Rehberg Caught Pretending to Support Yellowstone River While Voting Against It On Same Day

Congressman Rehberg is trying to hide his wealth from Montana voters.Rehberg tries to "write down" his wealth so he won't have to run as one of the world's richest congressmen.One of the Richest Members of Congress

As the flood waters recede across Montana, Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s fraud reached a new high water mark. On the very same day as Rehberg’s Congressional Hearing about the Yellowstone oil spill he was voting against clean water.

Rehberg recently made a somewhat of a fuss over the Exxon Oil spill with a Congressional Hearing, presumably to get himself some publicity showing concern. He must have had his fingers crossed behind his back the whole time though, because in spite of flooding reporters with emails about his worry over the Yellowstone, he was voting against clean water on the same day as the Congressional hearing.

Rep. Denny Rehberg voted for dirty water legislation (H.R. 2018), which passed in the U.S. House 239-184. The legislation attacks the Clean Water Act’s ability to protect the nation’s drinking water and public health by undermining vital safeguards. If enacted into law, this bill would take the U.S. back to a time before the Clean Water Act when there were no minimum national clean water standards to protect our rivers, lakes, streams and other waterways from damaging pollution.

The hypocrisy was not lost on the Montana Conservation Voters, Director Theresa Keaveny said in a press release:

“With tens of thousands of gallons of oil polluting the Yellowstone River, there is simply no excuse for Congressman Rehberg to undermine vital protections that provide safe drinking water and clean waterways for Montanans. In doing so, he once again demonstrates that he is more interested in siding with the corporate special interests that fund his campaigns than with the people he supposedly represents in Congress.”

This is not the first time Congressman Rehberg has tried to take credit for things he voted against. Rehberg was caught pretending to support breast cancer awareness on his Facebook page while voting to end mammogram coverage. He’s also known for having asked for stimulus funding after voting against it, even going so far as setting up publicity stunts  to cut ribbons on stimulus-funded projects.


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  1. Expect the Yellowstone County antisec action to expose Rehberg and his connections to Keystone XL.

  2. Rehberg’s campaign got some pretty biased headlines from the AP today. The Gazette said “Rehberg raised $900k in Race Against Tester” or something like that when in reality it should have read “Tester Leads in Fundraising” or something like that, which was in the story. Only the Helena IR got it close by adding a comma “Tester Leads” to the end of the Gazette headline. I think the new hashtag for the Associated Press needs to be #AssPre

  3. I should have included the links. Here is the Gazette Rehberg raises $900K in U.S. Senate race And here is the IR
    Rehberg raises $900K in quarter, trails Tester.

  4. Pathetic how he sucks up to big oil. Always has… Maybe after Tester kicks him out he should go get a job with big oil. Probably will.

  5. Thank God for the Montana Conservation Voters!

  6. Interesting how their trying to gut the Clean Water act while trying to get the Keystone PipeLine approved.

  7. I hope Denny’s Big Oil connections helps ‘grease the skids’ for his departure. Tea (Koch) Party hypocrisy at its finest!

  8. I’ll never get this across to anyonoe by quoting Goebbels, of course, but his words describe quite well their Rehberg and your Tester.

    We do not talk to say something, but to obtain a certain effect.

    You who are trying to find meaning in the words of politicians are on a fool’s errand. Neither Rehberg or Tester is doing anything more than manipulating your perceptions.

    • Thank you for not voting, Herr Tokarski. Have a propitious bowel movement.

      • The point is, boorish comment aside, that you guys spend waaay too much time talking about what politicians do in public. Their words and acts and even their votes are designed for your consumption, and have no purpose other than to affect your attitudes.

        The real business of politics never sees light of day.

  9. Larry, like your blog very much

    • If you mean interested party, thank you, Lynn. The other Larry writes very well at LitW, too; he and i seem similarly committed to our partisanship. i’m challenged by LitW’s format so i just link to it but don’t comment.

      In your opinion, Lynn, what is the best way for Democrats to reach out to young people frustrated with the slow pace of real democracy?

      • I’m on graveyards so I’ll have to think more about this, but this group seems to have some ideas

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 17, 2011 7:18 PM at 7:18 PM |

        Good question K man. A video game perhaps? Or movie? Just kidding. But I’m not sure that young people even KNOW what real democracy is anymore. I pray they do. But the ubiquitous nazi propaganda is pretty hard to combat. And it only takes one generation to lose it all, the memory of what this country once was. Having grown up in the golden age after WWII, it’s hard to watch our democracy slip away. The fascists like the Kock bros were always there, but they were the fringiest of the fringes. And now, with murdoch’s empire, they are mainstream. REAL scary. If we only had some REAL heroes any more, but we killed them all off. Or I should say, the CIA killed them off. And the best and the brightest will not answer the challenge any longer. I had great hopes for a black man, but he turned out to be a disappointment. We need someone with some real balls willing to take it to the bad guys. Schweitzer may be the man.

          • Looks like we better get used to oil filling up our rivers.

            The environmental rangers are in a love fest with the Governor, and the Governor is in a love fest with big oil, just like Denny.

            The only folks on our side it appears are Earth First and the Northern Rockies Rising Tide.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 18, 2011 6:34 AM at 6:34 AM |

              Hey, I know. Let’s don’t bathe for about a month, get some funny clothes, and jump up and down on the tables in the gov’s office! That’s GOTTA be bout as good as holding our breath until we turn blue, right? THEN maybe someone will notice just how serious we are! Gee, I see you point, steve. I had forgotten how much fun we had in jr. high until the rainbow people showed up. But thank GOD some serious folks are on it! I feel so much better now.

              p.s. another very good letter in the GF Spitoon today about the nonsense at the capitol. seems you folks weren’t much of a hit. but I know you don’t care. and that makes you folks all the more offensive for calling yourselves enviros. as the letter mentions, the press should call you folks simply anarchists, for no one from the enviro community claims you. it fits better. wear it proudly.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 18, 2011 6:52 AM at 6:52 AM |

              p.s. In case you didn’t notice, steve, the tar sands is a CANADIAN project. Are you and the jolly jumpers REALLY going to stop a project in another country, a country that doesn’t GIVE a whit about their environment? Sheesh. Why aren’t you and the bouncing buffoons over in North Dakota protesting the rape of the landscape and aquifers with the unprecedented drilling going on? Much easier to make the news here by being the bouncing baby buffoons, right? But HEY, you folks definitely did bring the issues to light! The issue that there are some REAL uninformed weirdos out there!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 18, 2011 7:16 AM at 7:16 AM |

              This is for steve and all the jolly jumpers. THIS is a good example of how things get done in Montana. No table jumping here, just hard enviro work and good folks.


              • I remember my parents saying the instead of “Walking for Water, in 1971 or 1972, I should just be writing Congressman etc. We should not be clogging up the roads, making a spectacle of our selves, be dressed much better (Mom wanted me in a skirt & loafers not jeans and sandels), and Oh my God, that Pete Seeger concert at the end of the walk (he was a Commie). In short, they were not happy wth my first political protest. Well 40 years later it worked The Hudson still needs work but its alot better than it was.

          • PS larry, I like your blog also. I saw someone mention they liked it and so I checked it out. Good job.

        • I like the Yes Men’s actions, US Uncut has done some good ones.

          Jon Stewart’s doing a good job

  10. both the republi-cons and the themo-craps…
    only lie if their lips move, they send a text, or go old time and send you a letter.
    you can bank on every word they say…
    they will.

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