Today’s Must Read Political Blog Posts

Can be found at the Flathead Memo and the Button Valley Bugle, who both write on the impact of Lee Newspapers new requirement that readers pay for online content.

After the New York Times put its content behind a paywall earlier this year, there was a flurry of speculation about what it would mean for news, whether readers would go for it, and even how to get around it.


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  1. Hmmmf. I’d pay for the New York Times, I won’t pay for the Missoulian.

  2. Classic example is this story about kids playing in a park. Who in their right mind would pay for that. If they want us to pay, they should up the quality of their reporting. Kids in a park is NOT NEWS.

    Don’t click on this link, you’ll waste one of your free clicks on kids getting their faces painted.

  3. Last evening, got home from doing the Bogert Farmer’s Market here in Bozeman, and decided to have a quick look at the Gazette. Except when I clicked on an article, the window asking for $ popped up. Whatever…

    But when I clicked “no thanks”, it crashed my computer!!

    If it had been during the day, with the normal amount of business-related programs open, well… I’d have been even more torqued!

    In fact if it caused me to lose data, I’d be sending THEM a bill.

  4. Don’t want to pay? Lee’s own minions provide us with a workaround.

    You’re welcome.

  5. Thanks Buckminster. I am definitely doing this. What a complete crock Lee!

  6. Boo on the state Lee newspapers. I’m on a fixed income, and have family (and have lived) in various Montana communities. I will not be able to afford to catch up on local news and community events in the Gazette, Missoulian, Standard, Independent Record, etc. I have young relatives who participate in sports around the state and will no longer get to keep up on their activities. I clicked on the “reddit” link above, but the fix is beyond my limited computer skills. This stinks!

  7. I think that in Montana, less access to corporate news sites will result in more people turning to blogs for their free, hassle free news. We’ll start to see in about a month I guess how this will shake out. A lot of the lee papers have the same news on every site anyway, so why not just read a few on one paper and then move on to the next. I suppose it is the statewide stuff that is repeated mostly anyway and that’s what I mostly read.

  8. Jeff, your comments ring true. People like me will be reading more Internet news – MSNBC, and the like. Heck, maybe my relatives will remember to send me clippings about the kids from time to time.

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