Angry Helena Man Declares for Secretary of State

A 29-year-old hothead, a Tea Party-boy named Scott Aspenlieder, has announced he’s running for Secretary of State.

He began his campaign by insulting teachers. He declared that Linda McCulloch, the current Secretary of State (SOS), is a “lifelong bureaucrat” and for that reason is not qualified to be SOS. McCulloch is a lifelong teacher, so Aspenlieder has now brought the national GOP war on teachers to Montana, by calling teachers “bureaucrats.”

He also ranted about how the Land Board–which consists of the five state-wide elected officials incuding the SOS, and authorizes projects on state-owned land– needs more “business-minded” members. In fact, McCulloch has voted up, unanimously, all money-making projects that have come before the board, inclusing the Otter Creek project. Presumably she believes, as a teacher, that schools need the funding from these projects.

Aspenlieder also said the SOS office must be “run like a business” and must “do more with less”. In fact, after taking over from Republican Brad Johnson, who looted the SOS office by handing out giant bonuses to his political staff on his last day in office (also his first day in rehab for alcoholism), McCulloch has reduced expenses in her office to the lowest level in history.

Aspenleider then insulted rural communities. He railed on a vote-by-mail proposal that McCulloch voiced support for (she supported it because it would have saved the state two million dollars annually.)

Aspenlieder stated that


“voting is about all these rural communities have left.”


In other words, Alpenlieder thinks rural folk need the diversion thay a trip to the polls provides, since they have nothing else in their lives.

The vote-by-mail proposal is dead, but would have had no negative effect at all on these communities had it gone into law because their central polling places would have remained open. Of course, the reason it is dead is that former Rehberg operatives Jake Eaton and Dustin Frost quietly had it killed, on behalf of their alchoholic do-nothing boss, fearing that a mail ballot system might mean more Democratic votes because Republicans are too stupid to know how to organize a get-out-the-vote effort.

Eaton and Frost, interesingly, have also been hired onto Aspenlieder’s campaign team.

Finally, Aspenlieder says he has no opinion on the way in which elections are conducted in Montana. Which means that he has effectively endorsed Linda Mcculloch, since elections are the main focus of the office of SOS.


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  1. Interesting group he runs with

    Montana’s gonna look like West Virgina

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 14, 2011 7:09 AM at 7:09 AM |

    Ah to be young…..and dumb. He’s had “five years in the trenches”. FIVE YEARS I TELL YA! Gee, in the trenches. Wow. I’M impressed! But I gotta wonder just WHAT “trenches” this moron has been in! Sittin’ on your fanny in a little office plannin’ what to construct. THAT is the trenches he’s talking about?!

    This little feller’s got phony baloney written all OVER his young self! He really should learn to keep his mouth shut and NOT make a complete ass of himself unTIL he has a wee bit more of a resume and some bonyfeeds beyond five looooong imaginary years in the “trenches” as a pencil wielding PENCIL pusher! (the pencil is mightier than experience!)

    Sorry there, Asspenweiner, but I think I speak for many when I say that I’m NOT terribly overly impressed with your trench warfar, dude. In fact, it’s laughable. I suggest that you spend maybe the next ten or twenty years actually DOING something of merit. Then you might be ready. Might I suggest a couple’a tours in Iraq or Afghanistan? You’re a young dude. DO YOUR DUTY!

    You see, Asspenweiner, you’re teaparty light, dude. You are NOT ready for prime time, because you are NOT Ryan Zinke. He’s a SEAL and the real deal. You’re still one of Alvin’s Chimpmunks! Sorry to be so blunt, but I had a terrible habit of speaking the TRVTH to Teawanker insanity.

    And really, Aspeweiner, is INSULTING good people the ONLY platform you got? Whil we’re being truthful here, you are simply an industry pimp. Admit it. And be the best pimp you can be! A pimp army of one!


    • You will be dismissed as a mossback, doglap. (Remember such a short time ago, you were being dismissed as a young turk?)

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | June 14, 2011 2:22 PM at 2:22 PM |

        Mossback, huh? Well, I’ve got few teeth, fewer hairs, and even fewer inhibitions. But I’ve STILL got the fire in the belly! And always will. It’s who I am. It’s genetic. It’s in my blood. (bohunk) With my dying breath I will shout my last word, REVOLUTION! Or maybe “death to the rich fat fascist bastards!” Not sure, I’m still debating. How does “Viva la Revolucion” sound?

        I fancy myself a Che Guevara but look more like an aging Castro. Anyway, happy birthday, Che. We need a thousand more just like him.

        • Most of the Croats I’ve known were more like Batista than Che, doglap. A lot were like the Serbs who’re facing the music in The Hague.

    • here his bioScott Aspenlieder biography
      StoryScott Aspenlieder biography
      Posted: Monday, June 13, 2011 11:17 pm

      Font Size:Default font sizeLarger font size.Name: Scott Aspenlieder

      Office sought: Secretary of state.

      Political party: Republican.

      Age: 29.

      Birth date and place: March 17, 1982, in Culbertson.

      Home: Helena, for the past five years.

      Occupation: Engineer for WWC Engineering, where he is senior project manager and shareholder.

      Family: Single. Has a sister in Sidney and two nieces.

      Education: Graduated from Culbertson High School in 2000. Received bachelor’s degree in bio-resources engineering from Montana State University in 2005.

      Military: None.

      Political experience: None.

      Campaign website:

      What is it with the Scott’s? Scott Walker, Rick Scott, do the Koch’s recruit them?

    • We’re on the same page that Zinke was in fact a Navy Seal. That said some of his proposed legislation was goofy. LC 1641 would have stripped tourism of millions. He wanted the tourism folks to chip in about $12 million for education. What he failed to understand is that for every dollar spent on tourism gets a $4.58 return for the State. Multiply $3.58 X $12 million and see how much money we would have lost had the Gubnah not vetoed the bill.
      He slammed the Whitefish Fire Department at an AFL-CIO meeting in Helena without as much as a visit to our Fire Hall to see what they deal with on a daily basis.
      His military history is inconsistent in interviews. When he filed to run for senate he stated he was with Seal Team 6 (Devgru)) from 90-93 and again from 96-99 OR 6 years total. After Bin Laden was taken out by Seal Team 6 Zinke stated in an interview he spent half of his 23 years at Team 6. I appreciate his service but being a former Navy Seal means nothing to me when considering a candidate for public office.
      I also struggle with the fact 5 MIP citations were issued at his residence in Whitefish and it appears that little fiasco has been swept under the rug with a backroom deal with WPD Chief Bill Dial.
      There’s a term among old Navy Seals when referring to a young Seal who brags about what he does, they call them ‘advertisers’. The best Team guys don’t reveal what they do.

  3. Jake and Dustin must have some super powers I wasn’t aware of. I was apparently lobbying the wrong people in hopes of having legislation killed. Next session, I’ll be sure to enlist the assistance of Dustin and Jake in my endeavors.

  4. Angry, you think?–or severely disturbed?

  5. This individual has no chance of winning, but we should be asking ourselves why he is even considering a run. The GOP wants to take over the land board in the worst way. They’ll target the Governor and the AG because those two seats will be “open” meaning no incumbent is running. But they’ll also need one more seat to gain a majority of 3. That means they’ll need to target either McCulloch, Lindeen, or Juneau. McCulloch seems the least likely to be targeted, as she has raised the most money and has the most name recognition of the three. My bet – They target Lindeen, as the health care reform issue she aligned herself with during the session (as opposed to the consumer fraud protection focus she had a year ago) is extremely unpopular.

  6. It looks to me that Scott is making his campaign about energy development and the state land board. Now I do agree with him to some extent on energy development, and out here in Eastern Montana energy development is very popular and wanted, but there are more issues to the office he is running for then just energy development. First off the Sec of State is our elections offical in Montana, how will he manage elections? Is he capable of managing elections? I don’t know but I feel the current occupant of that office is doing a fantastic job, not only that when she came to office her predocessor, a drunk, had run it in the red and gave his buddies big bonus checks on the state dime. Im not in a hurry to go back.

  7. I love that this loser is running on the Land Board – which is what, like 2% of what a Secretary of State does. Pathetic. Anyone who runs on the Land Board needs to wake up and focus on the real job of the office.

  8. Ffs, I know who this kid is. For an area that relied on farm subsidies and federal crop insurance as well as pell grants heavily, I might add, they are ridiculously anti-government.

  9. Name Required | May 9, 2012 9:25 PM at 9:25 PM |

    Thanks to google and this blog thread turning up 2nd from the top, I know who to vote for. Anybody that gets you folks riled up has my vote.

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