Mutch Ado About Nothing

Oh glory, he hath returneth, the prodigal son.

He has made it official. He is coming back at long last, and Montanans, after 20 years of waiting and longing, will all be rejoicing in his triumphant and glorious return.

Except that nobody seems to have ever heard of him. And that’s because he wasn’t really here to begin with.

Yesterday, a guy named William Mutch sent out a long e-mail proudly declaring that he is “coming back” from Colorado to run Ken Miller’s campaign for governor. (The email can be viewed below the fold.)

Mutch, from what I can gather, is a long-time corporate lobbyist for realtors, bankers and CEOs, and is from Denver, where he has spent a career lobbying the Colorado legislature seeking corporate tax breaks for his clients.

Ah, but apparently he once lived in Montana, when he went to UM. He’ll fit Miller’s campaign like a glove then, because like Miller, he’ll go out of his way to act like he’s from Montana, even though he’s from Colorado.

“It has been incredible,” Mutch writes in his email,” to be back in my native home after building my career in Montana, Colorado, and Washington DC.” (The Montana portion of his career appears to have been an internship during college, or something of the sort).

He then goes on to describe all of his ancestors who were in Montana at one time including “grandma Anderson from White Sulfur Springs”

Actually, Mutch will fit right into Montana politics for another reason: a few years ago he was hauled before the Colorado Legislature’s ethics committee, to answer a charge against him for having been behind some nasty robo-calls to the public which spread lies about a bill.

He then went on what the Colorado Statesman describes as a “two year hiatus” before reemerging now as Ken Miller’s campaign.

Colorado seems to be something of a breeding ground for Montana GOP operatives. Dick Waddhams, came up from Colorado to run Corndog Burns’ 2000 race, then went back down and became chair of the state party until the TEA Party ousted him; Jason Theilman, Steve Daines’ campaign boss, spent a few years there working on races; and now Mutch.

Interesting though that Miller, a native Coloradan who came up to Montana as an adult and now spends his days complaining about how you can’t find a job in Montana, chose to go out of state for a campaign manager, doubling down on his Colorado connections. But Mutch is making the wrong move acting like he’s a homesteader. That act is wearing thin.

Dear Montanan,

After more than fifteen years of political campaign, Congressional staff, and lobbying experience, I have returned to Montana to lead our team for Montana Governor.

It has been incredible to be able to be back home in my native state after building my career in Montana, Colorado and Washington, D.C. If you count our family history beginning with my Grandmother Anderson (who was related to one of Montana’s first territorial Governors) we count five-generations of Montana history with roots in White Sulphur Springs, Butte, Billings, Missoula, and Polson.   I’m extremely grateful for the experience I have gained and for the opportunity to bring this background to Ken’s campaign.
In addition to getting to know Ken and wanting to help him build a winning team for this campaign, I also know Ken has what it takes to win. I have worked with a number of candidates and elected officials and I have never seen anything to compare with the strength of the Miller for Governor campaign.

The enthusiasm of the grassroots effort for Ken is simply off-the-charts. Usually, when we are nearly a year away from Election Day, the grassroots is still being built and organized and campaigns are actively looking for volunteers.

That is not the case with Ken Miller.

When I joined a few weeks ago, the amount of statewide travel, number of public and campaign events, organization of the volunteer base and county coordinators had become a full-time job by themselves.   Now, we are working to integrate the strong grassroots effort that is already thriving around Montana with polling/research, key endorsements, and an increased focus on fundraising and voter targeting.
What we have already learned is that Ken’s biographical profile is heavily favored by Montana voters. Ken’s background as a grassroots conservative, family farmer and small businessman, and someone who has spent time focusing on Montana government as a state legislator and state leader is the profile Montana voters are looking for.
Add that with the support from conservatives who are outraged with out-of-control spending, independents, and conservative Democrats who have decided the time is now to bring Montana’s economy back and re-create the good paying jobs Montanans used to enjoy, and Ken has a winning coalition to carry him through the primary and into a general election victory.
Ken has said many times that Montana is a “filthy rich” Treasure State with the potential to be an economic powerhouse. As such, Montanans are ready for a man in the Governor’s office who will truly change the way business is done in Montana and who has the backbone to say no to “business-as-usual” and chart a new direction for our state.
I find this race extremely exciting. It is very rare to work with a candidate who is as dedicated, works as hard, and has as clear a vision to the task at hand. Ken Miller is certainly focused and understands what it takes to win a statewide campaign. I also think of Ken’s early career as a rodeo bull rider and the courage it must take to ride into the ring and the accompanying thrill of accomplishment when the ride is finished. That is the kind of guy we need to stand up and say NO to the radical forces that have taken Montana from a state with good paying jobs to one of the lowest per capita income states in the nation.
History has taught us that major leadership events come about as a result of the right man at the right time. With the grassroots gravitating toward our campaign and Ken’s message, the current economic situation in Montana and the nation, and the recent trend of grassroots conservatives prevailing against establishment moderate candidates around the country, Ken is the right man at the right time for Montana.
Montana is ready for a man who understands the state so well that he was originally elected to the legislature from a Democratic stronghold district because of the strength of his character, vision, and simple hard work.
I hope YOU will join me in carrying the message to your friends, colleagues, and networks that the Miller team CAN WIN this election. Since Ken has never before held statewide office, we are going to be working hard to continue introducing Ken to the voters. What we have found is that once people learn about Ken and his platform for Montana, they like Ken and they also support his program.
When you contribute to the campaign, forward this email, introduce a friend to Ken, or just let people know that the current environment strongly favors Ken and our campaign, you are doing a lot to move this campaign forward to ensure Ken can win the Republican primary next June.
Thank you for all you do and for supporting Miller for Governor.
William Mutch
Campaign Manager
Miller for Governor



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  1. Not to be disdainful, unless of course it’s against mindless Dems, but Ken Miller only graduated high school. An American education is not worth much, but honestly, having a little college (known as “high school” in other countries. His “school of hard knocks education” made his mind putty. He’s not worth much.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 13, 2011 7:28 AM at 7:28 AM |

      Well how bout judy mars?! Or sen. corndog buns?! (who never really DID say how much education he had. he was SUPPOSED to have attended some sort of ag college for awhile, maybe auctioneer school or some such). You see, mark, Montana has had some very successful politicos who were uneducated idiots. I mean, look at our recent Lege! The Teawankers PRIDE themselves on being stoopid and uneducated. Look at Skees!

      I think that the important thing to remember here is that they have G-O-D! If you have G-O-D, and IF you believe, you’ll do what’s right! I mean, look at james watt who founded the MSLF. He firmly believed that we were living in the end times, and hence, it was incumbent on us to use up all the remaining resources before the rapture! Now THAT kinda faith just don’t happen every day. (unless of course you’re a corporate fascist. then, it’s pretty commonplace.)

      Greed is their creed and stupitiy is their vehicle. Start your engines!

      • No, Krallj, I mean that he needs to learn to think properly, as do you. We can disagree and be honest and smart in our disagreement, but Miller just isn’t qualified to hold high office. He just doesn’t know very much. he probably St rugged throu Atlas Shrugged and figured that was enough. a lot of them are Elike that.

        And I realize that formal education ruins more minds than it helps. I’m talking about mush brains.

        Oh yeah, I’m talking to you. Never mind.

        • AH, markster…
          you are such a scream, already…
          to yourself.
          you might consider joining the havre daily corrector…
          when there is no reasonable argument there, they go to name calling in lieu of wit.

          • I have only stated the obvious, that Miller, from Laurel, lacks formal education and has not learned to think properly, and so his mind is a mess. He will, like Reagan, need competent staff around him to put words in his mouth He will need to be carefully shepherded.

            One of my favorite authors, Gore Vidal, Had only high school and no college. True, it was Exeter and so rigidly disciplined. He has an excellent mind. This is true of many others as well, as they see that much of education is nonsense and time-sinking. But for some, like Miller and Kralj, it would have helped in the sentence and thought formation process.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 14, 2011 8:00 AM at 8:00 AM |

              Ouch! Sorry, mark, but I find your insults to be the equivalent of a biteless insect. In other words, not even worthy of a slap. In fact, you’re not even mildly annoying, just sort of an inaudible, barely discernible buzzing sound. Do try harder. A pisspoor insult is an indication of a feeble mind. And THIS from a college educated dude. You DID go to college somewhere, didn’t you??

            • Please read your comment at 7:28 and tell me yours is an organized mind. It’s frightful nonsense.

              I can land a punch, and you’d be wise to avoid me. I had the weakest of college educations at EMC in Billings. Educationt did not start in earnest until I ceased to be someone’s employee and could freely explore for myself. I am in Italy now, and the freedom here is breathtaking, making me appreciate all-the-more what a police state the US has become.

  2. rodeo bullrider? he’s about 2 feet too tall to have been any good.

  3. You sure dont know Ken Miller. He is the hardest working campaigner out there. If he had Rick Hills money he would be the nominee.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 13, 2011 12:07 PM at 12:07 PM |

      Sorry, mr. bill, but IF kenny palin miller was a terribly “hard worker” as you suggest, he would have educated himself for the position for which he is running. You see, mr. bill, Montana has a great educational system including many colleges and universities. We REQUIRE/DEMAND that our leaders for higher office qualify themselves. Kenny palin miller is simply unfit and unqualified to be the governor of this great state. He hasn’t paid his dues or done his homework. He’s not qualified. Sorry. He may have ridden bulls, but he AIN’T gonna ride bull into an office for which he is entirely unsuited! He should get himself an online preacher degree and go to preaching. That would suit him better.

  4. Far too many Montanans elevate themselves to such rarified heights of self-image, doglap. You may be coreect about Mr. Miller; but there is nothing in your post which would support that surmise–neither is there evidence to support your position vis-a-vis the vast majority of Montanans.

  5. Yes Larry– I Have Heard of this dude!

    Cowgirl…you wrote, “…charge against him for having been behind some nasty robo-calls to the public which spread “lies” about a bill.” How are you any different as you have lied and misrepresented Will Mutch and you should do some real research to ‘get your facts right’ as Will Mutch is a real Montana Native.

    Will Mutch was raised in Polson/Flathead lake area where he graduated from high school. He later graduated from the University of Montana (as a in-state resident)– then moved to Billings where he lived for a long while before heading back to D.C. and finally to Colorado where his wife was transferred before returning to Montana. Of his 40 or so years, he has lived in Montana about 30 years– hardly an outsider!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 13, 2011 9:55 PM at 9:55 PM |

      Well, guess that clears that up. But really, Mike, what the hell is Mutch hangin’ around a dude like miller for? Miller is a weirdo, plain and simple. AND, uneducated. Why doesn’t Mutch run instead?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 13, 2011 10:06 PM at 10:06 PM |

      p.s. And Mike, are you REALLY gonna defend this guy? He sounds pret-ty SLEAZY to me!

      “Mutch’s attorney has stressed that the U.S. Supreme Court has long ruled that political speech, even when statements are false or misleading, is granted broad constitutional protection…”

      Has this Mutts dude EVER told the TRVTH? If he lied his ass off once, WHAT’S to prevent him from doing it again? And is he REALLY the type of guy good christian kenny palin miller wants running his campaign? Seems to me that I remember SUMTHIN’ ’bout thou shalt not lie! Mutts musta MISSED that part of the book. NOT the most sterling resume!

      • Mutch seems to be a “Shiny Happy” Corporate Person to me

      • Liarry Kralj —

        I am not here to take a political position… the candidates can do that on their own and let the voter’s decide. However, your attack on the character of William Mutch is once again no different than the blogger here who misrepresented where Mutch is from. You base your character attack on some press release which could have been written by Jason Blair for all I know. You do not know Mutch… “I do” — therefore I am qualified to speak on his character… you are not. I’ve known him for 20 years and have never heard a lie (or sleaze) from his mouth, nor in his actions. You talk about his purported lies that would put seniors out of their homes… “What have the Democrats been doing during this whole debt ceiling limit fiasco? The Dem’s claimed that not raising the debt limit with more tax increases will put seniors on the streets as they will not receive SS and Medicare checks?” Really… maybe you should look in the mirror and view your contradictions. His name is Mutch, not Mutts. Get educated and demonstrate your name and true character is Larry and not Liarry.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 8:21 PM at 8:21 PM |

          Ouch! I stand not corrected but affirmed! You see, Mike, I do NOT lie to harm or deceive seniors. Never have, never will. Mutts did. Hell, I AM a senoir. And when you’ve lived sixty plus years, you can recognize a lying little pissant for what he is, AND not be hesitant to speak it.

          Mutt’s liarwyer pretty much summed up Mutt’s argument, doncha think? “Lying is protected political speech”. Sorry, but I can’t add to that. You see, Mike, NO ONE has ever said that my “lying was protected speech”. I simply don’t NEED a liarwyer to make that legal argument for me. Mutts did.

          Why? You know him. Please explain.

          • #1: The character of a person is “not based” on what a press release claims, or what the attorney who represents a person claims or states. That is just the nature of the legal system. A better response would be, “Mutch may be a good guy in truth as I do not know him but I don’t like the position his attorney took in stating…”

            #2: The character of a person is only what those who really know him can vouch for (and God for that matter). You are basing his character on what a press release and an attorney stated.

            #3: I am basing his character on really “knowing the man.” I guess I was hoping for too much for you to progress on the evolutionary ladder to think that you would at least get his name right. As a Senior you should at least respect the name of a person even if you disagree with their values or party affiliation.

            #4: In your sixty plus years you should be smart enough to know that what you read is not necessarily the truth. After all, what I read that ‘you write’ is not the truth (at least in regards to Will Mutch).

            #5: I am not attempting to be harsh or disrespectful. Just giving you a taste of your own medicine. I respect our senior citizens and feel like society should pay homage to those (such as yourself) who have paved the way for the younger generation.

            #6: Instead of making false accusations toward a person you do not know, perhaps you should focus on making a compelling case for what you ‘do support’– and try and win people that way.

            #7: I am not retired so I have to work which means this will be my last post to your future replies. For what it is worth, I really do wish you the best with everything.

    • Ethics

      William Mutch ran Tom Tancreo’s campaign for Governor, one of the worst racists ever, a man who made me ashamed of being from Colorado.

      The people of Colorado sent him packing

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 14, 2011 8:12 AM at 8:12 AM |

        So, Mutts is a lyings sack-o-crap, and he’s coming to Montana to run Kenny palin Miller’s campaign! Wow. Just wow. Wonder when ol’ kenny boy decided that LYING was to be an integral part of his campaign? WWJD! What would JAYSUS think, kenny boy, bout you hirin’ such a sleazeball as Mutts?! Does YOUR Bible really say that LYING is a good? Mine don’t! Where in YOUR Bible does it say that LYING to scare old people is simply “hyperbole”? Does YOUR Bible REALLY say that “thou shalt not lie, but using “hyperole” as a lie IS OK”? Hmmm. Must be in the subtext to that commandment.

        Muttsie in his own words.
        Voters in Rep. Alice Borodkin’s Denver district received automated calls in March that are at the heart of an ethics complaint filed against lobbyist William Mutch. Borodkin and other critics said the questions were deceptive, talked about a tax that doesn’t exist and were designed to make senior citizens believe they would lose their homes:

  6. First off if Ive gotten one email from the Miller campaign, I’ve gotten a 100, and Im a Democrat, so that tells me he is desperate. If I was a betting man, I would bet against Miller and would bet my money on Hill. Hill will beat Miller, but maybe and I say the word maybe he will give Miller the Lt. Gov job or something else to hold him over. On the Democratic side I still do not know all the candidates, I assume Steve Bullock will be running, Ive also heard Jim Lynch the head of the Dept of Transportation, and Dave Wanzenried, and Larry Jent. Now that for me is a hard race to chose. I could say good things about all of them, and I can give them one down fall, they are not Brian Schwietzer, and Brian Schwietzer is a tough act to follow.

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