GOP’s Field Clouded Over

Heading into Memorial Day weekend, the field for the 2012 Montana gubernatorial race is brightening on the Democratic side, while the GOP side is clouding over.

The Washington Post’s political blog, The Fix, reports that Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock brings the possibility of a bright future for Dems in the Governor’s office.  Meanwhile,  the outlook for Republicans is becoming less and less clear:

3. Montana (D-2012): State Attorney General Steve Bullock (D) is the 800-pound gorilla in the race and most smart Democrats now expect him to run. If he does, he gives Democrats a real chance of holding onto the Montana governorship for 12 straight years. Republicans already have a crowded field with former Rep. Rick Hill as well as former state Sens. Corey Stapleton and Ken Miller among others. Whoever winds up as the GOP nominee will likely benefit from the likelihood that the Republican presidential nominee will easily carry the state. (Previous ranking: 3)

Previous stories on the race singled out Hill as the frontrunner, but after Politico upgraded the race citing the Bullock entry and Hill’s affair with a cocktail waitress, the other two leading candidates Stapleton and Miller appear in the spotlight.


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  1. Bullock has been hanging back there and will be tough to defeat. Miller will pick up the religious right vote in the Primary. Livingstone will get the FOX news crowd and Hill will get the “establishment” and win the Primary with maybe 30-35%, assuming there are still 6 candidates.

    The assumption that the R pres cand. will “easily carry the state” I do not agree with.

    The Indy’s are pissed off at both parties. R’s got elected to turn the economy around and that will not happen in the next 18 months. The Indy vote will split.

    If you want to think that is a bright future, go for it.

    With all the R crap referendums on the ballot and likely a 2nd vote on 148, the D’s will turn out in force – any House seat that had less than a 200 vote R margin will be in jeopardy and the House will likely be 53/47.

    Denny screwed up by going for the Senate after getting his cmte assignment. He should have stayed where he was and been safe for reelection. Daines has a great shot at winning – but will be junior all over again.

    Can Denny beat Jon? Too close and too early to call, IMO. If the economy continues to tank, Jon wins. If the R’s turn it around (if pigs fly), Denny wins. $100 oil and $4 gas = Denny wins. $150 oil and $5.50 gas = Jon wins

  2. My take is this. (Full disclosure, I really hope Hill wins the general, so I could be biased.) Stapleton get’s the GOP primary by picking Livingstone as his Lt. Miller gets the religious vote, but the establishment resists Hill as too vulnerable in the general for his personal indiscretions. Please Harold Camping, let Hill win.

  3. Hill is an arrogant, angry old has been that has burned bridges time and again. I won’t vote for any of these candidates.

  4. Hill is too old and senile to be governor–he can’t even manage his own affairs without getting scammed. Or was it his eyesight that was the problem…

  5. Attorney General Bullock’s fight against Citizens United establishes his ‘creds’ and note Racoit was also AG, so it’s worked before. Hill is ‘over the Hill’ and it’s embarassing to see him as the ‘retread’.

  6. The Wikipedia Definition of the term used in article
    800 lb “gorilla” is an American English expression for person or organization so powerful that it can act without regard to the desires of others or the law.

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