The Billings Gazette reported today that embattled PSC Commissioner Republican Brad Molnar couldn’t be bothered to show up in court but didn’t contest his involvement in a hit-and-run on a high school student in a fast-food drive through.

Molnar had at first tried to deny that he had mowed his car into that of some hapless girl a few months ago, and fled the scene and was placed under a restraining order from any contact with the victim.

Something about Republicans and traffic ordinances simply doesn’t mix.

First it was the infamous and tragic Shane Hedges DUI accident and death of the House Speaker, and felony charges all around, with Judy Martz barely escaping a prosecution for evidence tampering. Rs have kept a steady pace since then. Greg Barkus got a few DUIs on the road over the last decade; Scott Boggio, a GOP legislator from Red Lodge, ran up on a curb while driving around with another repub, Elsie Arntzen, and got pulled over, and turned out to be massively drunk, though of course Arntzen, a DUI Task Force member, expressed the usual right-wing-passenger-shock, and said she “had no idea” driver Boggio was impaired.

Then Brad Johnson, the Secretary of State, got pulled over for a DUI and went subsequently to treatment, though it didn’t seem to phase him: from a rehab center, he actively continued campaigning in his PSC race.

And of course then Barkus went for the hat-trick, a third DUI, this time in style by running a boat up into the rocky shore of Flathead Lake, causing injuries all around, with passenger Rehberg, drunk himself, taking a page out of Arntzen’s script and saying he was shocked to hear that the driver was impaired.

Then there was Senator Jim Shockley, who got busted driving around with a red beer and was forced to step down as Chair of the Judiciary Committee of the Montana Senate.

Drinking, Driving, Boating, Hit and Runs. What is most important is that Republicans will often fight publicly for stiffer sentencing for criminals, and against the evil smoking of marijuana, and in favor of “values”.


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  1. Is this grounds for a recall in Montana?

  2. As I have posted frequently, recall is effectively dead in Montana, because of a Montana Supreme Court Decision and subsequent District Court Decisons. The last one given my District Court Judge Tucker in Beaverhead County, effectively makes it easier to charge a public official with an actual crime than it does to initiate a Recall effort. You can thank our “friendly” judges for making recall an effective impossibility in Montana.

  3. Is there something Molnar has done to violate his oath of office? I meandoesnt he swear to uphold the constitution? How can he do that if he shrouds his “work” in secrecy. Wasn’t there some wierd guest opinion he wrote in the Gazette recently where he referenced it? Perhaps that’s where we could take him out.

    • this is what I found, I think if it had been a “Larger” property crime, i.e. he’d hit and run a 20,000 dollar car/truck it would be easier but it may still be possible

      Title 45,

      A little history of recall attempts in Montana

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 28, 2011 10:06 AM at 10:06 AM |

      Moldnar is the victim here. You see, Moldnar assumed for himself the role of biggest corporate pimp on the board, and lo and behold, a NEW young punk upstart came along and OVERTHREW the reigning king pimp! And now, these two are locked in a battle to the death for the monarchy!

      It’s all quite interesting to watch, and kinda sad when a reigning monarch is dethroned. It’s political intrigue at its finest. Unfortunately, being the venal, egotistical dufus that he is, Moldnar does NOT realize that he’s only hurting himself by attacking the new king kafoola. If he would simply accept his lowered status, kiss the new king’s ring (ass), swear allegaince to the crown, and ingratiate himself to King Kafoola and accept his secondary role, he would continue to benefit himself of the corporate fascist largesse. That’s the way things work! Eventually, he would suck his way into a little corporate dukedom after leaving office! And be set for life! Moldnar is his own worst enemy!

      But alas, as we’ve seen too many times throughout history, ego the fatal flaw in royalty. Must have something to do with the royal inbreeding. To bad Willy S. is gone. He could’a don a helluva play on these buffoons.

      But recall? No. It’s just a shame that we no longer have the tower where we could stow morons like Moldnar. It would make things so much easier!

  4. This column is taking on all the aspects which led to the coining of the term Yellow Journalism…

  5. I have investigated the contention that Democrats are morally superior to Republicans, and found it to be supported by mere anecdote. I have also found that there is a limitless supply of anecdotes, and that half are exposed here, and the other half elsewhere.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 31, 2011 7:50 AM at 7:50 AM |

      Uh oh! Mark’s got his purity ring on today I see. It’s kinda like a mood ring. He’s saving himself for marraige to a party until it turns green. Ralph Nader will be his best man!

      • Don’t know how to tell you tell you this, but you and the ‘other party are mirror images. And given a choice, holding out for a Nader or marrying a two- bit whore, I’ll watch TV. I really don’t have to choose, do I?

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | May 31, 2011 9:14 AM at 9:14 AM |

          Mark, I tend to agree with you, but by adopting your all or nothing belief, you insult many good Dems. And that is the problem I have with your attitude. Especially at the state level here in Montana, we’ve good some great, courageous people in the Dem party. I too wish we had a viable third party, especially one that would fight for the environment, because a clean, healthy environment is the one damage that can’t be undones legislatively. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

          • What are the identification marks which help you spot a good Democrat?

          • I do agree that the closer you get to the local or even neighborhood level, the more responsive and transparent the elected officials are.

            What I see, however, is kind of a Superstar mentality for anything higher than state house. You’re not willing to holdmpeople accountable. For that reason, they freely abuse you, and yet you lash out at those who point this out to you.

            tester is not a better choice until you are willing to punish him for misbehavior.

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