Schweitzer to Exxon: Cleanup Won’t Be Done Until We Say It’s Done

Last night, Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer went on Rachel Maddow to talk about the Yellowstone River oil spill and to reiterate his message to ExxonMobil that the cleanup of Montana’s Yellowstone River wont’ be done until we say it is done:

‎”The clean up will be done when the state of Montana, the people of Montana, and the wildlife of Montana in that Yellowstone River decide that the cleanup is done. It won’t be decided by ExxonMobil and it won’t be decided by bureaucrats in Washington D.C.. When we decide the clean up is done it’s done.”

Here is the quoted clip:

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The Maddow Show’s entire coverage of the spill and Schweitzer and Maddow’s takedown of Exxon’s actions can be viewed here:

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8 Comments on "Schweitzer to Exxon: Cleanup Won’t Be Done Until We Say It’s Done"

  1. It is incredible that the legislator representing the district in which this spill occurred (well, started….) is Dan Kennedy (R) the state legislator behind the bill to gut the “clean and healthful environment” clause in the Montana Constitution to make it a “clean, healthful, and economically productive environment” instead. Amazingly, almost every single Montana Republican voted for this bill.

  2. This is not Montana’s first pipline spill. The Yellowstone (moves gas from Billings to Missoula) Pipeline runs along, and beneath, the Clark Fork River. Its pollution record is legendary on Salish-Kootanai land.

    Preventing future pipline spills will take more than tough talk.
    Montana is vulnerable to environmental damage because it
    lacks effective regulatory mechanisms, political will and agency commitment.
    Mitigation and cleanup is a poor substitute for prevention.

  3. Two seperate issues here… Prevention and risk assessment is important and it is an area that Montana has been notably lax on, but regardless of the measures to prevent a spill, it is a statistical certainty that ANY pipeline will suffer leaks. You can minimize the number and severity with proper engineering and preventive measures, but leaks WILL happen.

    With that understanding, you have to ensure that the pipeline owner is willing, capable and prepared to deal with such a leak. The track record for the various companies running pipelines in Montana is certainly not stellar and this is one issue that certainly has to be assessed and addressed before any new pipelines are allowed.

    On the other side of the coin is the current trend in Montana to completely shutdown any progress whatsoever on environmental grounds. This path is just as silly as allowing unlimited progress with no concern to environmental issues. There has to be a compromise between the two but that compromise will never be reached when both sides of the table are acting like spoiled children – rigid, spring loaded to the litigate position and unwilling to even listen to the opposition.

  4. Ryan Emmett Morton | July 6, 2011 3:28 PM at 3:28 PM |

    Thank goodness we have Will Deschamps to sort these things out.

    • Bwahaha! Great letter Will…you got your wish Exxon is really sticking it to us. Im not the most astute around but he cant be that stupid is he? That letter had to have been sent last week before the spill. I bet he crapped his pants trying to retract it.

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