Ad Campaign Against TEA Party Extremists Launched

A slate of radio ads holding TEA party legislators accountable for their extreme votes and bills goes on the air this week.  Montana Conservation Voters wasted no time launching radio spots targeting Derek Skees, (R-Whitefish Kalispell), Dan Skattum (R-Livingston) and Tom Burnett (R-Bozeman).

All of the targeted legislators are in vulnerable seats and seen as beatable in 2012.

The scorecard that is mentioned on the ads is available at for those who want to see how your legislators voted on clean air and water.



6 Comments on "Ad Campaign Against TEA Party Extremists Launched"

  1. Those are simple yet effective ads, for those of us who care about our rivers, streams and public lands… And our right to access them.

    The recent disaster on the Yellowstone is a good reminder that we need to elect folks who will watch out or the public good, not just corporate profit.

    Thanks MCV!!

  2. Good point Stanly, I should have added THANK YOU MCV. These legislators are among the worst.

  3. Not sure what page you were trying to link to, but the page that came up was a Pro-Rehberg page.

  4. Thanks MCV! Tea Baggers, you’ll not be forgotten for your poor judgement, lack of fairness and downright ‘meaness’ to the poor, and didn’t ‘they’ claim a ‘lock on the Bible’ which says in BOTH books, do not opress the poor which
    is exactly what they worked on virtually ever day in that kooky session, even the house Ag committee spent it’s legislative ‘powder’ on every but Ag!

  5. Hey Cowgirl-
    This ad is terrible. Will it make the Worst Ad of the Week? If your readers want to know why democrats lose, he should listen to this ad. As a major donor to MCV, I’m appalled at how ineffective it is. Skees? How about the fact that he voted to put a nuclear reactor up here in the Flathead Valley?
    Liberals are simply in their own world, and waste valuable resource on things like this ad that have no effect whatsoever. That much, your buddy Milt seems to understand.

  6. From what Ive been hearing the Montana Wildlife Federation or the Public lands Water Access Association is thinking of puting together a sportsmans PAC, to expose some of those legislators that dress up in nice new orange vest and new shotguns in their campaign literature, but sell sportspeople down the river. This is a very good start, and yes Montana Conservation Voters have picked some good targets. Skees especially, but I think they should also aim for Jimmy Knox out of Billings cause he will be valnurable to defeat this coming election, and there are several others in Billings and Great Falls as well. Also maybe even Champ Edmunds in Missoula would be a good target as well. Just suggesting.

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