Basement Dwelling Conspiracy Theory Party Elects Leaders

Is there anyone normal in conservative politics anymore?

The conspiracy-focused political party that was formed during the Montana Home Educator’s Convention of 1994, known as the Montana Constitution Party, has re-constituted itself by electing a bold slate of leaders to take the party forward into the 12th century.

Newly elected Constitution Party of Montana leaders include Lisa Wamsley, a frequent testifier for some of the most famous nutjob bills of the 2011 legislative session who says she has “come to the point where I don’t trust the federal government to protect us.”

Also elected were  Tom Baird – Chair of Tim Ravndal’s Really Real True Conservative TEA Party group (he was the guy that the other TEA Party kicked out after he embarrassed them by saying in public that talking about killing gays is funny), and Kurtis Oliverson, Chapter leader for the John Birch Society in Kalispell, famous for its one world government conspiracy theories.

Surprisingly, no mention of Baldo the Great Chuck Baldwin, the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee in 2008.  This could be because Constitution Party of Montana broke ties with the national Constitution Party in 2006 because locals viewed the national party as “too liberal.” Or, it could lend further credence to the rumors that it is not party office that Baldwin seeks, but state elected office.

The Constitution party’s platform combines the theology of Christian Reconstructionism – a strain of Christian fundamentalism that seeks to make civil law mirror Old Testament biblical law – (If you rape a woman, you have to pay her dad 40 pieces of silver–something like $500 bucks today.) – with the ideology of the anti-government “patriot ” movement.

Non-believers, including followers of mainline Christian denominations like Lutherans, could lose their right to vote and citizenship.  The party’s platform also reflects the Montana Freemen’s racist views of citizenship – that “sovereign citizens” (white Christian men) have superior rights granted directly by God. The rest of us are “14th amendment citizens” and inferior presumably because we aren’t “white” or we lack the parts any real politician needs for Twit-pic posting.


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  1. So what else is new, CG? Have you run out of talking points? This has been the politics of the Montana since the 1980s at least…

  2. It looks to me like the IR printed the CP’s press handout virtually word for word. I hope the IR doesn’t call this journalism.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 11, 2011 1:22 PM at 1:22 PM |

    GOD I LUV THE NUTS! These reetards are some heavy duty serious entertainment! Virtual comedy! And here’s the kicker. Not only are they serious entertainment, they’re SERIOUS! In other words, they truly want to institute their bizarre bullshit biblical laws! Can it get much nuttier than that? I don’t THINK so! Death for infidels. Death for gays. Death for adulterers. YIKES! THAT would mean death for about eighty percent of adult males!

    It’s really kinda hard to speculate just how these weirdos got so far off track. I mean, they must’a been kinda normal at one time or another.

    But alas, the New Pubbie Party welcomes them with open arms! Remember it was guv Judy Mars who SPOKE at that home skul convention instead of speaking to the public schools. And just think, what if EVERYone in our state was as smart as Judy? Or any of the OTHER morons mentioned above? YOWZA!

    The Pubbies have willingly embraced and elevated moronics to the level of legitimacy! And thank god for that. It should surely help with the demise of their party, such as it is.

    Google some time Christain Reconstructionism, or Dominionism. And when you do, remember my words from above. The inbreds is SERIOUS!…..seriously reetarded.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 11, 2011 1:37 PM at 1:37 PM |

    Oh my! What a big Koch you have! This is freakin’ un-freakin’-believable! The long arm of the Kockhs knows no bounds. What a coincidence that little sarah was picked for vp.

  5. Yeah, Mr. Conner is corrent: look what the IR printed.

    The Constitution Party of Montana stands without apology in its commitment to the principles of our Founding Fathers as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the original understanding and intent of the Constitution. The CPOM platform recognizes our creator God as the giver of life and liberty. The platform calls for recognition of the right to life of every human person from conception, no restrictions on gun ownership for law-abiding citizens, strong protection of individual property rights and an end to the welfare state, including unconstitutional subsidies for corporations and foreign countries.
    For further information on the CPOM and the party’s platform, visit or contact Wamsley at 465-8649 or Jore at 406-644-2542.

  6. The G.O.P. celebrates what it calls the Lincoln Reagan party every year, I believe. I can buy that Reagan may have thought as these people do after he had gone completely around the bend into Alzheimeric Dementia; but Lincoln would never have approved–except perhaps between the time his brain exploded and when he finally died…

  7. Lt. Col (Ret, Army) Richard Liebert | June 11, 2011 9:09 PM at 9:09 PM |

    As a Lutheran, I’m particularly appalled at the systemic mis-interpretation of our First Amendment and utter lack of comprehension of the Founder’s principles. Do ‘they’ want to tear off my ‘dog tags’ which state LUTHERAN and put ‘their’ idealogy over my rights?

  8. Every time that Cowgirl uses the word “nutjob”‘ a squirrel somewhere let’s out an exasperated sigh. Please find a new form of condescension, toady girl.

  9. hypocritheocrat work for you, Mark?

  10. First Im a Christian but a Christian by choice, I came to Jesus not because I had a gun pointed at my head, but because I wanted too. Second I have not been attending church regularly for awhile now, mainly because I dont feel welcomed at church, because of my political views, my age, my occupation, and several personal reasons. I dont feel I should be forced into church, I will go when I feel like it and not one minute before I feel like. As far as these Constitution party people, they dont care about the Constitution, and I truely hope they dont represent Christianity. The reason they dont care about the constitution is because what they want is a theocracy not a democratic republic, they want to have laws set to where anybody that is even slightly different then them is put to death. And as far as Christianity Jesus is love, and I dont think they show love to their fellow man when they can not accept their fellow man for being different. Bascially what saddens me today about the Christian church here in America is that they have built a one size fits all model, and if you dont fit, too dam bad. So because I dont fit I spend my Sundays alone.

    • Great fake comment. Designed to appeal to the heartland center of America. I think you’re gonna win a lot of Democrats with comments like these in the parts of a post that nobody reads.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 13, 2011 8:22 AM at 8:22 AM |

      The war on drugs have been an utter failure. Now, many are saying it’s time to simply take the profit out of it. I say it’s time to do the same thing with RELIGION in this country. Time for the ultimate self-reliance. Time to take the TAX EXEMPT STATUS from ALL relgions in this country. It’s MY Randian idea. The ones that can will survive,and they will be the one apparently anointed by god. Survival of the fittest. But for GOD’S sake, let us STOP subsidizing their nonsense. You want’a pray, you gotta pay! Then, maybe they’ll reconsider their holy mischief.

      And what it holy mischief? Well, how bout for starters attempting to OUTBREED all the other competing religions out there! Maybe a realization that nearly ALL our problems stem or overpopulation. Wow! Wouldn’t that be sumthin’? A little rational thought injected into religion. Birth control anyone??? How bout it, Popey?

      It’s time.

  11. Larry I agree with you in part on getting rid of the tax exempt status of churches, and I disagree with you in part, the reason I agree with you is the fact that I believe everybody should have to share some of the load, and in alot of cases I have seen pastors and churches that do nothing but take up space or worse, they are like those idots from Kansas who go around protesting at military funerals, I think thats the Westboro Baptist Church and those people piss me off. On the other hand I’ve seen natural disasters and the first people to respond to the needs of the people was the church, they opened their doors, gave shelter, food, clothing, ect, ect, ect. And being from a small town when families fall on hard times, because of medical problems or something, the first to respond is the church. Also when the Nazi’s took over Europe, the church, and the Masons where there and they helped resist Hitler. I believe the reason the churches are tax exempt is becuase our founding fathers saw them as a service to a community, and in alot of cases they are today. Let me tell you those Salvation Army people that ring bells at Christmas time, they deserve a round of applause, the Salvation Army works its ass off, and I love them people. But Westboro Baptist Church I curse those people.

  12. Farmboy, I think you were aptly yclept. You would do well to stay down on the farm…

  13. Is this the Lisa Wamsley I knew in Maine??

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