Rehberg Brings in Old GOP Gun

With most polls showing Denny Rehberg trailing Jon Tester by a point or two, or even at best, Rehberg has turned to his old hired hand Erik Iverson to try to turn the campaign around.


Iverson will have to work to erase the damage from a string of recent gaffes by Rehberg, such as telling an audience member at a town hall meeting that he (Rehberg) and his wife are “cash poor,” (when, in fact, Rehberg and his wife own $56 million of real estate, stocks and cash, and his income alone from these investments, along with his congressional salary, averages nearly half a million a year.)


Rehberg’s comment came in response to an audience member suggesting to the congressman that perhaps the congressman would have a different opinion of health reform if he were someone who struggled financially, and were too strapped for cash to be able to afford to see a doctor.  Iverson’s job, presumably, will be to keep Rehberg away from town hall meetings.


There are the other issues.  A few months ago Rehberg admitted on camera that he didn’t know what the minimum wage was in Montana; a large taxpayer tab in relation to the Flathead Lake boat-wreck will at some point be disclosed; there is the little problem of Rehberg having voted to require Americans to carry federal ID cards; and there is the not-so-little problem of Rehberg not being able to point to a single thing he’s ever done to help Montana.


So Iverson will have his hands full.  But Iverson also comes with baggage of his own.


He had a rocky relationship with right-wing conservatives when he served simultaneously as GOP chair and Rehberg’s chief-of-staff.  In fact, Iverson may well have been been ousted as chairman by the Koopman-Sinrud wing-nut faction of the GOP, which went after both Iverson and Rehberg when Denny gave Iverson a taxpayer-funded, $31,000 pay-raise. This pay-raise brought Iverson’s salary to $159,828 a year, making him the highest paid staffer in Congress even though he was a relatively young and inexperienced politico.


Iverson’s paws were also on the shameful episode in which the GOP deployed operatives to places like Butte and Missoula, where they used an arcane legal maneuver to block several thousand lawfully registered voters from being able to cast their vote on election day. Turned out that many of these citizens were fighting in Iraq. In the wake of that episode, Iverson and his underling Jake Eaton both fled the state for other employment.


But now he’s back.  One thing is for sure: Iverson has done well by Denny. Over the last few years, Rehberg has funneled to Iverson a small fortune from his campaign war chest.


We will see if Iverson is worth it.


Also, as a good tipster has pointed out to this blog, this video show that if nothing else, Iverson at least knows the score.




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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 3, 2011 7:03 AM at 7:03 AM |

    I find it extremely hard to believe that Dopey Reeburp is within a point or two of Tester in the polls. Good GOD what does that freakin’ moron have to do to make Montanans understand that he’s a loser? I don’t get it.

    He’s sued the Fire Dept. (Real classy)

    He nearly KILLED a staffer in a wild, outta control drunkin’ bender which HORRIFIED MADD. (Montanans Against Drunken Dopeys)

    He LIES about being poor. (Guess it depends on what Dopey’s definition of IS is! Hey, character counts, remember?)

    He was the very FIRST to declare himself a member of the discredited and now totally disgraced Teawanker Party! (Dopey was a Teawanker BEFORE they it was cool!)

    I mean, seriously, just WHAT THE HELL do some people SEE in this bozo?

    I guess it has to do with his “record”. Seems that a pisspoor record is better than NO record! He’s a walking talking talking point, a TEAparty talking point! And hell, you would THINK that Montanans would have had just about enough of that crap after the last Lege.

    Maybe Iverscum is hoping that enough Inbreds for JAYsus can move up here in time to swing the election. We’ll see. Maybe he’ll get Dopey exorcised like Palin, and get him a fire in the belly too! Ya never know. It’s worth a shot! Heck, Dopey’s gonna NEED divine intervention to pull THIS one out of his Aynus Rant!

  2. What strikes me about this individual is his continual involvement in scandals. Seems like an incredibly unwise choice for a candidate who is down in a close race. Seems like you’d want a fresh, clean mind with a more ethical record–after all, Rehberg’s got his own scandals to face down. I guess there isn’t a big brain trust here in terms of GOP staffers, but he could have (and should have) recruited elsewhere.

  3. This is the face of the Rethugs

    She makes Denny Look Smart

  4. I think I have seen this guy lurking around Denny like a douche. Keeping him away from public meetings is going to be key-[comment removed. unsubstantiated personal attack.]

  5. Does it not seem hypocritical that Rehberg voted against raising the debt ceiling but has property likely eligible for flood assistance?

  6. He has distorted the truth with veterans and disabled veterans. also he has voted against veteran issues on numerous occasions.

  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 3, 2011 9:45 PM at 9:45 PM |

    Pogie has a great summation of Dopey Reeburp’s shenanigans. There ain’t enough tea in the tea party to save Dopey’s dumbass THIS time. Like his burnt sagebrush, he’s toast! And really, just how much is Dopey’s burnt sagebrush really WORTH in that lawsuit? Did his wife have some sort of bizarre emotional attachment to that sage? Is she a sage hugger of some sort? Weird, very weird people the Reeburps. I can’t remember how many similar fires I saw in the Billings area, and I’ll be damned if I can remember even ONE lawsuit being filed. Can anyone from down around that area remember a lawsuit? How bout the Clapper Flats Fire? Any lawsuits there?

    And really, who’s to say that Dopey didn’t get drunk and START that fire himself just for a lawsuit?? And why not? That’s a very Randian thing to do.

    Read your Pogie.

  8. How good is Iverson at ‘spinning’ the firefighter debacle, and putting out that fire that’s in Billings Gazette again today.

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 7, 2011 11:43 AM at 11:43 AM |

    Like high gas prices? Well then, thank Dopey Reeburp and his Big Kockh benefactors! Yep. Seems that Dopey’s big pals and bigtime funders are responsible for the high gas prices!

    So, next time you see him, THANK him!….like those fifteen or so folks who came out to his big rally down in Billings! Seems that maybe the luster is comin’ off the ol’ Dopey star. People are finally seein’ him for what he is. And what is he?

    Well, Jonny Cash used to dress in black to show sympathy for the downtrodden. He was known as the man in black. Dopey walks around with a pile of COW flop on his head to show sympathy for his billionaire pals. He’s known as a shithead! True story. Look it up.

    Here’s a great article on the Big Kochks, Dopey’s funders and the Tea Party creators. Nice guys, huh?

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