Millionaire Congressman Writes A Bad Check

But one thing Montana’s seniors shouldn’t worry about is where I stand. I’m will never vote for any plan that undermines Medicare.

–Congressman Dennis Rehberg, Guest Opinion, July 7, 2011, Missoulian

Congressman Dennis Rehberg made it clear today not only that he lies, but that he thinks we’re too stupid to notice.

In spite of promising Montanans otherwise less than two weeks ago, Congressman Rehberg voted in favor of a controversial plan that forces massive reductions over the next several years to Medicare and Social Security, and raises the debt limit (the ninth time he’s voted to do so)–all without the possibility of ending tax giveaways for millionaires and closing loopholes that reward companies for shipping jobs overseas.

Rehberg even rejected a motion to protect veterans’ benefits from the massive cuts called for in the legislation.  The bill also cuts Medicaid  by 1/3.  People think Medicaid is health care for the poor, but 70% of it goes to help seniors and people with disabilities.    It cuts 320,000 kids out of the Head Start program, according to the National Economic Council, 7/19/2011.

As Pogie at Intelligent Discontent points out, watch for Rehberg to try to tell us that he didn’t cut Medicare, because the cuts don’t take effect in 2012.  That’s ridiculous.  So’s this:

Rehberg told us we could take his promise not to undermine Medicare “to the bank.”  Turns out he wrote us a bad check.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 20, 2011 8:38 AM at 8:38 AM |

    That Dopey Reeburp. He’s BRILLIANT! You see, Dopey was speaking metaphorically. He will take medicaire “to the bank”, JUST like he did Barkus’s boat! Right up on the bank! What a sly fox that Dopey is. He’s gonna put medicaire right on the rocks. Brilliant!

  2. Are we really sure this guy is a American human Anymore? What a slimeball-tool this guy has become against People.

    Against Pell grants for Montana students,Against food programs for needy Montana children. Against Clean Water for us to drink, Against Lead Paint laws that would keep People safe in older homes…. The list of Syndley Whiplash Malfeasance against the people of Montana, has gotten long enough to tie us all to the proverbial train track. I say enough!!! I say time its time to reconvene a new vigilante justice in this state, and vote this Varmint out of office forever in 2012.

  3. Well, you should be applauding Rehberg then, Dems, as he and Obama are on the same page. They are both going going after SS & MC.

    By the way, not that political manipulation and gaming is ever lost on you folks, but Obama’s new move now to repeal DOMA is a well-timed bone tossed at you to distract you while he closes the deal on SS&MC.

    DOMA is a giveaway – that is, something that, like abortion, flag burnings, deficits and mosques, the leadership of neither party cares a whit about. It’s wedge politics, and you’re being played. Again.

    • Strictly Lincolnian, toke. President Obama will be reelected in a landslide just as President Lincoln was.

      • Absurdity of the Lincoln comparison aside, at 9:06 this morning, July 20, 2011, I wrote at the following:

        7): Obama will be re-elected. He is very useful. But there’s nothing in it for us.

        Of course he’ll be reelected! He’s an excellent investment.

        • Hardly absurd, toke: just as Lincoln was useful to Reconstructionists after the Civil War, President Obama is angering members of his own party to represent mainstream America.

          How unfortunate that your racial bias clouds your view of history.

        • Oh, Mark: how sad that your racial bias obscures your vision of a successful presidency.

        • What? What a cheap shot! I am a wonk, you know? I care about policies and ideas. I don’t care about a “successful” presidency anymore than I care if the guy who breaks into my house is successful (or about his pigmentation).

          Again, and I need for you to buckle down and think about this, when you say “successful presidency”, what specifically do you mean. Because honestly, Bush in two unelected terms, as far as right wingers are concerned, was extremely “successful.”

          Don’t be Jello on the wall now. Specifically, what do you mean?

          • ROTFLMAO!!!!eleventyonesees!

            Keep ’em coming, Mark. Your comedy kung-fu is the best …

            • Go f*** yourself, dip****. Or write soemthing tedious. Whichever you do best. You’re very good at both, no doubt.

              • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 20, 2011 3:40 PM at 3:40 PM |

                Mark, do you eat with that mouth? Profanity is the hobgobblin of a tiny intellect! And to resort to profanity simply means your argument wasn’t much to begin with. Sigh. Wonk ON, dude!…in your mind.

                • What “argument” are you talking about? I was merely telling Kailey to f*** off. He popped in and popped out.

          • Your needs are hardly important to me or to the voters of Montana.

            President Lincoln’s first term was rife with intrigues and conspiracies. He likely ordered the assassinations of Jefferson Davis and his cabinet before it was foiled but was reelected in a landslide. President Obama was handed a plate of shit by his predecessor just as President Lincoln was.

            George HW Bush ran the Reagan White House in Ronnie’s second term through the Iran/Contra scandal yet Reagan is considered a “successful” president by his supporters.

            A tiny fraction of voters really believe the second Bush regime was successful by any measure whatsoever but the Pottery Barn argument precipitated his reelection. President Obama must be afforded the same opportunity.

            Your wonkishness is overrated.

              • Cheap shot. Party politics at the national level has no meaning. It is nice that a black man got elected, and I’ll never forget the expressions on those black faces in Grant Park the night Obama won. That was deeply moving.

                Please cut the crap, stop being an asshole, asshole.

            • I agree that my wonkishness is subject to debate and that I am not the best judge, Larry. I don’t consider my devotion to reading about arcane subjects to be an asset. It never helped me get a date or pick up a girl in a bar, nor has it ever made me more than the $800 I got paid for writing two newspaper columns for Writers in the West. But I am surrounded by shelves of books and I really like reading about this arcane stuff. It’s what I enjoy. (I also hosted a cable access show in Billings called Piece of Mind, and was paid $0.00 for doing it, or $1.00 per viewer. I did about 50 shows, and it was truly fun. My favorite guests were right wingers, as talking to people I agreed with was boring. Seeing a pattern?)

              That said, what I asked for from you was nothing to do with Lincoln, but with Obama. Why specifically do you think he is having a “successful” presidency, I think he’s a disaster, and not because he is not effective. He is very effective. But he is not working for you. He is working for the right-wing, and the moneyed interests, and diddling you.

              Only a wonk would see that. He said.

              • Cowgirl is good enough to host us and this blog is a superlative resource for Democrats brainstorming solutions. Your intrusions of hopelessness are usually simple annoyances, like an exploding cigar is or like a whoopee cushion is; but, when you come in and detonate yourself with a vest full of explosives someone has to clean up the mess.

                President Obama is the head of my Party. I won’t change your mind any more than you will change mine. Your braggadocio brings nothing to this conversation except to further my insight into your pathology.

                This is one of few blogs where women are welcomed and your bullying will be subject to my intervention.

                Expect us.

              • But Larry, my stated mission is to bring some awareness … this idea that only people who agree with one another should be allowed to comment is so lame… What good are your ideas if they cannot stand a test or two?

                And please, read what I wrote. My “accomplishments” don’t amount to a hill of beans unless you think cable access is some sort of claim to fame.

                This I know: You have not brought one argument to the table. All you have done is attack me and profess faith in your party.

                Faith and politics do not mix. Faith is for church. Politics is for vigilant citizens. Telling a politician that you trust him as like bending over in the prison shower.

                • Change the Dem Antidote handle in the other room and i’ll consider your input with a keener eye.

                • My fondest wish is that your blog becomes so busy that you don’t have time to come over here

                • Politics is for vigilant citizens.

                  This is where you have been and remain wrong a thousand times and again. Politics is for all citizens, vigilant and dim, because it affects us all. It is the method by which our governance is chosen. And pompous arrogant asses like you actually think the rest of us should just give our lives unto your hands because you’re ‘vigilant’?


                  • My hands? Their own hands! I am not responsible for anyone but me. My mission is to shock people to awareness, and it only works on a very few. Most are clueless. It is what it is.

                    Politics is for vigilant citizens. Those who are not vigilant about the work of politicians usually have politics done on them. I’ve witnessed politics being done on you for years now, and you actually think you’re driving your own car rather that sitting in the child’s seat. You’re just not very good at this stuff for one so bloviating and pedantic. You know, like a total pain in the ass?

                    Anyway, why am I even talking to you? Look what you just did – take a simple statement that is plainly true and twist it in a fashion that makes you seem tedious and dense. WAINS?

                    • No, pal. politics is for us all. You FAIL.

                    • This is typical of you, picking up some arcane tidbit and obsessing on it. God what an ass.

                      Politics is done to most people, as they don’t understand it and are easily manipulated. You’re part of that and the beauty of it is almost religious in scope. You’re so bought in that you can’t see it.

                      Some of us see through it. It’s always just a few. That’s how people are. It explains why you don’t have freedom. You don’tnwant it. It scares your sorry ass.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 20, 2011 6:07 PM at 6:07 PM |

              Very good summation, K. Methinks that Mark is confused about wonking and wanking. He THINKS he’s a wonk, but really he’s a wanker! Easy mistake I guess. But even so, Mark has a right to wank. It’s protected under the First Amendment, the Right to be a wanker! We gotta protect his right.

              • Kralj, I am what I am and that’s all I can be. I don’t lie on the blogs – I lie I daily face-to face stuff because we have to be nice.

                I read all the time, can’t read fiction , obsess on issue-related stuff. If you take a minute to look up the word “wonk”, you’ll find that it is not something to brag about. It’s not passive enjoyment, like a hobby. It’s an obsession, and you’ll find the word “excessive.” I have actually read books on Social Security and such topics – technical books. I find them interesting.

                So back off, jack. I’m not normal. I’m happy in my skin, but I’m not like you at all. Accept differences.

    • You amaze me Mark! What does all your insane innuendo have to do with the story at hand! I will be voting for TESTER and OBAMA if we must change the story end of discussion!

      • Thus spaketh. You don’t get it that by being a blind follower, you’re also an enabler. You’re the reason I so often say that Democrats are the problem. I’m going to quote you at my blog. Rarely are people so honest in professing thoughtlessness.

        I must say that what goes on here is more a psychological phenomenon than anything cerebral. It’s why Napoleon observed that most people don’t desire freedom. Following is the norm for the species.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 21, 2011 7:44 AM at 7:44 AM |

          You’re chaneling Napoleon now? Hmmm. I thought so. Carry on, Mark, er, or should I address you as Mr. Bonyfarte?

          • Thus spaketh the blind follower/enabler. I can’t help it if you don’t understand politics (or human nature, for that matter). I do wish,, that for maybe 10 minutes or so that thou would open your ears and let new information in. Your cobwebs are on display here

  4. Hardly absurd, toke: just as Lincoln was useful to Reconstructionists after the Civil War, President Obama is angering members of his own party to represent mainstream America.

    How unfortunate that your racial bias clouds your view of history.

    • Aye yi yi: “Mainstream” America in poll after poll wants taxes raised on the wealthy, wars ended, Social Security and Medicare preserved and funded, war spending cut … so your statement that he is angering members of his own party to represent the “mainstream” is false.

      He is angering the mainstream to represent the people who got him elected: The oligarchy, aka, Wall Street and other similar names. Neither party represents “mainstream” America.

    • Not allowed to respond, apparently.

  5. mark…
    if you get tired of the unwelcome wagon…
    there is one just like it from the other side of the mirror over at the havre daily corrector…
    they whine when people don’t lock step too.
    neither one is rich in reality…
    ever read “dime’s worth of difference”?

    • That is hilarious! Are you saying I am a lockstepper? I am one of those weird ones posting here whom thinks his own thoughts. There are perhaps three of us, and yes, we lockstep.

      Goof grief! What a mind trip you are on.

  6. seemed you might be getting upbraided for thinking outside the “party”.

  7. Nice Denny…so my Korea War Veteran and widower, living on just his social security will lose even more of his meager benefits and be reduced to gettings meds or dog food? Read the Bible Denny, Proverbs and the Gospels BOTH say ‘Do NOT opress the Poor’…have compassion Denny, even for firefighters, who might save your life – even if you’re in a boat!

  8. politics is for them that can pay…
    legalized bribery.

  9. Kathleene Evans | July 22, 2011 3:12 PM at 3:12 PM |

    Anyone else notice the major typo in the key line of Rehberg’s opinion piece? “I’m [sic] will never vote for any plan that undermines Medicare.”

    Cowgirl you should indicate the Typo is his with the [sic] notation.

  10. Kathleene Evans | July 22, 2011 3:12 PM at 3:12 PM |

    Actually, the Missoulian should have included that too right?

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