A Tea Party Leader As Dumb As They Come

Tea Partiers are not an intelligent lot.

A tipster recently emailed me about an incident in Bozeman. As the tipster points out, the incident was actually nothing more than a guest appearing on a radio show hosted by a Tea Party leader.  The guest was Chuck Baldwin, right-wing ultra-nut and Constitutional party leader who often finds himself at the top hate-watch lists published by human rights groups. Baldwin is a preacher who recently moved from Florida to Montana and according to Montana Human Rights Network he hangs in circles that include include militia leaders, white supremacists, racists, and other fine people.

Apparently Baldwin was a guest on Bozeman KMMS AM talk radio, and was interviewed in a buddy-buddy kind of a way by the radio show host, another right-winger, who is none other than Henry Kriegel, the head of the Bozeman Tea Party.

This might all sound very run-of-the-mill. But here are two very interesting items for your consideration. The first is an anti-Semitic sermon written by Baldwin, in which he lashes out at the Jewish Banking Conspiracy and refers to Jews as the modern day “moneychangers” which Jesus banished from the temple. He also says these same moneychangers control the media and thus will never report on their own banking conspiracy, and so of course it is he, Chuck Baldwin, who must bring us the truth about them.  “They are destroying America,”  Baldwin says, “but Christians don’t see it,” and so he implores Christians to wake up to the reality of what Jewish leaders are up to.

And here is a fact about Kriegel: he is not only Jewish, but according to a letter he wrote to the Bozeman Chronicle, his parents are both Holocaust survivors. The letter he wrote was in 1997, and he sounds quite rational at the time, arguing against discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, etc.  Clearly, some kind of inner cork must have popped.

It is tempting to wonder what this idiot Kriegel can possibly be thinking, making common cause with Baldwin on his radio show. But that assumes he thinks at all, which idiots do not.

There is another fact about Kriegel which this blog uncovered last year, and which might serve to shed some light on all of this: he was once (and may still be) a high-ranking member of the Church Universal Triumphant (CUT), the once-mighty Montana cult that based its existence on the idea that a nuclear rapture would occur on exactly a certain date. The CUT spent millions of dollars on an underground network of bunkers up near Gardiner, Montana, where they intended to wait out the nuclear fallout– for decades if necessary–and then emerge when it was safe, presumably to re-populate the earth with their progeny. Of course, when the nuclear apocalypse never happened, the church kind of lost credibility and went into decline, as you would imagine. But Kriegel found another fringe movement to join–the Tea Party.

And so, as I said, Tea Party types are not bright folk. Kriegel’s mother was a prisoner in a Nazi labor camp, a camp that was the end product of a society that allowed hate-speech against Jews to become a normal, accepted type of political discourse. And Kriegel is so oblivious and insular in his Tea Party world that he doesn’t even understand that the same types of people who created Nazism still exist in the world, and that in America they reside predominantly in the far right wing.

My guess is that it never even occurred to Kriegel that Baldwin is bad news and an anti-Semite.  Kriegel probably just figured that since Baldwin is a right-wing Tea Party lunatic, that he and Baldwin must be birds of a feather.

Well, Kriegel and Baldwin are definitely alike in one respect: they are both a few french fries short of a happy meal.


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  1. A Tea(Koch) Party Holocaust anybody, which is what we’re facing with this insane stubborness by Congressional ‘baggers’ in outright refusal to go with ending subsidies for Big Oil, duh?!

    Yes, blame the Jews, and while we’re at it, let’s put blacks to 3/5 of a person for voting persons (let’s go back to them Poll Taxes, right?), repeal right to vote for Women (how about that Mrs. Bachmann, duh?) and let’s ship out the Poor in those shipping containers we can’t seem to fill with exports, right GOP?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 7:28 AM at 7:28 AM |

      It was Georgie Bushavic, OUR Milosevic, who destroyed this country. What most people DON’T understand is that it DOES matter whom you vote for! The two parties are NOT the same. Bushavic managed to destroy the country pretty completely in just eight short years. Like the scenery in Montana, ya just can’t EAT wars and nationalism! Oh sure, it makes the inbred Teatards all tingly and orgasmic to know that their tax money is bein’ well spent killin’ Ayrabs SOMEwherein the world, but ya just can’t eat it and LIVE on it!

      It’s true. You DO get the gubmint you deserve. And with folks as dumb as the Teatards are, (and there’s plenty of’em), we DESERVE the BIG DICK cheney gubmint we got. You and I don’t deserve the BIG DICK cheney gubmint, but unfortunately we all suffer together. And the sad, unfortunate reality is that unTIL folks start figurin’ it out, all were gonna get is the BIG DICK! Over and over and over again!

      So, put on your tricornered hat with the teabags hangin’ off it, stick a tiny flag in each ear, eat lots of donuts until you put ON bout a hundred pounds or so, and strut your stuff! May as well join’em if ya can’t lick’em! USA!USA! USA!….what’s left of it anyway.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 7:37 AM at 7:37 AM |

      Big Kockh America! Welcome to Iraq/USA. This is EXACTLY what they’ve done to Iraq. They sold off the entire country. Well, folks, prepare for the Iraqization of America! Hey, Kris Kristofferson probably said it better than anyone else in the song Me and Bobby McGee. “Freedom’s just another word for nuthin’ left to lose.” We’re gettin’ free’er every damn day now, thaks in LARGE part to the Koch suckin’ dumb as dog doody Teatards! Useful and WILLING idiots.


      I believe in knowing just WHOM you’re up against. Take it for what it’s worth.

  2. There’s 1 comment to this article, begging Chuck Balidwin to come back to FL…..


    Massive Crowd = 200 people

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 7:46 AM at 7:46 AM |

      Oh GOD I hope Chucky cheesey Bulbdim runs for guv! He is ZACKLY what the Pubbies need, a dude who doesn’t use code words! You want hate, you GOT hate! You want racism, you GOT racism! You want goofy, you GOT goofy!…..on STERIODS!

      Yep, with Chucky cheesey what you see is what you get, and what you get IS the new Pubbie Party! No more messin’ round with birther bills. Hell, just come right out and SAY it! We don’t WANT no prez who’s a darky! In FACT, we’ll introduce a BILL that says as much! Our president is Charlton Heston! Until we can get a white dude back in the white house again!

      Nope, I think ol’ pastor chucky cheesey is the man for the job, the CON job known as the Pubbie party!

  3. If only the baggers had gotten their way and been allowed to pack heat up at the Capitol we could have joined Arizona in enjoying foibles like this:

    Arizona senator’s handling of her gun draws fire


    PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona state senator’s handling of her gun is drawing criticism from a fellow lawmaker.

    An Arizona Republic story about Anthem Republican Lori Klein’s carrying of a gun in her purse while at the Legislature said she showed off its laser sighting by pointing it at a reporter interviewing her in the Senate lounge.

    According to Klein, the gun has no safety but there was no danger because she didn’t have her hand on the trigger

    The gun had no safety? Oh thats OK, no problem, as long as she doesnt put her finger on the trigger when she is whipping it out. Why is it always the most ignorant and irresponsible gun owners are the ones pushing for these insanse measures?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 10:04 AM at 10:04 AM |

      Lots of concealed carry guns have no saftey, Jack. They’re double action only semi-automatics usually. That is the only saftey, the trigger pull itself. I have probably the exact same gun. It’s a Ruger LCP .380, and probably the best concealed carry gun around. It weighs only ounces, maybe seven, and fits in the palm of your hand. I don’t carry a round in the chamber though as this nutty woman did. And then to point a loaded gun at a person is INSANE! I’ve never heard of that being done by a so-called responsible adult gun owner. Weird, very weird. This woman should NOT own a gun.

      • My bad I dont own any handguns, two shotguns is it. I dont need a penis extension like Bradass87.

        • I think 2 shotguns equals 2 large penis extensions. Sorry Jack. Besides I extend mine by putting huge tires on my truck.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 1:25 PM at 1:25 PM |

          Jack, please don’t be the stupid dumbass type of liberal. Look, guns have NOTHING to do with your wingding OR your liberal views. Guns are simply guns. Another tool. That’s all. I happen to like guns a lot. Then again, I like hunting and just shooting. That’s what happens when you grow up in the west. Guns were naturally around to shoot deer, skunks, bears, gophers or whatever. Nuthin’ wrong with them.

          And the other thing is that many, many of us libs served in the military. Guns were part of life, simply tools again. That’s all. I think that Bradass has a much more realistic idea for a penile extenion. Big tires on his truck. But please, try not to characterize and speak for ALL us libs as anti-gun. We just ain’t. Guns are part of our lives, and always have been. I still have my very first gun, a Winchester Model 1890 .22 WFR that I inherited from my grandpa. Being liberal and owning guns are NOT mutually exclusive.

          • Good points Larry. But some like Bradass87 are clearly overcompensating (with his truck and his laser pointers). I was only referring to him.

          • Guns were naturally around to shoot deer, skunks, bears, gophers or whatever…”
            There is nothing natural about what those few words describe, lapdog.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 7:24 PM at 7:24 PM |

              How so? You like skunks that much? Never lived in the country, didja? Never had a skunk take up residence in your yard, have ya? And how else you propose to get deer/elk meat if you DON’T shoot one? Jed, sometimes you amaze me.

              Now, I actually LIKE skunks. They are cute little critters. There was a lady who lived beneath the Rims in Billings they called the skunk lady. She fed the wild skunks. Her yard was full of’em. She’d pet’em like they were cats. She loved them damn things. But I wouldn’t go that far. It was natural for her to pet’em and for me to shoot’em. I don’t enjoy killing anything, but you have to sometimes. Is that so wrong? I know I know. I’m a lousy Budhhist. But I’m trying. In my next life, I may come back as a skunk, or maybe Will Deshat! Same difference.

    • While looking down the barrel did the reporter notice how cool the laser sight was?

  4. No one should be giving Chuck Baldwin a forum to spew his hate. Holocaust surviving parents or no-spreading hate and bigotry is wrong.

  5. Chuck also believes that people born in Montana who disagree with him aren’t “real” Montanans. His definition is you must be a racist, rightwing nutcase to be his definition of Montanan. My definition is someone who cares about the state and its lands and its peoples, not someone out to create a new nutcase power base. I feel so sorry for the folks around the Flathead, being forced to put up with these crazies, ruining Montana for real Montanans.

    • How embarrassing it would be to have sleazey Derek Skees as your Representative. The only people who have it worse are the people in the Billings Heights who have to put up with James Knox.

  6. Honestly, CG, I don’t think people are stupid. I think it’s in part lack of time to think and read, and in part sensual deprivation. For instance, natives in the unexplored jungles have no notion of ocean-going vessels or guns, and so cannot visualize them. In the same manner, American citizens, deprived of access to rational debate, reduce politics to utter simplicity, smart people, stupid people. Know what I mean?

    It’s not just you, CG. That applies to the Tea Party too.

  7. Word on the street is that James Knox is leaving the state and won’t run again. No one I have talked to knows why.

    • Say it aint so James! Please login and set the record straight we know you read this blog. Or at least log on as Nancy L and Sammy and tell us what a fantastic legislator and ethical businessman you are.

      • The residents of the Heights came to his door armed with torches and pitchforks. The angry mob chased him out of the state

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 1:40 PM at 1:40 PM |

          He does resemble Shrek!

        • Or maybe he is fleeing from legal action. Seems a likely possibility after all the stories of him stiffing employees out of pay and his questionable business. Just speculating but his whole MO seemed to be ‘fly by night’. I have to admit part of me would be a little sad to see him go..he has provided so much comic relief. But I think the residents of Billings and the entire state have probably suffered enough.

  8. And by “the street” I mean “the Twitter”

    • Really? last I heard he was running for PSC.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 1:32 PM at 1:32 PM |

      On the run again from PAST crimes, misadmeanors, angry ex-employess, and fraud? That would be my guess. Jumbo Jimmy’s a con man, a RepubliCON! They all are. Some get caught, and some get elected, and some simply run away staying one step ahead of their pasts. Can’t stay in one place too long ’cause things get too hot. But eventually, they ALL get caught! (Remember Davison? Perfect example.)

      I’m suprised that Hill isn’t in the crowbar hotel. The very FIRST thing he did when he got elected was to bring those two sleazy, shady characters to GF to show them off. Their names were something lilke brewer and marquadt, or some such. They were under investigation for BILKING old people outta their money. And THESE were the dudes that Lil’ Ricky was showcasing, his friends! Anybody ever know what happened to these two cheeseballs? I think that they were from Helena.

  9. Speaking of dumb teabaggers. I see the MT Republican Party chairman,Will Deschamps, is back to using his troll account (legofmutton) on twitter to harass Missoula elected officials. Oh and stick up for himself after his exxon blunder.

    legofmutton twitter post:
    #missouladems lefty loons mad at Exxon, sue to stop them going thru Msla, mad at Deschamps for suggesting same.Hypo”crats” for sure #mtdems
    19 hours ago

  10. What a jerk-how do we know that’s Will Deschamps? I thought maybe it was Rehberg’s campaign manager Erik Iverson. Just curious.

  11. very credible sources. That’s about all I will say. But now that you know compare his tweets with some of his opinion pieces and you will see lots of similarities, like his hatred for Missoula elected officials for one.

  12. That’s weird of him to be so locally obsessed, given that he is supposed to care about the whole state as GOP chair. Thanks for the info too. The leg of mutton tweets are pretty spiteful.

  13. The fact that the GOP chair sits around and trolls people on twitter is too funny.

    He is the most unprofessional party chair I have ever met.

  14. Never understimate the stupidity of the Republican party. Remember, their voters were the ones who elected the dead guy with the bushy eyebrows to run against Max a few years ago.

    I actually liked Bob Kelleher, as he was a man of principle. So, I voted for him. But outside of the abortion issue, he pretty much was against everything the Republican party currently stands for.

    • I proudly voted for Bob Kelleher. And would do so again if he was running against Baucus.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 12, 2011 4:43 PM at 4:43 PM |

        Me too. I voted for Bob. And I actually knew him. He taught a class back at Eastern in the early seventies. He was fun to listen too. Even back then it was all the parlimentary system. If I remember correctly, the class finally had to be canceled because we didn’t have enough students. But it sure was fun while it lasted. Eastern had some great profs back in the old days.

  15. Doesn’t he have a day job? What kind of lazy piece of sh*t employee sits around trolling on twitter and facebook all day. Maybe he doesn’t have a job.

  16. And they keep trying to say that the teabaggers aren’t racists. But they have a known one on their radio show. The thing is they can’t have it both ways. If he is going to say these things then he needs to be held accountable .

  17. I can’t wait till some of the – hopefully – few remaining ‘Baggers’ propose LASER sights for spearhunting, yahoo, jobs for spearhunting guides, the Tea Party/GOP jobs plan!!!

  18. And the blogging world has gone out of its way to make governance a reputable career choice hasn’t it?
    Just as the several different flavors of politician for the past several decades, we have gone that extra mile to point out how valuable are the services of those who serve in the executive, judicial and legislative branches of our various levels of government.
    We Yanks have become terrible hypocrites..!

  19. But apparently if you are not advancing party pablum you can call people stupid.

  20. Here’s just a couple of the characters Baldwin associates with, btw:
    Jim Schwiesow(This guy is a complete neo-fascist)-
    Here’s a couple of quotes:

    “Now hear this – you are living under an autocracy…yes you are! I don’t care if you are a Christian of one kind or another, a Hindu, a Buddhist, an Islamist, a believer in Shinto, a follower of Sikhism, a believer that the Dalai Lama is a god, or if you reject the entire lot of these as an atheist. You are in fact the property of and subject to one God; the God of the Universe – the Almighty God who created you and the environs in which you exist. Each nation, be it democratic, authoritarian, primitive or enlightened – though such might like to think that they are sovereign and independent – is subject to the will of the Supreme God over all.”

    “It is these post Christian secularists who have not only encouraged, but insisted, that uncontrolled immigration be tolerated and encouraged, and that indigenous birth rates be suppressed by birth control and abortion,”

    A Christo-fascist & a racial fascist. Methinks this man would’ve been good company for the likes of William Dudley Pelley or Hitler. But wait, here’s the ironic thing: He claims to be against totalitarianism(LMAO.)
    “A quick study of past totalitarian regimes such as the Nazis reveals that it was these laughingly called “civil servants” who were the thugs that greased the wheels of a sick and debauched government. Cross the path of these psychopaths and you were dead, and so was your family.”

    And if that didn’t convince you, how about this little wag?
    “. One could turn loose all the wild animals of Africa and Asia into the streets of the cities……”

    Yep. Pretty obvious this guy isn’t actually referring to actual animals, but rather people from those regions.


    Frosty Wooldridge:
    Some quotes:
    “Can we unite humanity in this 21st century to act in unison for our own survival? Do we realize the ‘enemy’ proves to be our own immigration policy? Can we unite to change our cultural and biological propensities away from endless immigration?”
    Laurie Roth:

  21. The problem isn’t “racism.” All races prefer the company of their own kind. The problem with Baldwin is that he has no problem with tyranny, so long as it is local or domestic. It’s only the national or supranational kind of tyranny that bothers him. In other words, he’s a Politically Koresh confederate, an anti-cosmopolitan on the warpath. That he’s an end-times Protestant zealot only makes his decentralism worse.

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