MT Legislature Named in Top 10 Craziest, But Refuses To Settle For Anything but Number 1

Welcome to the land of nutters, the Montana Legislature.After it was revealed that the nuttiest of nutmegs in the Montana Legislature have only been rated number seven among the Top Ten Craziest State Legislatures in America today, Montana Republicans realized that anything but first place in this category just wasn’t good enough for them.

That’s when they decided to put a gun to their collective heads and eagerly pulled the trigger with their support of a constitutional amendment to force massive gutting of Medicare and Social Security.

After all, how else could they top all the good ideas they wanted to pass during the session like the gold standard, selling off the national parks, nullifying federal laws, and lifting the prohibition on carrying concealed weapons in bars, churches, and banks.  

The majority of the tea-bagging wing of the Montana Legislature (see the list here) did themselves proud in the crazy category  today by simply admitting what the establishment wing of the Far-Right has been too modest to speak of in broad daylight:  Their support for a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution to destroy Medicare, destroy Social Security, and leave 80% of the country to go off and die alone in old age, as soon as they’re no longer able to stand and greet us at the door of Walmart.

The impetus behind this move is to elect more TEA baggers into office by making this amendment part of a debt ceiling deal, then claiming that anyone who votes against their proposal loves unlimited deficits–when everyone knows that the deficits were caused by the Bush tax cuts and two unpaid for wars.  (Of course, the move will also help them secure the top spot in the national crazy legislature scene.)

Jeff Essmann, Denny Rehberg, and the Republicans who signed this must surely be proud of their perseverance, their striving to win, and most of all for their endorsement of cuts to Medicare  and social security–willingly making their own reelections more difficult now that Democrats might use their signatures against them in the campaign.

Those not signing up against Medicare and Social Security?

Tom Berry, Mark Blasdel, Ron Ehli,  John Esp, Roy Hollandsworth, Brian Hoven, Harry Klock,  Steve Lavin, Walter McNutt, Sterling Small, Max Yates and every Democratic member of the House and Senate.


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  1. It still amazes me, how dumbfound these Tparty folk are… An amendment to balance the budget, quite frankly will never happen. You need 3/4 of the states to ratify it within ten years plus hundreds of laws to enforce it, and by doing that they might succumb to a double edge sword of transparency themselves. Airing their dirty laundry about poor state Business practices will come back to harm them. Imagine if you will, putting states, or politicians in trouble for not managing their budgets, let alone the country?
    I can see hundreds of cases very quickly for smart lawyers! And the laws that would enforce the amendment a nightmare to all evolved! It could be the beginning of something proper for little folk, like being able to finally sue states and the government, but I am not sure any lifelong politician would go down that road, that makes him liable for his mistakes with the people money!

  2. I tried to read the article about Montana R’s supporting the constitutional amendment, but it no longer exists. Is it somewhere else?

  3. That’s because the geniuses in TV newsland posted the GOP’s whole press release word for word on their web site, down to the *Essmann’s fat ass is available all day to talk to the media” bit. THey must have been shamed into taking it down.

  4. Why do these people hate Montana’s older population so much?

  5. so…
    now that we have identified the village idiot…
    how we gonna get rid of the village idiot?

  6. WOW we are the 7th craziest legislature in the country. I mean even North Dakota beat us but hey we are ahead of North Carolina. But still we should not settle for anything less then number 1. Dam them slacker teabaggers in Montana and to top it off they even leave in the middle of their terms aka Jimmy the Knox. But still the only reason we are down at the bottom of this list is Governor Schwietzer to which I say this FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 26, 2011 4:33 PM at 4:33 PM |

      Skeester, where’d you GO, boy? Dangnabit! I was hopin’ that Skeester would stick around so’s we could learn what a learned DUDE he is! I’m sure that his bio is a work of art! Maybe some day they’ll even make a MOVIE of the Skeester! Is Gomer Pyle still available??? Guess that maybe Skeester’s out there PRAYIN’ for us here on the forum. I think I seen some of the prayer warriors outside my house the other day tryin’ like hell to EXORCISE me! Good luck with that!

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