Holding the Door Open for Fanatics

A Gallatin County TEA Party ProtestA Gallatin County TEA Party Protest

A must-read article in this weekend’s Great Fall’s Tribune profiles a new rise of the white supremacy movement in Montana.  The movement’s backers aren’t just organizing, they’re seeking their way into mainstream politics.

The TEA Party appears to be holding the door open for them.

TEA Partiers are helping to amplify the voices of extremists like Chuck Baldwin, inviting him to appear at their events and on their radio shows.  The Tribune writes of Baldwin:

The Florida transplant to the Flathead has been a Constitution Party presidential candidate, an advocate of militia movements and involved with the Council of Conservative Citizens, which the Southern Poverty Law Center characterizes as a hate group.

“There are some individual activists pretty interested in politics and how you use politics as a way to mainstream your message and line up behind candidates to gain credibility,” McAdam said. “Most are much more interested in trying to create communities that look the way they want, all white all the time.”

To start the process, Baldwin encouraged his entire family and congregation to move to Montana.  His son Timothy Baldwin brought his own family too, and immediately sought to launch his political career as part of a slate of TEA Party candidates running for the board of the Flathead Valley Community College.

Baldwin is assisting other hate groups as well, such as the Oath Keepers. The movement has already gotten TEA Party Republicans to put forward their legislative ideas, such as the gold standard, a key goal of the Oath Keepers group in Montana.

It isn’t just TEA Partiers at the  legislative level that are carrying water for the fanatics.   It’s happening at the Congressional level too.  The same opposition to Pell Grants held by extremists groups pops up in the statements of people who used to try to pass themselves off as mainstream politicians, like TEA Party Congressman Denny Rehberg.

Since the TEA and Republican parties appear unwilling or unable to clean these elements out of their own houses, it is left to us to vote them out of office.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 7:50 AM at 7:50 AM |

    As I been saying for a loooong time now, it is important to understand just WHO/WHAT the Constistupid Party is. They are NOT nice people. But you would never know that because the press (inCLUDING the GF Spittoon), always gives them a free pass. They are mentioned and given equal weight as being some sort of legitimate political party. They most certainly are not! They are a hate group too!

    The C party was FORMED in Montana by one Jonathon Martin from here in GF, a religious wacko extremist along the lines of the Westboro Baptist Church. He’s nuts. He’s the dude who is always outside planned parenthood with his HUGE signs with pics. The C party is all ABOUT christian reconstructionism and dominionism. In other words, some sort of theocracy.

    People need to wake up. The friggin’ PRESS needs to wake up! These folks like martin and his C party followers make no bones about it. They will TELL you what they want to do! So why does the press turn a blind eye?

    Oh sure, it SOUNDS reasonable enough to have a party based upon the Constitution. But this is NOT what they are all about. Our recent Lege was only a glimpse into their world. And I fault the press as much as anybody for NOT giving an accurate view of these sickos. They are about as anti-American as it gets!

    And yes, Dopey Reeburp is right in their W/ them! Although I doubt that Dopey is a religeeous wacko, but he IS wacko! The C party consists of willing idiots to further corporate fascist ends. THAT’S why Dopey Reebupr loves’em. And the Teawankers are cohorts with the C party.

    Wake up, people. The wackos are comin’, and we can’t rely on the press to get the info out. This article in the Spitoon is too little too late. Hell, a quick google and perusal of Pastor Bulbdim’s site will tell you all you need to know about Skees’s fellow floridian. It’s a wacko army of god! Onward christian wackos, onward to Montana, your new white homeland!

  2. It must be fundraising time again for the human rights people in Montana. Otherwise, why the hyperbole about April Gaede and Kalispell’s Pioneer Little Europe?

    For those not familiar with PLE, the concept is simple: white people who like being among white people, and among only white people, should move to mostly white areas, forming economically and socially self-sustaining white communities. White ghettos, so to speak. The idea is not Gaede’s. Credit for PLE belongs to the late, and unlamented, Richard Barrett, a southern racist with great flair and little influence, who was murdered by his neighbor last year. See:


    Gaede has a knack for publicity, a few followers (some with police histories that do not improve their resumes), and poses absolutely no political or social threat to Kalispell or Montana. She’s an exotic curiosity, nothing more, and her reprehensible political philosophy is not contagious. But she scares hell out of some people, and out of those people the human rights crowd can scare some money.

    By contrast, Chuck Baldwin is someone to be concerned about.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 1:10 PM at 1:10 PM |

      Stupid post, conner. Sorry, dude, but you DON’T speak for all of us here in Montana by welcoming racists like Gaede. What’s wrong with you? You see, a white dude like yourself has nothing to fear from racists I guess. Therefore, the problem doesn’t exist for you. Stupid, stupid post. Didn’t realize that you were a closet racist supporter!

      • Larry, you can take that comment and stick it where the moon don’t shine…after you remove your head from the same place. I simply observed that Gaede’s beliefs are deplorable, but that her influence is nil and that she and her little band of followers pose no political or social threat to Kalispell or the Flathead. How you can construe that as proof of closet racism requires logic more convoluted than a triple twisted pretzel.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 3:54 PM at 3:54 PM |

          Simple. Because I DON’T happen to believe that her influence is “nil” as you blithely suggest. Now, how do you support that conslusion with facts? She actually IS a hit on many racist sites with her racist views. Anything that promotes racial hatred is NOT welcome in my Montana. Maybe yours, but not mine! We don’t need/want it. Poo pooing it is foolish. That’s all. Montana has a long history of fighting outta state racist beliefs, or did you miss the Billings incident altogther?

          And your unbelievablely cynical comment about the Montana Human Rights Network fundraising was TOTALLY inappropriate and uncalled for. When you get YOUR head out, please apologize to those fine folks who have done a tremendous job fighting the incursions of hate in Montana. BTW, just WHAT were your qualifications to make such halfassed pronouncements regarding racists here in Mt? I forget. And do you REALLY think/believe that human rights people scare up contributions by purposely name dropping? Wow. Where DID you get that idea? Wouldn’t it be really, really, REALLY nice if we had NO need for human rights organizations here in Montana? I think so.

          • Larry I’ve always like you–at times even admired you; but you are only a single Montanan (unless there actually is a large force known as the environmental rangers–whom I have always assumed were your imaginary friends.) I think you were away over the top with that stupid post remark.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 8:31 PM at 8:31 PM |

              What was stupid about it? For you see, I’ve SEEN what the human rights folks do here in Montana. And they RISK their safety even here in Montana doing what they do. If offends the hell outta me to see anyone, especially on the left, criticize them for their efforts gratituously. The are some extremely nasty, ugly, violent people in these extremest groups. Exposing them for what they are is NOT the work for the timid. Conner’s cynical criticism was totally without merit. HE should apologize, not me. There was really nothing wrong with what I posted.

      • Larry, I agree with James Conner. I have no idea what you think that the alternative to “welcoming racists” is. The first time I ever traveled through Clark Fork, Idaho, there was a big plywood sign at the edge of town stating “Welcome to Clark Fork. Nigger go home!”. I suggest to you that we can’t exactly erect billboards at the borders of Montana stating “Welcome to Montana. Racists go home!” Like it or not, we don’t get to choose who lives here, or what they think when they do.

        Conner is exactly correct. April Gaede had one weapon of propaganda, her daughters. And even they’ve rejected her goofy devotion to racial purity. Gaede is harmless now, defanged. But she is high profile, and as I stand against racism I will use the high profile targets because they are easy to hit.

        I don’t agree with James’ conclusion that this recent focus on racialism in Montana is some kind of fundraiser for the MHRN. But holding that opinion doesn’t, at any point, mean that someone is a “racist supporter”.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 4:08 PM at 4:08 PM |

          A racist is a racist. That’s all. If Gaede renounces her previous evil, vile, hateful racist beliefs, by God I will say that she is a fine upstanding citizen of Montana. And be the first to do so. But as long as she preaches her evil, I will not write anything about her but my revulsion of her and her beliefs. Racism is a mental illness. Those folks are not right in the head. There are already enough racists here in Montana without the outta staters moving here in mass. I think that conner is wrong on the two points I mention in the above response to him. 1) It’s wrong to downplay any celebrity racist. And 2) he insults without cause the folks working for human rights in Montana. That’s bad. And that’s all.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 3:56 PM at 3:56 PM |

      Here ya go, conner. Put this up your ass so you might SEE it more clearly. Are them Stormfart boys your good buddies too?


  3. It is true that the Human Rights Network has gone downhill of late, but I’m still glad the Trib wrote about Chuck Baldwin for the first time, I believe, as he is trying to build a statewide movement.

  4. Downhill how, ol’ anonymous commenter? Because they’re not repeating yer message like a bunch of squawking parrots high on Schweitzer-sugar?

  5. @Tommy, my name is JayCee McMillan. Its my opinion that the organization reached a high point when State Senator Christine Kaufmann was involved. The woman is a personal hero to me. I have no idea if Scheitzer was Gov when she left or not.

    • Just a suggestion. Don’t defend yourself against the ‘charge’ of anonymity when the accuser goes by the handle of “Thommy Tomato”. Please, that’s just ridiculous.

  6. This has nothing to do with the Montana Human Rights Network. This has to do with lame-brained racists deciding to move in and force their craziness on us. We must speak out against their stupidity every chance we get.

    I am always amused that these racists nincompoops set themselves up right next to a big old Indian reservation. Do they make White Pride speeches in Polson?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 4:10 PM at 4:10 PM |

      Try to explain that to conner.

    • I agree with this … But. The only (Christian) Constitutional Party candidate to have ever been elected to state office in the US, Rick Jore, did indeed give his speeches in Polson and Ronan and Hot Springs. You can draw your own conclusions from that.

    • Amused? That is a bit of a mistake. I suspect you were amused when people began to talk of the moral majority, too?

  7. I have seen what skinheads, racists, and gangs have done to little towns… and it is not a pretty site! Basically, the trash stays and causes trouble… the kind that drys up little towns, and those who can move do so, and those who don’t are scared as hell. All you have to do is look at the result of towns in California, that went bankrupt trying to stave off gangs… like Vallejo for example! Black or white, you do’nt let thugs move in Period! The costs of life , liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness goes down the proverbial shit-hole!

  8. lastly the reason these A-holes are moving here is the southern states don’t want them anymore! The Southern poverty Law Center is doing its job famously down there! So do we really want that Baggage here?? Really?

    • They are welcome in Central Florida, they rule. Small town bars have “out back windows” where non whites are served…..

  9. These folks are just waking up to the fact that the economy has become our only concern. They figure the only way to correct the situation is to bring good ol’ God back into the low-level thinking. Everybody knows that when thinking is weak, the only solution is faith…

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 15, 2011 5:25 PM at 5:25 PM |

      Pretty much what Clarence Darrow thought of the southerners too. After they were thoroughly defeated and humiliated, the ONLY things left they had to cling to were the Bible and their goofy fundamentalism. He greatle feared their ignorance and bigotry, and felt that if it ever made it to the national level, we were in deep doo doo.

  10. Disagreeing with Kralj on the issues raised above is not proof of racism. It simply certifies one’s sanity.

    I’m not going to demand that Kralj’s accusations, ugly and baseless as they are, be taken down. He’s entitled to his opinion. I hope some day he will be able to express it with civility, perhaps even with humility.

    • That has never been his style.
      It is kinda like wishing H. L. Mencken had a modicum of humility…

    • At least Kralj is brave enough to say what others only think. To tell you the truth, I have seen enough of thugs to live a lifetime of someone else, besides me! So don’t patronize us with your holier then other speech, there’s been a time or two I bit my lip at your BS, I am sure you have done the same at mine as well!

      • After spending the last few years in the South, I saw and heard stuff that I had thought only existed in history books and movies….I’ve never been afriad to vote till 2008, I expected a bombing or shooting to happen during early voting in town.

  11. The ‘plan’ is to keep ‘dumbing down’ America, kill Pell Grants, and let folks FORGET that my family and friends who FOUGHT Hitler and the Nazis would be ashamed of all this, especially my friends who liberated the concentration camps. Are we headed back there with the ‘Tea/Koch’ Party ‘breaking trail’ or will the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ (I’ve always liked that flag) really STAND UP FOR VALUES and VIRTUE and decry the hate, intolerance and bigotry of thesee nazi/hate groups?? This is a MORAL test and will the Tea Party meet that test and stand up for fairness and value, which I don’t see them doing much in regards to the corporations, as they’ve simply exchanged the English King for the Corporation King and ‘Citizens United’ where citizens GET NO REPRESENTATION thanks to Supreme Thomas and his embrace of the Tea Party.

    • Tom Brokaw notwithstanding, I think most of the dogfaces from our world wars were pretty much the same as the grunts fighting in Afghanistan now.
      They were not on an anti-NAZI crusade any more than the current crop are trying to bring an end to the Taliban or Al Qaeda.
      Once the shooting begins these kids are trying to stay alive. Given an option, a goodly portion of them would just as soon shoot the guy who is pushing them to leave the foxholes as the guys on the other side of the front…

  12. Jed, I’m a veteran and it’s a valid point on where a ‘grunt’ keeps focus and with his comrades in the squad and platoon, and there’s always ‘griping’ about the superiors, but my relatives who fought in WWII and recently passed did have a authentic sense of Patriotism about their purpose, as opposed to a Nation now that thinkg getting a flagpin, bumper sticker and yellow ribbon is there only sacrifice while our Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer 20-30 percent unemployment rates thanks to an indifferent and ignorant (not intentional, because we have a volunteer force that’s removed, where half the ranks from Rural America, and the rest Middle Class and inner city trying to do better and don’t forget the words to ‘Fortunate Son’ by CCR), so where’s the shared sacrifice, whether BLOOD or TREASURE from the hedge fund barons and ilk??

  13. Who needs the TEA Party when you’ve got Mary Caferro leading the charge to cut medicaid. Helena’s reputation as a bastion for progressive legislators just sunk a notch. http://helenair.com/news/opinion/editorial/select-committee-tackles-hot-topics/article_1c1d964a-c890-11e0-9d7e-001cc4c03286.html

    • Hhmmmm. The article you linked to sounded very promising. You should be happy that someone like Mary is on the committee. But I suspect your mean comment has more to do with Mary having the audacity to stray from the Helena insiders and support Jesse Laslovich instead of Pam….Pam..who.

      • I haven’t decided who I will vote for in the Pam Bucy vs. Jess Laslovich contest. I do know that my decision won’t be based on which state legislators support which candidate. What angers me (1) the joke that is an extra legislative committee created to bring this dog and pony show on wheels around to swing districts on “government efficiency” as a Republican campaign stunt. Then Caferro lets herself be the poster child of it! And its on CUTS to MEDICAID!

    • There are things about medicare/medicaid that need to be changed, this ad for free cookbooks for example, I wonder what they charge the Goverment for those 2.98 cookbooks? http://www.ammeddirect.com/diabetic-cookbooks.aspx.

      Then I saw my parent’s doctors become millionaires ripping off the system in Florida. One Heart doctor, built a catheterization center and now is doing catheterization on everyone he can, he did my father 3 times before Dad wised up.

      We need Medicare Part D to be able to bargain with the drug companies like the VA does.

  14. James Conner appears to enjoy spreading hostile Internet myths, as he said “For those not familiar with PLE, the concept is simple: white people who like being among white people, and among only white people, should move to mostly white areas, forming economically and socially self-sustaining white communities. White ghettos, so to speak. The idea is not Gaede’s. Credit for PLE belongs to the late, and unlamented, Richard Barrett, a southern racist with great flair and little influence, who was murdered by his neighbor last year.”
    To begin with, why would a community of White people automatically deserve a “ghetto” label when any other ethnic community, such as a Chinatown or an Indian reservation, wouldn’t be similarly disrespected?
    Also, Mr. Conner claims that Richard Barrett should be credited for PLE, but the author of the ‘Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus’ (available on-line for free) is actually H. Michael Barrett, and the two men never associated. Mr. Conner is another one of those folks who doesn’t know his Obamas from his Osamas.

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