June 2011

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More Embarrassing Wiki-Moments for Republicans

For a party that loves to put itself on the highest pedestal of morality it sure has attracted a lot of dishonest and deceptive politicians and followers.  It appears that attempting to alter or hide the facts of history through Wikipedia is a becoming a…


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Worst Political Ad of the Week

This ad against CA Congressional candidate Janice Hahn is being called the most racist, sexist political ad in history. But this is bad on so many levels.  See for yourself. Youtube pulled the ad, but it is available on the video podcast below by The Young…

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Damage Control Gone Wrong

Rehberg’s recent focus in the media on cracking down on lawsuits against the government is a classic example of abysmal damage control. Rehberg seems to be attempting to get on the other side of the issue of “lawsuits against the government” by appearing to crack…

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Fuzzy Math

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish–Dr. Seuss 1965 The Montana Legislature, we now learn, was using strange counting methods and fuzzy math, from day one. The chief forecaster for how much money the state should expect to have in its coffers on a quarterly…

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Let’s Just Make Billings the Capital City

As Pogie at Intelligent Discontent writes, the publisher of both the Helena IR and the Montana Standard, Randy Rickman, believes that the newspaper of Montana’s capital city doesn’t need independent editorial oversight – we can just share an editor with Butte. Rickman’s high quality judgement and…

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Millionaire Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s well-paid fixer Erik Iverson (Rehberg even gave him a $31,000 dollar raise with our tax dollars as a 29-year-old staffer, making him the highest paid congressional staffer in D.C.) went on Aaron Flint’s radio show this week, giving Montanans a chance to hear…