Essmann Stumbles When Asked If He’s Ever Smoked Pot

A caller to the Aaron Flint show this morning asked Senator Jeff Essmann (R-Billings), the studio guest, whether he’d ever tried pot.


Essmann, as we all know, is the holy roller, church-going saint who has devoted his political life to crusading against medical marijuana. He believes people who grow a plant in their house for a sick spouse should first be required to get finger printed.


Essmann clearly sounds like he was caught totally off guard, and he hemmed and hawed and laughed and mumbled, perhaps buying some time while trying to make a decision, before finally claiming that he never has tried pot.


One should listen for oneself, and draw your own conclusion as to the credibility of the answer.


Either way, the guy is a complete loser.


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  1. He got so high he just couldnt remember if he actually smoked it or not. Almost as credible as James Knox not being able to remember if he was a drug dealer. I thought we were to the point in politics where a candidate could just admit that they had tried the evil devil drug a couple times when they were younger?

  2. I think it makes him look like a complete boob to claim that he hasn’t. Though, he may indeed be a complete boob.

  3. If, as he says, we need to be focusing on other issues right now, why is he so focused on it? What a fraud. Essmann, your political career is over bro. It ended when you opened your mouth at the legislature.

  4. Good point Paul, The last thing I saw from Essmann was his op-ed about how awesome his MMJ law was. Nothing about the federal debt…….that he can do nothing about, unlike the MMJ law he took a dump on. He’s a Billings weed-nazi though, i doubt he has smoked it. But I would have expected an automatic no, that interview does make me suspicious.

  5. Dawn Peterson-Smith | July 25, 2011 4:53 PM at 4:53 PM |

    I believe Mr. Essman is trying to save his political career by saying cannabis isn’t important, and trying to show how he can deal with the financial crisis in the country.

    Still, what an ignorant man. Smoked or not, I truly expected a “NO!” but his hemming and hawing – wow. I was truly shocked to hear this. Thanks for sharing so I can shake my head that much more!

  6. If you don’t like the question asked pick out another and answer it instead. He’s definitely dissembling. Very nice.

  7. This man appears to have really never thought of what he would say if asked that question. Surely its not the first time it has been asked!?! But then again maybe it was…. He came on this show thinking he would be all shiny and famous like the big shots promised and wasn’t prepared to answer anything but his stock talking points.

  8. Why didn’t he just say “no”? Because Jeff Essmann is a consummate dumbo. The man is dumb as dirt.

  9. The gears were grinding when asked that question, and all that was going thru his mind was, “Which on of my college buddies is going to blow this whole deal.”

  10. Jennifer Davies | July 25, 2011 9:15 PM at 9:15 PM |

    I wish you wouldn’t show Essmann where to find recordings of his own voice on the internet. He’ll be home fapping off to the sound of himself for weeks now. I got stuff I need dry cleaned.

  11. A medical marijuana patient… who happens to be the brother of a former GOP legislator and is still a prominent Yellowstone County Republican told me a story about [this portion of the comment is removed because it is unprovable. thanks for understanding–Cowgirl.] No idea of the veracity of his statement, but he seemed sincere to me. He was rather worked up about the situation.

  12. Well, he definitely looks like a guy who often gets the munchies.

  13. Why did the ‘bagger party’ WAIT till the last week to stumble and bumble this alongside other ‘wait till the last minute’ and cut out the public legislation?? Pathetic.

  14. If the County Republican initials are E.E. your referring to then yeah, I can confirm that story. He knows he can lie about it cause he knows he won’t be outed by him.

  15. Sounds like a man who tried a spliff once… then forgot were he left it for a bag of Cheetos! OR Maybe it was in his other life as a normal person before he went all RWNJ on our state! Good call on this! The man is a hypocrite regardless of his smoking habits, and that’s all I need to not trust his integrity… along with all the other Bogus crap Teabaggers will do in revisionist living!

  16. Whatever happened to voice-stress analyzers the CIA was so hot on a few years back? They were going to make lie detectors obsolete. They would be really nice to have wired direct on CSPAN and Fox News as well as cases like this.

  17. Good Lord, this man is dumb. Bet he tips a few lobbyist-bought scotches at the local watering hole.

  18. Jeffy baby, you lie!

  19. Interesting, no one is sticking up for Essmann, why??? SB423 is the most inane bill ever written, total disregard for patients as human beings, and just riding his wave of fame for as long as he can. He’ll find out that the good people of Montana know a bag of dirt from a bag of gold, and he’s no gold!!!!!!!!!!

  20. What an idiot! Can’t wait to vote!!!!!!!!!

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