TEA Party Anti-Jobs Mentality On Display

Interesting doings over at the Whitefish Facebook community Informed Whitefish, where TEA Party Republican Derek Skees (R-Whitefish Kalispell) has blanketed the site over the past few days with his unique TEA Party views.

Unfortunately it seems instead of getting in line with the views of his constituents, Skees’ idea is get online and berate the citizens.  It’s his way or no way.   But a House Representative is supposed to…well…represent the district, and the Whitefish district is a liberal one.  Mostly Skees has figured out that even moderate Republicans’s are upset with his extreme ideology.  There are rumors that Skees may not run for HD 4 again now that Tom Muri is in the race.  Though Skees isn’t saying he’ll abandon the seat, rather, when the topic came up in the forum:

Skees isn't saying whether he'll run or not.

Then Skees expresses support for a project that his own bill would have eliminated:

Skees touts a project that his own bill would have eliminated.

If Rep. Skees bill to to kill green energy jobs had passed, Zink Air would never have been able to strike a deal with wind farms.

Whitefish citizens like windmills and hydro power as indicated by the city having its own hydro plant.  And Rep. Skees wanted to repeal energy efficiency standards….come on, this self proclaimed TEA fanatic is out of touch with the main street values of anywhere, not to mention Whitefish.

There are many more Skees rants on the page, which is definitely worth a read.  Skees makes up and misuses words (he couldn’t have really meant that he opposes “obvious biases towards one’s own potions” could he?):

Skees is against biased potions.

There’s even ranting about civil war era weap0ns and what are presumably obscure war philosophy books.  Some of this stuff he’s since edited, hence the screen shots.

Skees on civil war era weapons.

And don’t forget your standard TEA party insults toward constituents:

Skees insults community members.


19 Comments on "TEA Party Anti-Jobs Mentality On Display"

  1. great job of shining light onto the scum that rises to the top of the toilet water…
    i have watched montana voters install scum for over 40 years.
    they ain’t done.

  2. What has Obozo and his Czars done for you to earn such blind sycophantic sympathy from you?? The mafia owns the democratic party and this machine propoganda blog.

    • God, the humanity.

    • p patriot…
      surely you jest…
      or would you say the same about the republi-cons?…
      the bushviks did the greatest damage to our con-stitution in the history of the republic turned them-ocracy.
      the banksters et al own this country, nay, the world…
      the u s no longer serves the interest of “the people”…
      if it ever did…
      it is now the hired gun of the corpse-rats folling orders to train its guns on the most vulnerable peoples of the world and steal their resources.
      it’s what we could expect from the greatest christian nation on the planet…

      • Seriously does anyone here have any concept of REALITY??? Obozo is the worst president of all tiem. Have you seen the GDP numbers go flatline! Epic. Failure.

  3. This last one Skees must really think is clever, because he uses it all the time. For someone who professes to be a “Christian” the guy is a giant dick to women, his constituents, and anyone who disagrees with him. He’s the opposite of a class act.

  4. I was curious what you were going to write in the wake of the massive Democratic sellout in the fake crisis. Nothing?

    Actually, I knew the answer there. Nothing. You’re not about honest reflection. You’re about hack-attacks on the “other” party.”

  5. Somebody has to point this out: First you misquote Skees’ quote, in an attempt to point out that he sometimes makes a typo, then you misspell “weapons” and then you accuse him of ranting about “presumably obscure war philosophy books.” He mentioned only one book, and it is probably the most famous military treatise ever written. Your glass house is dangerously fragile.

  6. No way Skees can win House District 4. The man has no grasp on reality. His bills were all nonsense which had no chance of passing-even in this legislature dominated by TEA Party people. Another one is Tom Burnett. I recommend you read his blog, which is called “goodness is cool” and contains his views about wearing underwear with “gaping holes” and “gleaning” food from the ground that others leave behind as garbage.

  7. I’m a little disappointed in this post. It’s not hard to find reasons to question Skees actions in the legislature or his method of responding to blog posts. But, the title of this article would lead one to assume that we would learn something about how Montana’s legislature abandoned working on legislation that might improve our economy and instead focused on right wing ideological issues. If the intent of the article is to bash Skees, the title should reflect it.

  8. Jeff, Skees spent the entire last year bashing people on twitter, and Facebook, and anywhere else he could spend the time bashing instead of governing! Their are only two ways to become famous in this state as a Politican… and Skees opted for the Bad Infamous one. He deserves the tarring & feathers from people in this state.

  9. Wanda, one would like to think that Skees could not get elected in Whitefish, but please remember he was elected in this district last time. I do think it is funny however that as I talk to people about him, few will admit to voting for him and those who will simply say they did not understand how bad he would be. His website and campaign materials made it perfectly clear how bad he would be. In fact I am surprised he was not a lot worse, especially considering the other knuckle daggers we elected throughout the state how believe in the same nonsense he does.

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