Is Rick Hill A Muslim?

I’ve received several e-mails from people who were listening to the radio program Voices of Montana yesterday (Thurs, August 18)  about a comment made by GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill who was the featured guest.

When asked by a caller if his past marital indiscretions would affect his ability to promote a Christian Conservative agenda as governor, Hill declared “I’ve been a Christian for 30 years.”

Hill is 64 years old. This presumably means that for the the first 34 years of his life, Hill was something other than a Christian.

Might Montana have its first Muslim governor? You will recall that President Obama did not become a Christian until he was an adult. And this led people of Rick Hill’s ilk to conclude that he was a Muslim.

This would mean Montana would incorporate Sharia law. Lobbyists would no longer be allowed to eat those lovable pork hot dogs that are sold on the third floor cafe during the legislature. (And during Ramadan, there’d be no eating anything at all for a month. Restaurants would be shut down.) Construction of a local mosque would be required.

Now it might also be possible that Rick Hill is Jewish. Dietary restrictions would be roughly the same. Or he might have been born a Hindu or Buddhist, which could bring the state some good Zen.

Regardless of what Hill’s birth religion was, one thing is for sure: if he’s only been a Christian 30 years, he won’t be getting Chuck Baldwin’s endorsement.


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  1. poor guy can’t eat barbecue then.

  2. A most curious dilemna…….as a former Congressman, surely there’s background information in regards to previous positions on his Faith and upbringing?

  3. Amazing how GOP Politicking People find God, and still cant get a Miracle to pull their feet out of their mouths. Where was he when they pull the crap they tried this last legislature session! You would think by now that his absence from their side would be proof enough, that they do not have his ear!

    Stop trying to find Jesus and start trying to find solutions for the people of Montana, cuz I do believe Kennedy was right: God helps those who help themselves!

  4. Odd, but people who become Chrisitans after not being so before usually do so for bizarre reasons, like bottoming out or turning away from crime. No one who has a good life suddenly decides that Christianity is the way to go.

    Anyway I get it that you’re morally superior all over the guy, but remember that 35% of males have had marital indiscretions, and the 65% who haven’t would if they only had the chance!

    Oh yeah – females? About 35%. You, Cowgirl? As long as you’re anonymous, you can be honest. Ever stepped out?

  5. I wonder of he was a “Christian” when he was parked on a bar stool at the Sip and Dip?

  6. I don’t know if he was a Muslim, but I DO know he was a draft dodger…

  7. You are advocating a militarized society, wulf?

  8. By your very nature, wulf, you are a superior creature to all of us…

  9. “Not at all, jed. I just obviously understand the low moral nature of hypocrisy better than you do.”
    – wulf

    From firsthand experience, obviously.

  10. Many people are raised in a Christian religion from the time they are born yet don’t take it seriously or even reject it in their teens and 20s. As they get older and wiser, they come to a clearer understanding of Christianity and embrace it with all their heart. They understand they are now true Christians and count that realization as the beginning of their journey. That is why you have the age discrepancy with Rick.

    That’s all it is, not some goofy conspiracy.

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