Cowgirl, Intelligent Discontent Make Washington Post Best Political Blogs List

The Fix, the lead political blog at The Washington Post, has named the Montana Cowgirl Blog and Intelligent Discontent as being among “best state-based political blogs” in the nation, according to a poll of its readers.

The list includes websites from all 50 states.  The Post last did its list of best political blogs in 2009, when I was still blogging over at Left in the West, before the Montana Cowgirl Blog began. The Post named Left in the West that year.


Posted: August 3, 2011 at 6:18 am

This post was written by Cowgirl

24 thoughts on “Cowgirl, Intelligent Discontent Make Washington Post Best Political Blogs List

  1. David R.

    This is interesting. I’ve been looking into this for sometime and had become convinced that it was the democratic party. Where did you get your info?

  2. bradass87

    The Democrat party would not bash Jesse Laslovich. Maybe Jesse should swing by the govs office to look into this.

  3. Cam H

    Of course this site would be written by the Governor’s own staff… it’s a bunch of propaganda! Think about it… it perfectly mimics Schweitzer on EVERYTHING! Glad to see the staff hard away at work.

  4. Havre Voter

    Sometimes the comments get stuck in the spam folder here. It happens to me all the time. I don’t think the software is very advanced.

  5. James Conner

    Not knowing Cowgirl’s identity probably makes it easier to believe the blog is written by Eric Stern or someone else. Of course, these accusations are a weak attempt to goad Cowgirl into saying, “no, I’m not Eric Stern or Sarah Elliott or someone else), I’m……” It’s a harmless summer amusement that we should not begrudge.

    Meanwhile, my congratulations to Cowgirl and to Intelligent Discontent. They earned the Post’s kudos, and they had some pretty stiff competition.

    1. Jack Ruby

      I can’t believe “Whats Right in Montana” was not nominated. Clearly this was a liberal media conspiracy.

  6. Havre Voter

    Where is ol’ Eric Coobs. Haven’t seen that one around here for a while. Also interesting that the College Republican blog Treasure State Politics was no where to be found.

  7. Mother Jones

    I like the mix on Montana Cowgirl and the fact it reports on news that corporate newspapers don’t bother to print. Although I check most of the other Montana blogs (left and right), MCG is more interesting, dynamic and has the most active discussion. Congratulations!

  8. Leslie Simmons

    I love you blog! Thank you for doing this and congrats on winning national acclaim. I”ll through in a request while I’m here. I really love the funny antics about the TEA Party legislators – more please!

  9. Danielle

    This i my favorite Montana blog, and I read it almost every day. I check in on most of them but I am always rewarded w new stuff here. (I love how all the sexists think a woman couldn’t write a political blog.) Don’t listen to these jerks Cowgirl!

    1. Rob Kailey

      Yes, and I’m glad you asked. A WULFGAR is wolf spear, popularized as a name among Northern European tribes, very much as Rothgar (famous spear or great spear). I don’t know what an ERICSTERN is, but I’m pretty certain it isn’t a spear.

      Funny thing. When looking that up, I found that a jed is one of the large and ugly fairy folk, often called trolls. A jed is not particular dangerous, but they do hang around dark roadways and intersections, mimicking rational human voices in an attempt to misdirect travelers, or cause them to forget the purpose of their journey.

      I’m so pleased that we can have these chats.

        1. Rob Kailey

          Last I checked, Beowulf wasn’t a comic book. Possibly it was, and that was the only thing you had the wherewithal to read, which would explain your trolling comment. Was Beowulf a comic book?

          Regardless, go back under your bridge, troll.

  10. Rob Kailey

    Serious congratulations to the folk at Montana Cowgirl and those at Intelligent Discontent. When I saw the contest at the FIX, I was certain that the MCblog would be honored. I’m very happy they were joined by Pogie and his fellows.

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