Koch Brothers Might Want A Refund

Not a good week for right-wing attempts to grow corporate-backed astroturf in Montana.

Some unstable right-wing characters, including Henry Kriegel (a senior Church Universal Triumphant loon who recently became head of the Bozeman Tea Party), had a big Tea rally at the Montana State Capitol a few days ago.

By big, I mean about 13 people showed up. They had previously been in other cities, as part of what they are calling their “Running on Empty Tour.” In no city did they get more than two dozen attendees. And in every city they appeared in, the morons who took the podium were shouted down by a crowd of progressives who numbered twice the conservatives.

But the most pathetic part of the whole business was what was revealed on the radio early in the week, a fact which escaped the notice of the entire Montana press corp. When Kriegel, the rally organizer, was doing a radio interview the day of the big event, the host asked him “where are you raising the money for these rallies” and Kriegel’s response was this:

So the Koch Brothers have wiffed in their most recent at-bat. They came to big-sky country and tried grow astroturf on the Montana prairie, but you have to cultivate soil, not urinate on it, if you want something to grow.

Generally Montanans tend not to have much patience with phony activities backed by big city money.

And it’s worth mentioning that on the same day as the Tea rally at the Capitol, New York Times readers were reading an opinion piece by the Montana governor, Brian Schweitzer, talking about how Montana on his watch has been the only state in America to run a budget surplus six years in a row. Which is probably why only 13 people showed up at the Tea rally.  James Conner at the Flathead Memo attended one of the rallies.  You can read his post on the Running On Empty tour here.


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  1. Well Mr. Kriegle has had an interesting life I must say, going from the Church Universal and Triumphant to the Teabaggers is a step, but maybe he is still in the CUT as well. But to his message, First should a corporation have 1st amendment rights? I would argue no becuase it is only a paper entity and exists on paper, it does not have a pulse. But the Supreme Court of the United States does not see it that way with the Citizens United decision. But my problem is that now business will be able to simply buy their politicians instead of lobby them. This will take our country down an even bigger road to disaster. Also at least in Nascar you know who sponsers the drivers, and in sports you know which ones are getting paid to endorse products, but in politics there is no way of knowing who has been bought by who, until the election is over really.

  2. lol at the hummer in the background in Connor’s panoramic view!

  3. The bastards are no longer even trying to hide their motivations! How stupid is this country that we don’t rise up and kick them to the curb?

  4. BTW, the “Running on Empty” tour is a perfect description of the dearth of ideas these mental giants are touting.

  5. I counted 3 Hummers in the background of this thing. Here’s a hint, you’re “Running on Empty” because you’re driving a gas guzzler. How ridiculous.

  6. Short-lived the Tea Party and their scare tactics.

  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hbaE3xFS-o

    Here’s video from the Missoula Mad Tea Party

  8. This is the guy they get to lead their movement. I can’t think of a worse way to present the case. He straight up admits that the Koch brothers are among the top 5 oil interests, and that they are funding the pro-oil development events. This moron doesn’t get that he is exposing the Koch’s obvious self-interest, nor why that would weaken the arguments being made. I mean TEA Partiers have a reputation for stupid but this is beyond the pale.

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