Livingstone Spending Campaign Dollars in Peru

Bad enough that Neil Livingstone is trying to phone in his campaign from Washington DC and hasn’t lived in Montana for thirty years.

Now he’s submitted a bizarre campaign report, which shows that he did not receive a single contribution from anyone in Montana; and, that of the thousands of dollars he spent last quarter, virtually all of it was spent out of state. Many states, in fact. He’s got phone bills from the state of Washington, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, printing costs in Georgia, items in Arizona, Texas, New Jersey, and California, gas and food in New Jersey and Delaware. Staff in Florida (why would he be paying staff in Florida?) and DC. And several thousand dollars to a firm in DC called the Kiawah Group, which is listed as compensation for “strategy.”

And whoever these “strategists” are, they apparently don’t understand that it is generally not a good idea to report that you have a woman on the payroll in Peru.  But Livingstone’s report shows that he has a woman in Lima whom he is paying for design work, by the name of Daniela Cabrerizo.

This is a campaign that is gonna be over before it even starts.


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  1. Bravo Livingston, a great example of OUTSOURCING Montana opportunities, when we have dozens of qualified MONTANA citizens of your ‘ilk’ to help you, Mr. Carpetbagger, right?

  2. I downloaded this report. Livingstone doesn’t have a single Montana donor! Two questions: What interest do all these out-of-staters have in the Montana Governor’s race? Couldn’t this guy find one Montanan to support is campaign?

  3. Put a fork in him, he’s done!

  4. From the Kiawah group’s website: A testimonial from Michael Steele “The Kiawah Group was instrumental in the republican victories of 2010!”

    The Kiawah Group is a boutique government relations and political consulting firm that specializes in fundraising, advocacy, non-profit consulting, global representation, and securing corporate sponsorships.

  5. I predict he will be the first Republican to drop out of the race. Speaking of dropping out, what a class act by Sen. Dave Wanzenried who, when announcing his withdrawal over fundraising challenges through in behind Steve Bullock and announced he’d be helping him and Sen. Kim Gillan with her congressional race.

  6. Wanzenried was actually my choice for Governor given his record and stances on issues. I felt he was a class act and I am sorry to see him retire from the race. He was certainly to the left of me, but he came off as being honorable, classy and sincere. Sadly, none of the other candidates really thrill me. Those I somewhat agree with ideologically don’t impress and then there are those I would REALLY prefer not to see in the office. I fear this will be yet another year I hold my nose and pick a name.

  7. Wanzenried really is a great guy – he’s a real leader in the legislature and the Republicans fear him. I heard they took him off the Health and Human Services budget committee and put on a newbie dem so that it would be easier for the TEA party to push through their cuts.

  8. Also from the Kiawah Group website:

    “The Kiawah Group not only helped us raise money, but they also enabled us to target the right candidates to support through the PAC.”
    Neil Livingstone

    Neil Livingstone,
    President, Livingstone4Montana PAC

    Now, I’m no campaign finance expert, but if someone is both running for Governor AND President of a PAC for the same purpose, does that no raise some legal questions?

    • Here are my questions:

      If i understand this correctly, it’s about the limit on amount of campaign donations.

      Political action committees can’t coordinate their activities because it would violate campaign spending limits, why would you be able to run your own PAC? Campaigns can accept a limited donation from the PAC, but beyond that PACs can make “independent expenditures” in any amount they want, as long as they don’t coordinate with candidates.

      A PAC can take which can take “soft money,” meaning donations of unlimited amounts. Like say $25,000.

      A candidate for Governor can take $600 per individual and $1200 per couple.

      So this seems to be a problem.

  9. I don’t know the legalities of this. I do know that it looks like they couldn’t find anyone else to do it.

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    • A little late. I assume, as with the public option in health care, that Obama cut a deal long ago on Social Security and Medicare, and that what you are seeing is just the public theater part of his policy apparatus.

      It will be interesting. One reason that Americans are treated so shabbily by people in power is that we do not know how to fight. The mall in DC needs to fill quickly, and stay full, and signs and banners need to be seen in the Capitol rotunda. In the meantime, people need to be compiling lists of people who can be roused to action, raising money, holding forums, and most importantly, teaching. Americans are not stupid, but are not well educated, and do not understand most issues well. Social Security and Medicare are very easy to understand. Obama wants to be the guy who finally shut them down. (Don’t be too surprised – Clinton also had a plan to shut down Social Security.)

    • This is just curiosity. A comment posted here is awaiting moderation, and I wonder if I put some word in it that flags it. If you’re reading this, question was answered.

    • Hmmm, an anonymous comment from an anonymous commenter flipping out at the President at a blog run anonymously because of a statement at a newspaper from, you guessed it, someone anonymous.

      I’ve no intention of joining a threat campaign against the President that a) should be directed at Congress, and b) reeks of anonymity and misdirection.

      And this should be the only response ever to Mark Tokarski:

      Please Cut The Crap

      paying particular attention to number 7.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 8, 2011 7:09 PM at 7:09 PM |

        Great read. It is reminiscent of old Joe Bageant. He would have loved this article.

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