Hate Movement “Backed by God”…But Trounced in Elections

Another good article on white supremacy in Montana is out this week.  The independent media outlet In These Times, chronicles the politics of the hate movement in Montana.

Hate-monger Chuck Baldwin says the movement is God’s work:

“I really believe God is doing something in the Flathead Valley!”

It is true that in 2010, Montana saw a temporary increase in extreme right politician political activity, and Baldwin’s crew is clearly hoping that trend will continue:

Last year, local racist groups began reserving a room at the Kalispell library to show Holocaust denial films. In November, Flathead voters elected a Tea Partier to a state House seat who wore a Confederate flag jacket to a Memorial Day parade, and who maintains that the Civil War was fought over states’ rights, not slavery.

This year saw an apparent attempt by a right-wing cabal to wrest control of the Flathead Valley Community College Board of Trustees. One of the candidates was Tim Baldwin, a son of Chuck Baldwin. Another was an engineer and atmospheric physicist who doesn’t believe climate change is caused by humans. Another backed legislation that would give county sheriffs authority usurping that of the federal government—a concept derived from the Posse Comitatus.

But this year, “all four of the far-right challengers in the community college board election were trounced in May” — perhaps because the deity has been really busy lately recruiting GOP presidential candidates to run against each other.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 16, 2011 7:46 AM at 7:46 AM |

    Wow. Very well-written article. He pretty much says it all. But I think that the important thing to remember is that as I have pointed out before, this entire hate movement could be designed as an unofficial free state movement. Remember that MOST of our statewide elections are won by a very slim margin. (four thousand votes or less) Move four thousand inbred haters for Jaysus here and it will swing the vote. Hell, Pastor Bulbdim COULD become governor! And if THAT ever happens, the fun will really begin in earnest!

    And what the hell, that is a very real possibility. I mean, we elected judy mars! Nuff said about that. It was judy who attended the home school convention instead of addressing the public schools.
    So, there is already in place a broad wacko base. Montana could become Baldwanaland at some point in the future unless people start waking up.

    This article is absolutely the FIREST that I have ever seen that portrays the Constistupid Party for what it is, a hate group. I have never heard of this magazine before, but it is a very good article and a good place to start for folks who need a primer on the hate movement here in Montana. I must wonder if our mainstream press will ever catch on, or continue to treat the haters as legitimate? And that is the question. IS hate a legitimate party in Montana? I sincerely hope not.

    p.s. Glad to see that conner was quoted. He admitted that he doesn’t have a clue. One of the more intelligent things he’s said about the hate movement.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 16, 2011 8:18 AM at 8:18 AM |

      The collection plate is willing but the moral courage lacking! I wonder when, IF EVER, the mainstream religions are gonna push back and condemn the hatred being spread in the name of religion? They did it in Billings, but it requires a much larger effort on a statewide basis to counteract the massive infusion of hate coming into the state. Our preachers need some moral courage, which they appear to be severly lacking. Oh sure, they get all indignant and red in the face huffing and puffing about abortion.

      But THAT’S the easy stuff. It’s MUCH harder to confront evil in the form of virulent racists. THAT requires an investment that most of our clergy was born without, an investment in balls! Moral balls!

      HEY, it’s OK to condemn evil done in the name of Jesus. One is NOT violating an unwritten rule that says you must never criticize another who wears the cloth. Actually, it’s INCUMBENT on a man of faith to condemn another for defiling the message of the Lord.

      And guess what. It AIN’T that hard to figure out just how that’s being done! Jesus did it all the time! Sad, so sad to see Montana’s clergy being derelict in their duty and complicit in the hate. It’s called aiding and abetting!

      And the Catholics are probably the worst! It’s all abortion all the time! Sad, so sad.

  2. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 16, 2011 8:29 AM at 8:29 AM |

    Well, if they DO take over, I sure hope that we can get our OWN creation museum! And maybe a water park for Jaysus too!

  3. Right on Larry, other faiths should condemn this hate as they could be NEXT. It seems it’s always the extreme right that goes to guns, bombs, hate speech while the most active group on the extreme left was perhaps the SDS, ‘Weathermen’ and marginal fringe that didn’t last more than a few years while these ‘hate/nazi’ groups are so damned entrenched and why? It’s because evil thrives when good men and women do nothing. GET BUYS FOLKS, speak out!

  4. Montana’s unofficial religion is made up of dolts who take pride in anti-intellectualism. So long as that is a point of honor in the state, it will be wide open for hate movements of all types.

  5. old article on Montana Hate Groups


  6. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 16, 2011 5:25 PM at 5:25 PM |

    Rick perry, POTUS, Prophet of the U.S.????
    Holy cats! Things is gettin’ weirder by the day. Where the HELL are the normal people? Are there really none left? I NEVER thought I’d see the day when I would be a considered a voice for sanity in this country!


  7. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 16, 2011 7:33 PM at 7:33 PM |

    Who is Dopey Reeburp? Well, a Teawanker.


  8. Watch out for the ‘new breed’…TeaVangelists’ and what a ‘hybrid’ that is, that wants to put us back to 1750, where women can’t vote – and neither can white men without property – and blacks have neither the right to vote, property, wages or compassion and justice…’Hell of a Vision’, huh?

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 17, 2011 8:38 AM at 8:38 AM |

    Today the GF Spitoon had to basically apologize for printing a news story. Seems that a whole lot of Spitoon readers don’t LIKE being informed that hate is making inroads in Montana. What a bunch a friggin’ wussies down there at the Spitoon. Hey, I have a great idea. Maybe they could form a citizens’ panel to screen the news BEFORE printing it, thereby eliminating any news story that might make some rightwing nutjobs uncomfortable! That way, the Spitoon would never have to worry bout offending the screechers on their blog site!

    Just a thought. It would make them more fair and balanced than they already are. Just WHAT was there raison d etre anyway again? I forget. Sheesh. What a joke.


  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 18, 2011 11:54 AM at 11:54 AM |

    WHO are the real patriots in this country? The fringe of the fringe? If you still don’t understand what we’re up against here, please watch the following. It is very good. Two key words. Domionist and christian reconstructism from a guy who knows all about it. Is THIS the America you want? I think not.


    Again, where is the condemnation from ANY mainstream religion? It doesn’t exist. I say tax’em ALL. A tax on ALL their houses of worship! Tax the Beejesus outta them! It’s kinda like the old joke, how do you make holy water? You boil the hell outta it. How do you make honest religions? You TAX the hell outta it! It’s time.

  11. but tax exemption is a priceless tool of the federales…
    the churches WILL NOT address that which could jeopardize tax exemption…
    and they WILL be regularly informed as to what specifically could place their special status in peril.

  12. Baldwin doesn’t take the tax exemption, so that he doens’t have to obey the law against campaigning from the pulpit.

  13. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | August 19, 2011 6:49 AM at 6:49 AM |

    STEALTHY NO LONGER! Now, everyone knows exactly what I’ve been saying for a looooong time, that the nuts are wrapped in religeeiousness! The haters consider themselves holy warriors. But they’ve done been OUTED! So now, let them try their religeeous horsesh*t in the light of day! Guess we’ll see how well THAT works out for them! Luv it!


  14. It’s almost comical to hear you speak of Chuck Baldwin and like minded folks as “the hate movement” it shows your obvious ineptitude for the principles of the freedom movement, if freedom = hate in your shallow indoctrinated mind I suggest you either unplug from the propaganda machine and study up on the founding of this nation and the true principles of freedom or exercise your freedom to move somewhere else. Don’t bring your socialist authoritarianistic ideal of what freedom is to this country that so many have fought and died to preserve.

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