In Wake of Oil Spill, Republicans Say Exxon Should “Stick It” to Montana Town

As oil spills into Montana’s once pristine Yellowstone River, which flows out of Yellowstone National Park, the Chair of the Montana Republican Party writes in the Missoulian today that ExxonMobil–the company responsible for the oil spill near Billings– “should stick it to Missoula.”

Republicans Say Exxon Should Stick It To Montana TownThe irony of the screenshot here is really beyond words.

But all irony aside this is a pretty damning letter.  Rehberg’s campaign manager has been going on the radio to say Republicans are going after Missoula voters.  Too bad now we know how Rehberg’s party really feels about jobs in Missoula…he’s advocating that the company not spend money in local Missoula stores and hotels because they refuse to take a position with him on the megaload shipments.

And it’s not just GOP Chair Will Deschamps. Word on the street is that Republican Rep. Dan Kennedy (R-Laurel) thanked Exxon at an  EPA town meeting last night, and GOP Gov candidate Ken Miller (R-Laurel) told listeners to the Voices of Montana program that he thought the Governor, who was critical of Exxon on Rachel Maddow and other national news outlets, was being “too harsh” on the company.

UPDATE: Rob Kailey has a good take on this at Left in the West.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 7, 2011 7:27 AM at 7:27 AM |

    The DEQ is now reporting that if the pipeline had been buried as deeply as Ken Miller has his head up his ass, there never would have BEEN a problem! And as far as cleanup goes, if the paper towels could suck up as much as Kenny boy sucks exxon, there would BE no cleanup needed!

    Did Will Deshat and Dopey Reeburp just declare war on Missoula? What a couple’a dumbasses! Is that smart?

  2. Why should EXXON treat Missoula differently than any other town they stick it to?

  3. Right. Because Exxon Mobil has been such an excellent neighbor in Montana. Just ask any rancher around the Yellowstone River.

  4. Article II, section 3, of The Constitution of the State of Montana reads:
    “All persons are born free and have certain inalienable rights. They include the right to a clean and healthful environment and the rights of pursuing life’s basic necessities”
    How ironic that Laurel’s own Rep Kennedy tried to amend the constitution to read:
    All persons are born free and have certain inalienable rights. They include the right to a clean, healthful, [and economically productive] environment and the rights of pursuing life’s basic necessities.

  5. I thought it was bad when Judy Martz said she wanted to be the lap dog of industry. She may now be the smart one of the Montana Republican Party.

  6. WHOA Montana, where do you get these people?!?! Sorry to hear about the oil spill out there-we’ve been watching it on the news. Good luck to you folks. Don’t let Exxon get away with this.

  7. Looks like Montana is about to become a very blue state!

  8. Saw your Governor on MSNBC telling Exxon what for. Looks like it’s time to give some of these Republicans the boot.

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 7, 2011 4:22 PM at 4:22 PM |

    Hey, Deshat, I have just one word for you, dufus. BOYCOTT! I think it’s time for all Montanans to let exxon know that they DON’T call the shots here! When we get a dumb bastard like Deshat who THREATENS us, we unite! Ever heard of citizens united? Well, THAT’S US! When a couple’a worthless pukes like Dopey Reeburp and his sidekick Will Deshat declare WAR on ANY part of our state, we’re gonna kick somebody’s ass! And who better than EXXON?

    I say none! Look, Deshat, I have lived in the most EXTREME rightwing areas of the state, the areas where you’d put your Dem campaign signs out in the morning and those suckers were GONE by dinner time! And you wanna know sumthin’ you lowlife piece of shit? I NEVER heard a single soul call for economic retaliation of our town! EVER!

    You and your buddy Dopey Reeburp have crossed the line! NEVER in Montana history has a son-of-a-bitch like you called for economic retaliation against his fellow Montanans in ANY city in this great state regardless!

    Now, if you know otherwise, Deshat, POST it you moron! If THIS doesn’t do your buddy Reeburp in, I’ll be damned suprised! You two have cast your lot unambiguosly with the corparte fascists. It was a gamble. Now, let’s see how that works OUT for you! I’m thinkin’ that you two are done. First, Dopey sues the fire dept. And now, you call for economic retaliation against an entire city! You’re shit, dude. Your NAME is shit! And your BREATH is shit! You’re gonna have to move!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 7, 2011 4:26 PM at 4:26 PM |

      I hereby call on ALL decent Montanans to send Willy Deshat and his corporate masters, exxon, a leetle signal. We will BOYCOTT all exxon products unTIL we get a REAL cleanup, and unTIL we get an apology from Mr. Deshat for being a complete a**hole! BOYCOTT exxon! I will!

  10. I can’t wait to see the Dem response, Willie just served up a feast.

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 7, 2011 4:35 PM at 4:35 PM |

    That’s MY governor! And I couldn’t be prouder! Take THAT you exxon bastards! You morons will be lucky to get out Montana withOUT a brand on your fat asses! The BULL brand!

  12. Oooh Boy. The Democrats just put out a response and Montana Democratic Party Director Ted Dick…lets just say he ain’t too pleased.

    With your indulgence, pasted below:

    Will Deschamps, the Chairman of the Montana Republican Party, recently gave some shocking advice to the company that caused the oil spill near Billings. He wrote that Exxon “should not spend one red cent in Missoula county.”

    Maybe the Montana Republican Party didn’t get the memo, but Exxon is already costing Montanans money in Billings and Eastern Montana. Now, they want Exxon to stop doing business in Missoula, delivering a blow to jobs and local business.

    These comments were completely out of touch in light of the disaster on the Yellowstone River, and the challenges faced by local businesses in these tough economic times. But there’s a much deeper problem growing in the leadership of the Montana Republican Party. The leaders of the “Grand Old Party” have developed a brand new habit of putting irresponsible extremist ideology and national corporations ahead of Montana jobs.

    Nowhere was that more clear than during the legislative session, where the Republican leaders pushed birther bills, spear hunting legislation, and wasted our time with pointless distractions that created no jobs.

    Congressman Dennis Rehberg–the undisputed leader of the Montana Republican Party–has done no better. He’s made veiled threats against federal judges, called Pell Grants welfare, protected subsidies for the five biggest oil companies and railed against science in an amendment that would have relaxed food safety standards.

    It’s time for Congressman Rehberg to come clean about the new direction of his Montana Republican Party – does he agree with Deschamps’ anti-jobs, anti-small business, anti-Missoula, anti-Montana rhetoric? Does he agree with the bizarre agenda Republicans pushed during the legislative session?

    Montanans from across the political spectrum are expecting answers to these questions.

    Ted Dick
    Executive Director
    Montana Democratic Party

    • I like Dick’s response, but it pushes one of my buttons. If there’s one thing about modern political party speech that I’m getting sick and tired of it’s the concern trolling of the victimized. The Montana Democratic party has suffered from this for too long. Ted Dick shouldn’t be ‘calling out’ Rehberg to disavow Deschamps’ bullshit. He shouldn’t be posing this as a question at all. There is no question, so state it as fact and rub their noses in it. We “Montanans” aren’t “expecting answers”. We know the goddamned answers; what we want is for the Montana opposition party to take a firm stand and speak the obvious. The Montana GOP hates at least half of us and doesn’t trust the other half.

      When your opposition crosses the line of decency, you don’t ask them what they suppose others might think of such behavior. You hit ’em on it, hard. I’ve grown fond of Larry’s manner of response, his name inventions, his innuendo, his direct calling out of bullshit as bullshit. I’m not suggesting that Ted Dick or anyone official use the same words or colorful speech. But the tactic is sound. When the opponent hits you, don’t ask the voters to see how beneficial it might be to come to your aid. Hit the opposition back and show the voters clearly that you have their side if they oppose the bullshit as well. That’s leadership and people will follow it.

      • I think that’s why the Governor is so popular, he does not mince words.

        I like Mike Papantion’s Take on EXXON
        Calls them “reptiles”


      • Right on, Mr. Kailey. Democrats will lose the message branding war to the earth haters unless we learn to stand up to the bullies on the right.

  13. I have to say I agree with Mr. Kailey about the whole “asking the tough questions” trope in political speech. It’s old and tired, its been done, and it never seems to work. Hmmm.

    Overall though, I gotta say I like this guy Dick.

  14. I love Larry’s rants. They are not just hilarious, they are often direct and right to the point. Kudos to you Larry!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 7, 2011 8:44 PM at 8:44 PM |

      Thanks, Corrina. I’m old, therefore I simply speak the TRVTH. I’ve got nothing to lose. Rob has pretty well stated my intentions. I think that it’s vitally important to fight back. I really can’t understand what’s happened to the fighting spirit that libs and Dems used to have. I remember it, both through the study of history and stories from my own family.

      I was raised in a union family, a mining family. My great grandad, grandad, and my dad all mined coal. And the same on my wife’s side too, probably even farther back. And they fought, literally, for workers’ rights. They were not intimidated by industry thugs. They understood that if they wanted a better life for all, they had to fight for it.

      I inherited all that union/mining history. I know the struggles that they lived through. They never complained. They just did it. They were tough, tough people who enjoyed life in spite of their travails. They made wine, had pig roasts, and fished and hunted the mountains.

      But by GOD I can’t understand where that fighting spirit has gone! I’m sure that my own family history is not unique, especially here in Montana. Why DO Dems and libs shrink from the fight? Why do they run from the fray? Why DO they allow themselves to be pummelled by pissants?! I don’t get it. It is NOT our history. It is NOT who we’re supposed to be. And I mean, just how scary ARE the nutjobs on the right? Not very I’d say. They’re phonies. And after the last Lege, it should be abundantly clear to all that they’re also laughable.

      I do what I do because I have become terribly disappointed in my fellow Dems. SOMEone needs to call these no good rightwingers what they are. If you choose not to fight back, they win by default. I can’t abide that. We do NOT deserve any benefits of the common good if we are not willing to fight for them. “The power to define the situation is the ultimate power”. We have been allowing the sleaze ball cheese balls to define the situation for far too long. I define it in my OWN terms and let the chips fall where they may. As a result, I’ve been banned from most sites and fired from many jobs. And I am a pariah among many lib/enviro groups. I accept all that. But hey, SOMEone has to tell the TRVTH. As long as I survive, I will NEVER allow the morons to win by default.

      p.s. Schweitzer understands. He’s a fighter. He’s old school. He doesn’t beg for any favors from the wingers, nor do I. I learned long ago that there is no negotiating with criminals. Just as Ecuador did to Chevron/Texaco when they brought the largest lawsuit in the world against them for destroying their environment, the time for talk is over. If exxon does a shitty clean up, Montana needs to sue the CRAP outta them! Make them think twice before despoiling our landscape again. Hell, we ain’t Ecuador yet! You mess, you pay! And pay BIG! Send a message! If we don’t fight back now, we will simply be third world. And THAT’S exactly what the corporate fascists like Dopey Reeburp are counting on!

      p.s.s Rob Kailey also understands. He has carried on the fight like no other on the blogs, only he uses his laser logic to destroy them. I use humor. I can’t help it. I find the little racist pukes to be humorous.

  15. As pissed off as I am with ExxonMobil right now, I have to caution those of you who advocate a boycott of ExxonMobil products. All oil companies operate on an exchange program, which means the specific additives which make a branded product, (ExxonMobil gas, Conoco gas, Sinclair gas, etc.)are added at the loading facilities of a refinery. This is why you can never be sure whose product you’re buying. Sinclair can buy stock from an ExxonMobil refinery as well as a Cenex or Conoco refinery. Conversely, branded ExxonMobil product could have been purchased from a BP refinery. The latter example isn’t likely in Montana, but is very likely elsewhere. If you boycott ExxonMobil stations, you’re only hurting the independent business person who owns the station and indeed, may be buying ExxonMobil product at the Sinclair station down the street.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 7, 2011 10:38 PM at 10:38 PM |

      Well OK then. Maybe these small business owners can let Deshat know that they don’t LIKE him declaring war on a city in our state at the behest of his fascist corporate masters! I still can’t believe that Deshat said all that. Does he REALLY view double cross “xxz” exxon as a VICTIM here? I mean, are we engaged in a NEW civil rights movement? A NEW migrant workers rights movement? A NEW womens suffrage movement? I mean, the ONLY question I have for Deshat is just WHEN did the largest corporation in the world become a victim in Deshat’s little mind?

      I simply don’t get it. Victims are usually the weakest members of society, NOT the most powerful corporation in the world!

      Methinks that Deshat done shat all OVER himself this time! The man, along with his bud Dopey Reeburp, must be an idiot. There is no other explanation. Would he like us to CONTRIBUTE to a fund to help double cross xx exxon get their rights? Sheesh.

      Just when you thought the Pubbies couldn’t go any lower, they do. I was taken aback by his letter. What sort of twisted bastard comes UP with this crap?

      If we had any real newspapers left in this state, it would be nice to see them roundly condemn this tactic for what it is. But alas, they will probably cheer it.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2011 7:41 AM at 7:41 AM |

        Wait a minute here. I think I accidentally answered my own question about what kind of sick bastard comes UP with this sort of crap. Lest we forget, after W.R. Grace KILLED over two hundred people in the town of Libby, it was, you guessed it, the local Pubbies who were falling all OVER and wetting themselves calling Grace a good corporate neighbor and great corporate citizen! And they went on record as saying that they would WELCOME the mine back any time!

        THIS is the kind of sick bastards that Deshat, Dopey Reeburp, and their pals are! They have absolutely NO allegiance to the people of Montana, and complete TOTAL allegiance to their corporate masters!

        So, I would suggest that we actually should rejoice in Deshat’s words. He is ONLY calling for his exxon masters to not buy stuff in Missoula. At LEAST he is not calling for them to MURDER the residents there! I guess that shows SOME values, right? Deshat is man of values, the exact SAME values shown my his buddy Dopey sue boy Reeburp. These are Montana values dudes, right? Remember their little Montana values commercials, the latest being Korky Stumblebum’s “we are Montana”. Well SURE you are, Korky! YOU’RE STILL ALIVE, DUDE! Some others aren’t so lucky!

        The answer is yes. These are some sick, twisted, sociopathic MOFOS! So, do NOT be too suprised to hear the scumbag Pubbies in Laurel applauding exxon. It’s who they are. It’s profits over people and rivers be damned! They’ve been drinkin’ the tea for far too long! I guess that GOD tol’ kenny boy miller that we need not worry about water, for the Lord will provide! Right, kenny boy? You gonna drink them exxon profits instead of water you moron!

        It’s time to “stick it” allright, stick it to these sick, twisted, sociopathic corporate fascists like Deshat and Dopey!

        • Right on. And the EPA has done such a grand job, allowing a company to sell wood chips contaminated with asbestos for yard mulch. Way to go! Sure, you only found a small amount of contamination. Is there such a thing as a little bit of cancer?

    • The Polish Wolf | July 7, 2011 11:22 PM at 11:22 PM |

      Here’s a good way to be sure to be sure to boycott Exxon – buy a bike! Obviously not practical for everyone here, but urban dwellers like myself it’s a great option. Plus, many gas stations don’t make a dime on their gas – like movie theaters, they depend make their money on Snickers and Coke.

  16. The EPA has ordered the pipeline be reburied at at least 25 feet before EXXON restarts the line. I hope te Governor pushes for a NEW line

  17. The ‘GOP’ – Greedy Oil PIGS fits that title…..they just don’t ‘get it’ about
    the Planet’s most profitable corporation in the history of civilization being so inept at PR and still using bathroom technology to clean-up their toxic mess? Now will Denny vote to end oil subsidies, and are we actually subsidizing Exxon’s ‘handi-wipes’ and towelettes to clean up our vital rivers which has made national and global news?

  18. Latest on the oil spill and Schweitzer pulling MT out of “command team” over lack of transparency –

  19. The conservative will continue to follow the bigotry and ignorance!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2011 2:14 PM at 2:14 PM |

      How true. But you wanna know sumthin’, Mark? I am STILL in disbelief at Deshat’s words. I LIVED next to the Yellowstone for twenty years. That’s MY river! OUR river! How DARE Deshat and his little Pubbie pals side with exxon over the PEOPLE of Montana and THEIR river!

      And although I’ve never lived in Missoula for any length of time, I LOVE that city. In 1977, after reading about the Bike Centennial, I rode my ten speed bike over Lolo Pass on my way to Oregon. It is WONDERFUL country and rightly should be protected and NOT be destroyed and sacrificed for likes of little corporate suckup pukes like Deshat. ESPECIALLY when there is absolutely no need! If Canada wants megaloads, let THEM provide the route!

      An attack on ONE of our great rivers is an attack on ALL Montana! An attack on ONE of our great cities is an attack on ALL of us! This Deshat dude is a real piece of work/shit. Take your pick. He divided and conquered allright. He tried to divide us and it was his OWN dumbass and his Pubbie pals who will be conquered! They’re toasty pukes!

      Montanans will not accept this crap. Very, very dumb move even for an ignoranus like Deshat. It’s interesting to see a dude brand his OWN scarlet letter on his forhead, but look carefully at Deshat. See it? Right there in the middle, a giant DA for DUMBASS! Wear it proudly, dude! You earned it! Schweitzer branded only your dumb bills. You in turn branded your WHOLE party! Well done!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2011 2:24 PM at 2:24 PM |

        p.s. This editorial of Deshat’s is quite reminiscent of all the Teawanker proposed legislation. Dumb as DOG doody! And we ALL know how well THAT was recieved by the state! If there really ARE any sane Republicans and conservatives left in this state, they’d better start climbin’ outta the woodwork and send the reetards, racists, and wackjobs to a third party somewheres! Mabye Judy Mars could be its leader!! She’s GOTTA have an approval rating above twenty-three percent by now, doncha think? I mean, people have probably forgotten how bad she was by now!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2011 2:31 PM at 2:31 PM |

        Very good site that I stumbled across. And very timely. A woman who lost her job as a commercial fisherman in Alaska thanks to exxon valdez, and a woman with advanced degrees unafraid to take the bastards on. AND, willing to tell the TRVTH about exxon. We have a lot to learn from her. HEY, there is nothing new here, just new to us. This is what exxon does. They destroy people and the earth withOUT any qualms what so ever. But I think we can whup’em!

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