A Hard-Hitting Ad in the Wisconsin Recall Elections

For those following the Wisconsin saga, some interesting developments in the Wisconsin recall election this week with the first official foray by a national group into the recall races with this hard-hitting TV ad. The spot shines a harsh light on legal issues surrounding one Republican recall candidate for the state senate, David VanderLeest.

As you’ll remember, the recall elections  are in order because of Governor Scott Walker’s bill to strip state unions of the right bargain for their wages and other benefits. Democrats, a small but feisty minority, fled the state so the GOP wouldn’t have a quorum to pass the bill. Walker got around the necessity of a quorum by stripping the collective bargain elements out of the state’s budget plan to allow for a separate vote on the matter. Wisconsin voters have organized a recall election to hold legislators accountable for the debacle and put the state back on course after the 2010 which were seen around the U.S. as a referendum on Obama and his policies rather than a choice between the local candidates and parties.


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  1. Two things to know about Wisconsin: one, the massive demonstrations that shook the state and gave that feisty minority the chops to leave the state was not organized by the Democrats. Herb Kohl was nowhere to be found. I spit my coffee when I read, long after the protests had started, that Democratic “organizers” had arrived on the scene. I thought they must be there to encourage people to go home.

    Second, if the election system is not secure, then even meaningful elections, as the recalls are, don’t matter. As we saw with the Supreme Court race, Wisconsin’s voting system can be easily hacked, and will be.

  2. Throw out the KochHeads – Walker and cronies – and restore justice and fairness, and more important INTEGRITY.

  3. very easy to say, publius. Not so easy to do.

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