Mystery Solved

Congressman Rehberg has earned such a reputation as a do nothing party boy that even his own fans are now catching on.  A popular national conservative blogger this week called him “the bottom of the barrel” and “not the best available candidate to run.”

I’ll say (and agree with Pogreba). The question of what Rehberg actually does has gone unanswered for decades.

Now, ABC’s VP of Federal Affairs has finally uncovered the answer, bringing us up to speed on Rehberg’s activities from the exec’s real time Twitter feed.




And you thought all he did was direct his flip-flop wearing lackeys to spam us with social media.

Well you’re wrong.  Trouble is of course, we already have too many politicians not doing what they are paid to do.


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  1. The key point here seems to be that two conservatives are mocking Rehberg today. That media exec is an obvious Republican, considering the rest of his tweets.

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