Butte Girl Plays Leading Roll In Wisconsin TEA Party Recall Election

The voters of Wisconsin go to the polls today to vote on the recall of six TEA Party Republican legislators who helped with Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s attack on unions. One of the leaders in recalling these legislators is Montana native Stephanie Shriock, who grew up in Butte and ran Senator Jon Tester’s successful 2006 campaign.

Now Shriock, CEO of EMILY’s List, is among the national players leading the charge to oust the Republicans responsible and replacing them with democratic women candidates. Says Shriock in a column in the Huffington Post today:

The public employees who Republicans are targeting are unionized fields with primarily female memberships. Teachers are 75% female. Nurses are 95%. Groups exempt from Walker’s attacks such as firefighters and police officers are predominantly male — but our brothers and sisters in labor are out there together because they understand the stakes.

We know these candidates are bad for unions. They’re bad on other issues women care about too. Really bad.  Kudos to Schriock and the women of Emily’s List for getting involved.  Here’s wishing them good luck from the home crowd.


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  1. Jennifer Davies | August 9, 2011 4:41 PM at 4:41 PM |

    Walker has tanked and the Repubs are running from him and his TEA party identity. Here’s my favorite part of the article linked to from the Atlantic: “none of the Republican senators facing recall have featured Walker in their campaign ads. A comedic demonstration of this distancing comes from GOP Senator Randy Hopper, whose recall campaign website features the legislator standing beside former Republican governor Tommy Thompson instead of Walker.” Priceless.

  2. Go get ’em Schriock. Give em a little bit of what you gave Conrad Burns!!

  3. All of these democratic groups are able to rally when it’s only one state we have to focus on, but when all the state legislatures are up at once, there’s never enough democratic money to go up against TEA party cash and corporate shadow groups. I am still very afraid for our legislative elections this fall. The GOP/TEA party groups will be able to buy the elections again unless we come up with something amazing to oppose them.

  4. Vera-Beth Johnson | August 9, 2011 7:47 PM at 7:47 PM |

    I am embarrassed that Miss Shriock is from Montana?? Lies were told by her group to destroy the former MT Senator who was a statesman, not a politician as Senator Tester. We need capitalists who adhere to the Constitution which made this country great not the likes of Miss Shriock who is a socialist. As a former teacher, my hat is off to Gov. Scott Walker and his intestinal fortitude.

  5. Conrad burns was a statesman?? That’s awesome. This was just a troll post I presume. I don’t know too many statesmen who were as vulgar as conrad.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 9, 2011 8:33 PM at 8:33 PM |

      My absolute FAVORITE Sen. Corndog Buns story is the time that Corndog was at a very fancy black tie type dinner in D.C. hotel restaurant with all the appropriate dignitaries there. Corndog was holding court in the lobby with his “inimitable” style, cornpone, bullshit, bluster, and slobber befitting even the most REDneck of morons. (BTW, who in Montana speaks like Corndog in that goofy southern drawl? Talk about an embarrassment!)

      Anyway, Corndog had his ever-present chaw in his jaw. Well sir, as it comes to all who chew, Corndog eventually had to spit. SO, what does Corndog do? Take a guess. You won’t believe it. In front of ALL them high falutin’ bigwigs, Montana Senator Corndog Buns strolls pretty as you please over to the nearest flower pot and lets the snooze loose! BINGO! Right in the flower pot! With everyone watching! As if nothing out of the ordinary had happened! And then he continued on his with his bucolic bullshit!

      True story! As confirmed by a number of reputable witnesses! THIS is who Corndog Buns is!

      But statesman? Not quite. Moron would be more accurate. Corndog Buns was a complete laughingstock and buffooon. Montana had produced some of our country’s greatest senators. And then, along comes an idiot. HE ALONE did more damage to our reputation that ANY single politico from the past. And he ALSO, by his actions and racism, was the first to encourage the racists, wackos, and weirdos to come to Montana.

      Corndog was a blight and an aberration on our state’s history. He had reached his level of competence as a drunken barfly in Billings. That is where he should have remained, and would have done so if it had NOT been for the sicko editor of that ag magazine down there in Billings.

      End of story.

      • I guess it’s not too late to remind the class that Conrad was also responsible for the “down home” notion of sending what appeared to be hand-written updates to his constituents from DC. Except that those who are familiar with computers quickly realized that the notes were made using a computer font that resembled handwriting. Way to go, Cornpone.

  6. Jennifer Davies | August 9, 2011 8:31 PM at 8:31 PM |

    Is this for real? Conrad Burns was a drunk moron and a racist. What a joke.

    • He made a point of insulting fire fighters when he came home (drunk) from DC on one occasion. Sort of a Republican thing in MT, insulting those who fight wildfires.

      • at one time con-man was the senate contact for montana vets…
        had a complaint about abusive treatment by a va administrative law judge…
        con-man thanked me for contacting him with my concern.
        the rest of the letter informed me of his role in containing the waste in social security.
        of course my concern went unaddressed.
        most vets who contacted him have their version of the “statesman” experience.

  7. Go Girl, help kick out the Kochsters and make WI a State for the People, not the Corporation of Wisconsin!

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