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TEA Party Cancelled Due to Lack of Turnout

In spite of promised appearances by both Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum, the national TEA Party rally planned for this fall has been cancelled due to lack of interest. So much for the Bachmann buzz.  Roll Call has the story.


Right Wing Re-education Camp Opening in the Flathead

Attorney Tim Baldwin (son of former Constitution Party presidential candidate and far right activist Chuck Baldwin) wants to haul your kids in for re-education.  To do it, he’s opening the Baldwin Institute of Education in Kalispell, Montana, which will begin classes for grades 8-12 in the fall of this year. Baldwin made the announcement on the TEA Party blog, PolyMontana.

Baldwin says

BIE will give students mentored instruction similar to the way our nation’s founders were taught.

Presumably that means quill pens and beatings for misspelled words.

You’re supposed to go to the Baldwin Institute of Education to register.  Currently, the website appears to be defunct, but that’s probably planned as they didn’t have websites in colonial times.


Japanese Dream

Rick Hill’s campaign donors can remain assured that their money continues to be well spent-–to allow Rick Hill to criss-cross Montana in the finest of Japanese automotive luxury.

According to the most recent campaign finance reports Hill filed recently, he has continued every month to send a payment of $329 to the American Honda Finance Corporation since the apparent Japanese luxury car purchase with campaign donations was first reported here.



6 Comments on "Political Quick Hits"

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 14, 2011 7:19 PM at 7:19 PM |

    HEY, I have a great idea! Let’s all get drunk as skunks and give AWAY all our hardearned gubmint bennies to the gazILLionaires! What? No takers? But you’re TEAbaggers! That’s what we do!

    Hmm. Seems that there’s just not much SYMpatea for the gazillionaires any more. Too bad these idiots voted IN so many idiots. Now, we’ll all have to suffer together until they can be removed.

  2. I guess the ‘cracked tea pots’ losing steam after having lost their SANITY, especially when Bachmann, King and GOMER (of TX, what a tru ‘Gomer’…) claim no problem, we’ve got the money, while they WAILED no money, WTF?

    As for what and how our Founders learned and developed wisdom, Hamilton, Madison, John Jay, Franklin, Jefferson, Washington and the rest were devoted students of the classic statesmen of Rome and Greece – Plato, Publius, Socrates, etc. – and also read Adam Smith (who was NOT a economicist, but a moral philosopher at the University of Edinburgh), Voltaire and John Locke to name a few.

    It seem the ‘Tea Twins’ – B & P – can’t even get our Revolutionary War history straight, so perhaps they need ‘re-education’ for the Barbarians? Amazing.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the TEA Party party… I was just about to send in my RSVP

  4. Rick Hill is spending other peoples money to drive himself around the state in a new car. Why can’t he use his own car??

  5. left a couple comments on the “poly” site…
    they were not along the party line…
    hate wolves and impeach obama for being a furriner…
    they were deleted.

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