Does the GOP Have the Right Idea?

Congressional candidate Steve Daines was given a clear field by the GOP powerbrokers. No challenge.  As a result, he’s been able to amass $600,000 in contributions.

The Democratic primary, by contrast, is a four-person race: Franke Wilmer, Kim Gillan, Rob Stutz and Dave Strohmaier.  They  they must split money four ways, and thus none of these candidates have amassed more than 10 percent of what Daines has raked in.  And all of them, in the final months before the primary, will be forced to deplete their funds in an effort to win the primary, while Daines will horde his chips in tall stacks and continue to take in more.

Partly this problem stems from the fact that there is no democrat in the race with any state-wide recognition, such as Steve Bullock who will likely enter the governor’s race some time in the next few months.

Also, there can be a downside to powerbrokers getting involved in primaries and hand-picking a horse.  Rumors have long held that the bigwigs in DC tried forcing Jon Tester out of the senate race in early 2006.  If that’s true, then such a heavy handed move by the DNC, had it succeeded, would have been an utter calamity because John Morrison, a  candidate with a history of adultery, would have ended up as the nominee. So primaries serve an important Darwinian purpose and should be taken seriously.

Of course Daines, for all his money, has tremendous personal problems that will eventually come to light. When that happens, we will hopefully have a strong and well financed horse in the race against him.


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  1. There’s something weird about when you google Steve Daines, all these random sites you’ve never heard of like dot info (.info) etc come up. It’s like he’s trying to bury something in google, which means that there may be something on him that’s on the freaking internet.

    • The dot-info, etc., sites can be filtered out by adding, etc., to the search term. They can be isolated by adding, for example,

      Google probably is not enough. I’d run his name and some search terms through WestLaw and Lexis Nexis.

  2. Soon its all going to be bedroom politics here, eh, cowgirl?

  3. The difference between John Morrison and Rick Hill is, John Morrison knows he is in the political graveyard. Rick Hill is , he just doesnt know it…yet.

  4. I posted about the bizarre way Daines has been trying to muddle search results a couple of times–and it seems obvious there is something he’s trying to hide.

    Too bad we don’t have a functioning press in Montana when it comes to covering political figures.

  5. What are these “tremendous personal problems”?

  6. Sniff, Sniff Poor Dems have to split the money 4 ways to fight Daines.

    How many ways will the Repubbies have to split the money to fight Bullock, once he finally announces?

  7. That’s just plain unethical to anonymously quiff about “tremendous personal problems” out of the ether.
    Either spill or shut up.

  8. I think it is better to have the opportunity to week out the candidates with potential problems. The GOP primary for governor will allow the party to weed out the candidates like Essmann and Hill with the most baggage. If I were a Republican I’d be rooting for Stapleton or Zinke (not Livingstone). Of course, I hope the don’t do so. It will be interesting to see.

  9. WASHINGTON, DC– Montana’s At-Large Congressional District candidate Steve Daines has signed the American Family Business Institute’s (AFBI) “Death Tax Repeal Pledge.” By signing the pledge, Daines commits to vote for permanent repeal of the Federal Estate Tax if elected to Congress in 2012.

    what else has this guy signed???? Looks like another Grover Norquist tool to me!

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