Just Plain Wrong

James Knox is not known for his grasp of the facts, but his latest missive in favor of eliminating unions and against a 1 percent pay increase for state employees who have gone without for years is just plain wrong.  In an email sent to his supporters, Republican James Knox (R-Billings) makes several ludicrous statements. A couple of them really stand out.


Now that the Legislature has taken a stand that they will not just blanket spend your tax dollars through illegally mandated pay increases,

FACT:  First of all, the state pay plan would cost a pittance of the $300 million Montana has in the bank in its savings account. Thanks to smart fiscal management by Governor Schweitzer and the dems, no taxes would be raised.


I feel safe in stating that the republican majority felt that with the current economic struggles the private sector faces, we could not in good conscious give a raise to public employees that currently receive higher pay and benefits then the private sector.


FACT: Most state workers earn less than their private sector counterparts when similar jobs and education levels are compared.  A nationwide 20-year study found that state government workers earn an average of 11.4 percent less than private-sector workers of similar education and work experience and local government workers earn 12.0 percent less.

Knox is trying to pull the wool over our eyes, hoping that we won’t realize that he’s comparing all state worker wages with all private sector wages rather than comparing similar jobs and employees with similar education.  State government requires more education than burger flipping.  A nurse needs more education and receives more pay than an oil changer.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 2, 2011 3:15 PM at 3:15 PM |

    WTFaaaaaa! Not in “good conscious”??? What IS it with these Millerian Morons like Jumbo Jimmy Knoxious? Are they ALL freaking illiterate morons? Well then again, maybe Jumbo’s just being truthful. Maybe he ISN’T conscious! All that blubber is cuttin’ off the blood supply to his brain! That would explain lots.

  2. Speaking of Morons, Jeff Essman is running for Governor!!!

  3. What needs to be understood here, is that the issue with the Public Worker’s Union has nothing – at this time – to do with a pay increase. What they are suing over (and are likely to win, BTW) is that the State Legislature appears to have failed to “negotiate in good faith” with the Montana State Public Worker’s Union. This a matter of law and has nothing to do with the specifics of the contract. Knox and his ilk failed to do their duty and address the contract legally negotiated between the Montana State Government (management) and the State Public Worker’s Union (the collective Unions in Montana that represent all Public Workers). The Contract was legally negotiated by the Administration and then, as per law, submitted to the Montana State Legislature. Rather than discuss or act on that contract, they buried it on committee until the last week of the session – then it was blasted out of committee and voted down. This allowed no time for even the State Senate to weigh in on the issue nor did it give the Public Employees Union (or presumably the State Administration that negotiated the contract) the chance to re-negotiate the contract before the session ended. This (at least according the suit) constitutes a failure to negotiate in “good faith” as required by Montana Law. If the suit is won by the Public Employee’s Union, the State Legislature will not only be found to be in the wrong, they will have to re-conviene in an emergency session to deal with the contract negotiations.

    This is probably the most despicable example of just how incompetant and outright wrong the wingnuts are that are currently holding State Legislative office. I hope they rot in their hell for the wasteful, cruel, misguided and destructive actions to this state.

    And before anyone asks, I am not a State Employee. As most here know, I am professional craftsman. I do not have any particular “iron in the fire” with this issue other than the object stupidity being displayed by those people elected to represent me.

    • Knox doesn’t appear to understand that the “private sector” believes in honoring contracts too. Well, maybe all of them but Knox – remember when he was in the Gazette for not paying his employees? All of the instances in the Gazette comments where former employees came forward to say their paychecks had bounced? This is more of the same from this moron.

    • Well said and very informative, Moorcat. Thanks for the important facts. It will be interesting to see the Repo legislature trying to lie their way out of this because it does look like the union will win in court, and understandably so.

      • I actually look forward to seeing how this turns out. The Montana Court system has, traditionally, protected elected officials (reference the systematic dismantling of our ability to recall an elected official), but this time, the case seems pretty cut and dried. The legislature pulled a political stunt and hoped no one would call them on it… WRONG. Now they will have to justify ignoring the contract while talking about Atlatl hunting, the Code of West, and repealing a citizen initiative. It should be entertaining. What you see from Knox is probably how they will approach the issue – by trying to turn the issue to whether Public Employees should get a raise, not whether they are incompetant at doing the job they were elected to do.

  4. Maybe Mr. Knox would prefer an oil-changer to help the surgeon versus an educated nurse maybe? The teabagger hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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