using your moral GOP Compass,you allowed your fellow party members to try and hurt fellow humans of all walks of life in this State.

    Fellow tweeters know I was not Unabashed in my dismay or praise of republicans and tea party folk…even Democrats. But I got called names by your People in the MTGOP Daily. I watched them spread misinformation and lies, while my fellow Democrats asked for input, and questioned the integrity of GOP actions. The GOP followers at #mtleg have called me a “Baby killer”, because of my Pro-choice views regarding Womens rights. A “Leninist” and “Commie Sympathizer” by Derek Skees(Isn’t that FUN?)even though My entire family and I have served this great nation in Armed Services or Civilian duty( we consider it an Honor). I have also been bullied by Rethugs in your political Organization that I am not Christan enough… Because I choose to be the “Good Samaritan” regarding my LGBT Neighbors and friends or embrace other cultures in the state. Really? Who do you think is more Christan there?

    You didn’t rise to the effort to protect the wishes of everyone at the table of Democracy. I and my family do it everyday! Face it, you own the outcome of my ire. These Pieces of crap you voted into power, and left uncontrolled are your problem. This is why you are lumped into the group of misfits you may complain about now… You allowed them to do crazy unconstitutional BS through your own inaction. You walked away from the attention to detail, that used to make Moderate Republicans Stewards of Conservation, and believers of Non-religious Conservative Values for all!

    • Well said, woods. The riht has been in charge since at least 1981.

    • The question is, in my mind, are the Democrats an effective fighting force? Do they have solid leadership? Is there agreement on objectives? Do they mount a multi-front offensive complete with diversionary tactics, feints and volleys? Do they seek openings, exploit weakensess?

      Or, do they just play defense while the leadership shares late-night brandy with the opposition. All of this mean-old-Republican talk tells me that Dems are not an effective fighting force, and regular over-generous compromise and defeat that they do not have solid leadership.

      • It appears to me you have not considered the entire theory of co-optation as applied by Tsongas, Lieberman, and Clinton in 1989…

        • Please do go on.

          • Montanans: The failures of the Republican-led legislature gave us the momentum to ensure that President Obama will lead us into an era of cooperation instead of divisiveness.

            Ignore the disenfranchised. Driving them out of voting pool is success.

            • What is the problem with divisiveness? The absence of divisiveness, which seems to be a Democratic goal, merely ensures that we have nothing to disagree on. Given that Democrats are run by the same corporatists as the Republicans, that’s hardly appealing.

              But you’re hard to read – are you being sarcastic? Your first paragraph seems genuine, the second I hope not.

              • It’s the President’s rich guys against the earth haters.

                Left in the lurch are the tribes so we Democrats must continue to encourage them to be active in the process because the GOP is unwilling to do that. The disenfranchised are the poor white trash living without health insurance that tend to lean right or rely on the Divine for an end to it all, and fail to vote at all.

                It is my job to force the right-leaners out of the voting pool as they have so little to add.

              • I guess that if the answer were to get people in or out of the voting pool, you’d be on to something.

                • Here’s my read: Democrats spend far too much time fishing for independent voters and not enough time on our base. Getting our own side out to vote is the hardest part of politics.

                  Frankly, I don’t give a shit about those in the middle. If they want to start a party at the grassroots, that’s the course for them; a third party will not affect us in any way and only hurts the Right.

                  • There are three classes of voters: the choir; the unrepentant and irredeemable; and those who can be saved. If enough sinners can be brought to Jesus, so to speak, and the members of the choir sing harmony from the same sheet of music, Democrats win. If those who can be saved are written off as worthless independents, they sup with the tea party and vote accordingly.

                • Getting Democrats elected is hardly the problem. You guys had it all in 2008, and blew it. Electing you again seems a bit like sitting through a bad movie. Watching it again will not make it better.

                  • PPACA is a compromise. I’ll say it again: radicals only get elected in red states. If I believed single-payer health would pass in the current Congress configuration I’d be the first to offer the amendments.

                  • Watching politics is a bit like watching a bathtub draining from perspectives alternating between the northern and the southern hemisperes:
                    In 2008 the Democrats won it all. In 2010 the Republicans got it back.
                    Each time the majority is pissed away.
                    As the whole kit and kaboodle heads for the sewers, the rats are simply shifting back and forth.

                  • You are amonq the many Democrats who equate unwillness to fight for something with the inability to achieve a political goal. You apparetly look at what will be a hard fight and withdraw. Your leadership, on the other hand, knows the terrain and has the ability to fight hard, play inside politics, be clever and ruthless in getting what they want. The problem is that they don’t want what you want.

                    So we end up with (generic) you, uwillinglng to fight, and Democratic leaders, actually working against you..

                    In that situationp, I do not see getting voters in or out or electing more Democrats to be a worthy use of time and energy.

                    • So what…you bait Jed into a discussion to tear down his premise? What an ass!

                      Democrats, reverse red state failure and turn out the earth haters!

                    • What the hell are you talking about? What the hell is wrong with you? I haven’t even had a discussion with Jed – he brought up “…the theory of co-optation as applied by Tsongas, Lieberman, and Clinton in 1989…” but never expounded on it.

                      My words have been directed at you. They have been focused, yet you re centered on party politics as the solution to problems, and so cannot see that mere changing of the guard form one party to the other changes nothing.

                      As you were. You’re at least at the right website for that kind of thinking.

                    • What’s your opinion of the sovereign citizen movement, Mark?

                    • See below

                    • Somehow I missed this set of responses until just now.
                      I am in a mellow mood; so I’ll just say that being a Democrat is simply a default position I intend to occupy until some more reasonable alternative is offered…

                    • Jed, I truly believe that’s the most rational thing I’ve ever seen you write. Though I’ve presented exactly the same position, it’s funny how differently Mark accepts our responses. Maybe I’m just not mellow enough.

          • Jed – I’m serious – please do go on. If you would like to write at length about this subject, I’m all ears and would be happy to publish your words at my blog – it’s not Huffington Post, but it’s not an intellectual desert either. Please consider this.

            • I spent a good deal of my professional life writing opinions, Mark. I am now enjoying just writing for my own pleasure. I’ll keep your offer in mind should I feel the stirring among my muses again…

  12. It’s not as bad as you make it out to be. One of the uses of Republican extremism, along with other Groups, is merely to scare you, apparently not too difficult. In your frightened state, you don’t have focus, and so are oblivious to Obama’s carrying forward the Bush agenda. It also scares pwoggies into the Democratic party.

    All that said, 9/11 has introduced a Reischtag mentality among us, with many people now harboring crazy ideas about a perceived Muslim threat. It has also uncaged other pent up feelings, including racism. But Democrats are hardly the antidote to that.

  13. Thank you, the defense rests.

  14. I have been inciting general strikes and boycotts for two decades. Name a left-wing group in the US actively participating in the violent overthrow of government at any level.

    • Stop shouting from the shadows. Have the decency and courage to write under your real name. Do that and perhaps I will take you seriously.

    • Violent overthrow of governments is not a good idea. Generally, when that happens, the new people in power don’t know how to run things, and the wild men in the wings take over. Check out France, 1790, and Russia, 1917, for evidence to support this.

      Better to do what the peoples of Russia and the eastern bloc did – rise up in anger without violence. Those governments, thought impermeable, fell like dominoes. Who would have known that the Soviet Union was more amenable to change than this country?

      • And then what, hand over the keys to an oligarchical class who dont even have the pretense of the rule of law to obey as we have now in the U.S.? The Soviet Union has really not changed that much. As always like to claim about the US two party system all they got there was ‘meet the new boss..same as the old boss’. The same state security system in charge with perhaps a slight change in the nomenklatura with in some ways a slightly less harsh form of facsism (at best).

        • Should be: “As (you) always like to claim about the US two party system all they got there was ‘meet the new boss..same as the old boss’.”

    • Also, Lucas never wrote a sequel to Star Wars – only prequels, but did you notice that the force only wanted to overthrow the dark side, but had nothing in mind to replace it with? After that Party in Return of the Jedi, I imagine chaos set in, and new villains arose to take the place of the emperor.

      Likewise, when Obama took over, all he promised was “hope and change.” It meant absolutely nothing. It was just a sophisticated ad campaign. The wild men still rule.

      • Message before this got caught in the moderation basket. Hence I’m making even less sense than usual.

      • Oh, good grief: Obama ran as a Centrist and is governing from the center. Jimmy Carter was the last radical in the chair and got run out because the United Snakes makes its living selling armaments to illegal states like Israel for a living. Go to Mexico if you want anarchy.

        • The “center” is a moveable thing – so far to the right in this country that even our lefties are right wingers. Travel, why don’t you – hell – why don’t you go to Mexico, fer chrissakes.

  15. Larry Kurtz posting under my blog name because too many Larrys in one blog can be too much of a good thing.

  16. Rationality, like beauty, is a function of perspective, wulfgar. My perspective is usually just a tad more direct than your theological meanderings.

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