Dennis Rehberg’s “Welfare” May Be Holdup of House Debt Bill

Did anyone catch this little gem from The Hill this afternoon?  House conservatives are apparently up in arms over Pell Grant funding in John Boehner’s budget-slashing bill.  As of this posting, Boehner has delayed a vote on his bill, and sources say it’s because he doesn’t have the votes to pass it.

Why?  According to The Hill, it may be because “conservatives who have stalled legislation to raise the national debt limit are angry that it includes $17 billion in supplemental spending for Pell Grants, which some compare to welfare.”

Yes, Pell Grants.  And yes, we can thank our own esteemed millionaire Congressman for the “welfare” reference.

After calling Pell Grants the “welfare of the 21st Century” this spring, Dennis Rehberg tried to take back his words… by comparing Pell Grants to welfare again.

He’s going to need a better explanation than that no matter how he votes on the Republicans’ Medicare-cutting budget bill.


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  1. Pell grants are welfare? What about the welfare Denny’s going to receive in the form of retirement entitlements that US house and senate members get for the “service”. If the R’s are serious about cutting entitlements that should be the first one to go.
    They should be set up like the rest of us w/ social security accounts!

  2. What about his congressional health insurance. Rehberg doesn’t even need it, being a millionaire, he could have given it up symbolically to pretend like he was sacrificing too. It apparently didn’t even cross his tiny mind. Or how about his farm subsidies or his earmarks!!?!

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 28, 2011 8:00 PM at 8:00 PM |

    Come ON, Dopey! You morons are all into taking pledges. Take the RANGER pledge and THEN I’ll start to BELIEVE your sorry, stupid, defaulty ass!

    “I pledge to NEVER, EVER, EVER take on red cent from Unca Sugar teat! I hereby forswear and reject ANY and ALL hated gubmint money for ANY purpose, be it military retirement, social security, medicaire, farm subsidies, or the money keepin’ granny in the NURSING home! I will TAKE granny into my home to live with me, oxygen, meds, doctor bills and all! I will WORK until the day I die! Or if I can no longer work, I will die! PERIOD! I will PAY my OWN damn money to keep mySELF healthy into old age with all its accompanying health related problems! In other words, I WILL BE FREE! FREE! FREE! And I will SUFFER the slings and arrows of outrageeous misfortune like a free, native born Murcan male!

    This is my solemn pledge to my constituents. I will take NOT ONE RED CENT from the gubmint, for that is exactly what it is, RED money! COMMIE money. MARXIST money! I hereby do swear and affirm with my signature that I, Dopey Reeburp, am a FREE man, free from ALL hated gubmint constrictions and restrictions that COME with that hated gubmint red money!”

    Signed, (your name here, Dopey)

    The honorable Congressman Dopey Reeburp!

    How bout it, Dopey? I’ll sing if YOU do, Dopey? Are you man enough, boy?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 28, 2011 8:30 PM at 8:30 PM |

      I know you read this site, Dopey. You could with one post PROVE that you’re the rootin’ tootin’, rip snortin’, teatotin’, rugged individualist, Montana cowboy you PRETEND to be. CUT YOURSELF OFF from Unca Sugar Teat once and for all, Dopey! And I’ll be right behind you, dude! Can you do it, Dopey? or are you the phony you seem to be???? I’ll wait.

  4. Kathleene Evans | July 28, 2011 8:04 PM at 8:04 PM |

    So earlier today Rehberg was all “don’t blame me” in the gazette, and then we find out that its his concern that could be the hangup here. Dear Rehberg staffers, tell your boss to do his job and pass a compromise bill to avert a debt crisis. Do your job Rehberg and stop mucking around with your TEA bagging garbage.

  5. Denny wants as much money as he can get from those campaign funds the Tea Party/Koch bunch has…. and a fat lobbyist job if he loses to Tester that’s what this game is all about

  6. Is there anybody left on the planet that hasn’t realized that the TEA party is incapable of governing? First the Montana legislature and then this latest example should be enough to convince anyone that it’s time for the tea fad to die out forever. What happened to running government like a business- these fools couldn’t run a Koolaid stand .

  7. After watching the news today, and seeing the Post offices get named, but the GOP deficit bill become a no-show on the House floor… I believe these RWNJ have dug themselves a hole they will not get out of in time for the 2012 elections.

    Denny Rehberg, became a tea party member by choice, no one twisted his arm to be a moron… he was happy to become one… So The Opinion I am making is this: The GOP Tea Party don’t want to be right or for the people anymore, its all about how much they can screw us on everything this country stands for… Rehberg as a young man was probably pissed to see someone do better then he did in school because that person did it on a Grant. He has waited all these years to get back at that kid that out did him in school. He’s carried around that anger for years. because someone of color, or from a poor area of Billings got something he wanted first!
    The GOP is all about me, and they don’t give a damn about we! So they don’t care about the bright kids in the USA that can help shape the future of this country.
    I think this is all about them getting back at us cause we don’t understand their reasoning! The problem is I do, they are beginning to remind me more each day of Colombine High in Colorado… the grown up version of a terrible tragedy! We seen these very people from the GOP lie to kill people elsewhere in the world(Iraq), and hundreds of thousands of people have been terrified as they sent our troops to search for WMDS that were never anything more then a falsehood.

    I expected these idiots to do something dire in this country one day and it doesn’t have to be bloody to be Horrific in scope, I just don’t like waiting for stupid shit to happen anymore because of people like Rehburg, we still have the immense power to kick these bums out once and for all in 2012!

    When all this debt ceiling crap is over… just remember we got to vote these nutcases out Washington DC and our states assembly once and for all

  8. I don’t think congress will end up with anything at all, which may not be a bad thing. Neither the Boehner nor the Reid plan would do anything except drive up unemployment.

    Obama will need to invoke the 14th Amendment and raise the debt ceiling to save the country. So far he’s been pretending that he’s not considering it as an option, but just watch “No drama Obama” ride to the rescue at the very last minute.

  9. Ole Blinky Eyes and his ilk would just as soon see our young people grow up to be big, strong, uneducated cattle fodder as to spend Gov’t $$ to try to make them competative contenders in the world markets.

    Denny, it’s time to buy a vowel and distance yourself from the radical Koch-tails that call themselves the TEA party. They would rather scuttle this nation and leave the ship of state in the bottom of the ocean than have a minority in the White House.

    They talk about Obama driving us off a cliff. They’re (TEA partiers) speeding, drunk, while talking on the cell phone and shooting sparks down the highway from 4 blown tires and killing deer, grandmothers and children that happen to wander into their path of destruction.

  10. Great! Now the national left-wing blogs have picked up on Old Blinky Bleary Eyes act.

  11. Dam right this is a beautiful day in America, we don’t need any of that Edukation crap. Hell I gots me a 3rd grade degree from Dip Sh-t U. We just need Guns and Jesus thats all the Edukation that your bumkins need Good Lord Almighty. Hell we should get rid of Libeerys while we are at it, cause there was a State Senator from Georgia that said back in the 20’s all you need is the Bible, the Almanac, and I think its the Sears Catolog. So who needs all this Edgeumakation.

  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | July 30, 2011 7:37 AM at 7:37 AM |

    Ya know, I blame the GF Spitoon and ALL the media for much of the Teatard success here in Mt. The Spitoon had a front page story with pics every time the little Teatards held one of their little rallies. And never ONCE questioned who these morons were or what they were all about! They simply repeated, incessntly, over and over again, endlessly, the Teatard/Kock bros. talking points!

    It was obvious to ANYone here in GF that these teawankers were simply stooges ALL on the hated gubmint dole. (retired military, welfare farmers, social security recipients, etc.) morons sucking LARGE off’n the Unca Sugar teat they supposedly despised. And Chamber of Commnerds suckups! Yet NEVER even ONE story about just how much suckin’ off the gubmint these folks were doin’, or just who they were!

    And the EXACT SAME THING happened on a national level. So now, it’s more than just a wee be hypocritical for ANY newspaper to come out and criticize the manufactured debt ceiling “crisis” like the Billings Gazoo did. If we really want to blame someone for this crap, I blame the GF Spitoon and ALL the media first, for they never attempted to do their jobs and do ANY sort of investigation as to just WHO these bozos were!

    I knew exactly who these teatards were, and tried to get the Spitoon to report it but to no avail. Every time the teatards passed gas, the Spitoon was there to sniff if up, and it was front page news according to the Spitoon.

    And now, they really ARE front page news!………around the world. THANKS media, for working for the Big Kockhs! You lazy bastards deserve a raise from the Big Kockhs!

  13. The Republicans are responsible for the Tea Party, a movement that congealed in the mix of resentment, racism, confusion, and conservative righteousness that Republicans fomented in reaction to the unthinkable spectre of a man of color becoming president of the United States. They thought that their spawn would be useful, and could be controlled to do their bidding. They hired their leaders to try to control it – first Jake Eaton at Americans for Prosperity Montana, and most recently Scott Sales. Now Republicans are split into two groups, the merely far-right, anti-progress, hard-nosed, bad-idead right-wingers who understand compromise, and the wild-eyed fundamentalist ideologues who are willing to lock themselves in the attic while the house burns.

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