If as they say, “a week can be an eternity in politics” a month must be another matter entirely to a Helena TEA Partier who apparently forgot that he already announced his candidacy for office last month and announced again today.


Either that, or he hoped we ourselves wouldn’t remember his botched his first announcement in which he insulted rural communities and ranted against teachers so much that he thought he needed a do-over.

In his original campaign announcement TEA Partier Scott Aspenlieder said he opposed mail ballots because:


“voting is about all these rural communities have left.”


In other words, this guy thinks rural folk need the diversion that a trip to the polls provides, since they have nothing else in their lives.  We certainly have better things to do than watch him announce his candidacy over and over until he gets it right.


5 Comments on "Rerun"

  1. Let’s say that, as it appears, this guy has no clue what the secretary of state even does and is only running to be on the land board, which must be less than 2% of the Secretary’s job. Doesn’t he realize he’d have more influence over resource development as a legislator? This one is thick.

  2. Hey, KXLH – you are only a month behind the other reporters. Keep trying. You can do it.

    • Hey they have to GIVE as much time as possible to Republican,s that’s part of the plan, their advertisers require it

  3. I thought at first he was running for the Department of Redundancy Department head.

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