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Flathead Beacon political reporter Dan Testa is headed off to start a new job, but not without some parting advice for his fellow political reporters.  One worthy example:

Any time a public official describes a piece of legislation as “another tool in the tool box,” take a shot of Jägermeister from the bottle you keep with you at all times.

This tired phrase has been trotted out by many tools, from Rick Hill’s slick congressional spokesperson, to TEA Party Representative David Howard, (R- Park City)–and probably even a few Dems.  Testa was a good addition to the political reporting mix in Montana, often reporting on stories that others missed.  Good luck to him on his next endeavor.


Bad News for the GOP

Bad news for the Republicans aiming to get elected in Montana, and I don’t just mean the rumored entry of Attorney General Steve Bullock to the race for Governor.  I’m talking about Jeff Essmann’s announcement that he is “actively considering” a run for Governor in 2012.  You might think such an announcement would be good news, at least for the frontrunners Miller and Hill, as Essmann certainly has no chance of winning the nomination.  But the more time Essmann gets in the spotlight, the more Montanans will be reminded of nuttiest legislative session in state history,  because Essmann was a member of the GOP leadership who presided over it.  Essmann’s foray into statewide politics will make it a lot harder for the Republican party to disassociate itself from that debacle in 2012. H/t Montanafesto.


Anti-Facts, Anti-Science

 From Eternity to Here has an interesting post up this week about the “trending GOP tendency to deny science, knowledge- and maybe, common sense- in favor of the popularly held beliefs of uneducated, superstitious people.” Go read it.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 1, 2011 8:04 AM at 8:04 AM |

    Who needs science when you’ve got religion? Good question. And unfortunately, ALL the wackos running on the Pubbie ticket for prez found GAWD! AND the Big Kockhs as their personal saviors. Sad, so sad. Rick perry is right. Evolution is a theory “that’s out there”, and there is NOTHING as “out there” as their wacky religeeous beliefs! Looks as if we’ll have to evolve once again from monekys, the Monkey Trials! But who will be our next Clarence Darrow??? Can someone help me out here with a theological question? Just WHEN did Jesus say it was good to be dumb as dog sh*t? Blessed are the dumb as dog sh*t for they will soon be the poor who will inherit the earth!….or some such.


  2. You Liberals are so deluded and ignorant. Believers of human caused global warming are anti science and anti facts.

    Scientific fact is the climate has changed dramatically for billions of years. Missoula was once covered by a glacier and later a lake and now it is dry land. Were we the cause of that?

    Human caused climate change is only a theory based on proven flawed computer models. There is zero proof that humans cause global warming.

    Climate change is not about climate change to believers. It is about expanded government and control over people. More people are realizing this truth which is why your crackpot theories are falling out of favor with the general population. But go ahead and keep up the hysterics. It only makes you look sillier.

    • Yes Andy, your conspiracy theory is correct. Its really all about the evil government wanting to take over your life. Does it make you feel like your life has some significance to think there is an evil entity out there that wants to take it over? Its out there somewhere..and its contaminating your precious bodily fluids isn’t it?

    • sure was a good thing gov’ment regs didn’t get in the way of…
      say, the pit in butte, the zortman mine, or further west, hanford…
      the tons of shit pumped into rivers, oceans and the air are a free ride…
      ddt didn’t kill birds, right?
      we should be so grateful for cheap oil that we are willing to give the queen a pass on deep water regs, right?
      we don’t need no stinking gulf?
      there are some great real estate buys down shreveport way…
      you might want to try there.

    • Mock me all you want. Why else would anybody believe so strongly that humans cause global warming when there is zero proof?

      You believers want to tell me what car to drive, how to travel, where to live, what to eat, where to work, to use expensive and inefficient power, even what light bulbs to use and who to vote for, etc. all in the name of stopping the “impending catastrophe” that will result in the climate change we are causing. I can cite lists, quotes and news stories for all these things but I won’t because you all know they exist. How is that not taking away my freedom to do as I wish? How is that not control?

      My conclusion is logical. There is no proof yet I am expected to change my behavior and if I don’t, laws will be passed that will “encourage” me to change. That, my friends, is control over my freedoms.

      • Andy, logic has nothing to do with your assumptions, and you made no conclusion. If you expect “proofs” then you might understand mathematics, but you don’t understand science at all. Gravity is a theory with “zero proof”, by your standards. Yet it lends itself to repeatable modelling, just like human caused global climate change. You’re being mocked because you are asserting your right to levitate in defiance of all the evidence.

        • Bottom line, there is no proof. Spin and twist and dazzle your sycophants with your “brilliance” with the tired old gravity argument but the scientists I work with every day and who are not dependent on government money, find those of you who believe humans cause global warming ignorant and uninformed.

          By the way I do levitate occasionally.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 2, 2011 3:07 PM at 3:07 PM |

            Name some names, Candy. Let’s SEE a list of the “scientists” you work with daily who don’t believe in global warming. I’m thinkin’ that you’re full of crap. Can you do it, Candy?

          • “Bottom Line”, Andy, there’s no proof of gravity either. You are the one ‘spinning and twisting’, with wild tales of scientists you work with. Do they have names? Are they published? Do they know thing f’ing one about climate science? No? Hardly surprising.

            Andy, you’re not levitating. You just think you are from huffing too many fumes.

          • Im thinking Andy might work with a few scientologists or scienticians but thats about it.

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 2, 2011 4:23 PM at 4:23 PM |

              I’m thinkin’ that he actually ENJOYS being the butt of every liberal jokester around! They guy’s a glutton for punishment.

              At LEAST Skinner presents an actual argument at times. Stupid ones admittedly, but they’re still arguments, like the one about noble whatever. It was dumb, but I liked it. To me it’s interseting to see how the fascist mind operates.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 2, 2011 4:15 PM at 4:15 PM |

            Just perused your site, Candy. Not much traffic over there, dude. Seems that you can’t levitate much readership. Guess that says sumthin’ about the appeal of bullsh*t! One would THINK that with all your of proof that global warming is not man caused, folks would be beating a path to your site! But funny, that’s not the case. Guess that you have to come here to get ANYone to read you at all! And that’s kinda sad. You appear to be an abject failure in the market place of ideas. I feel your pain, dude!

            But HEY, it’s better than nuthin’ to come here I guess. Feel free to glom on to hated liberal readership. You’re kinda like the bank robber who was asked why he robbed banks. He responded “because that’s where the money is”. You come here because that’s where the READERship is. You’re not as dumb as you write.

          • andy..

            wonder if the scientist you “work with” are some of the crowd that makes you a “top conservative blogger”…
            all scientists are funded by government…
            even if it is in the guise of corps-rats where they are paid with tax-writes…that is to say, by us.
            you must be willing to put up the “dis-proofs” that establish your convictions since you demand proof.
            ever seen an inversion?
            mini-global warming…
            not so hard to understand, no?

            what filament size you use to levitate?

      • What Andy and his buddies really want is to deny all science plus No Regulations and tort reform. Then they can sell tainted food, water, drugs etc. and rip people off people off in the name of the “Free Market”

  3. Actually, there’s a real problem with science becoming advocacy, with values driving science to the point the science loses value. Guy named Anthony Watts lays it out here — a phenomenon not limited to science, but apparently common in situations where a trust responsibility is in play:
    “Noble Cause Corruption is a belief that what you’re doing is so much more important than what anyone else is doing because your cause is noble, you’re saving the planet, and because you’re saving the planet, you are doing it for the good of mankind. Therefore your cause is much more important than everyone else’s. There was a time when I actually felt that way, when I was doing a project related to planting trees, and having TV meteorologists plant trees back around 1990. It’s easy to get caught up in that Noble Cause Corruption because it makes you feel good. It makes you feel important. It makes you feel powerful. And so all of those things combine to put a blinder on you as to what you’re really doing.”


    Is it a coincidence that Jane Lubchenko is among the leadership in a movement to have scientists engage the public in policy discussions? And what about Tim Wirth’s famous comment, even if the science is wrong, it’s still the right thing to do?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 1, 2011 10:16 AM at 10:16 AM |

      And your highest grade level achieved again was WHAT, Skinflute? Uh huh. Just as I thought. Talkin’ out one’s ass is JUST as big a threat as noble advocacy, but unFORTUNATELY that’s all you and Candy and your rightwing pals have. But HEY, I always say if that’s all you got, FLAUNT it!

      • Actually, Larry, I graduated from Montana State in business. Could have, and probably should have, stuck around two more quarters and had econ and American history, too.
        Beats your diploma from Warm Springs State Hospital any day.

      • Skinflute?! Larry, c’mon. I used that derogatory term back in junior high and high school. Your use of it trying to deride Dave’s level of education is hilarious especially since you have no idea how it looks! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 1, 2011 10:38 AM at 10:38 AM |

    Kinda sad to see the rightwing trolls invade the site. They’re not real bright and contribute nothing in the way of actual debate or information. (see the above) Candy and Skinflute have never had an original thought in their entire lives, nor do they have the experience, education, and aptitude to even fully underSTAND the issues. For them, simplicity is the highest good. Hence, simple is as simple writes! They hate smart people and consider them to be elitist. They glom on to the simplest ideas as a way of rebuttal, for it’s all they’re capable of. And it fits nicely with their world view.

    I mean, look at what Candy wrote. VERY profound, profoundly STOOPID!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 1, 2011 10:42 AM at 10:42 AM |

      p.s. At LEAST craig moore is quite educated, and he probably gets paid to write by the word. Therefore, he’s helping the ecomony. (I hope he spends locally.) And craig’s bullsh*t is prime, USA, number one BS! It’s the best money can buy. If my intelligence is to be insulted, I want the best. That’s what craig does.

    • Larry, why are you afraid of a little debate? You and I both know it is because you know the truth and are afraid to come to grips with it. Your world view if seriously flawed and you don’t want to see it crumble any more than it already has.

      Be brave. Be honest. Those of us on the Right will accept you when you come to our side. I know you are in denial now which is why you express your anger towards those you think you disagree with. It’s common and we understand. We are patient and will be there when you join us.

  5. Jef Essman likes Jeff Essman ALOT

  6. @Andy. You think science is a conspiracy against the right? Of course you do! This is the funniest thing I have read in ages. Thanks Mr. Smith for bringing up such an important topic that is often forgotten in the “horse race” style coverage of politics. The modern world has no place for those who fear knowlegde and facts.

  7. Essman will get his butt handed to him if he runs for Governor because he is just another example of a Billings Republican A–hole. Same as Jumbo Jimmy Knox, same as Dan I wish I was more like a Kennedy, same as Mr. Ag Report Turd Brown. Why is it that the Yellowstone County Republican Party, has the biggest A–holes in the state? As far a Testa goes I wish him well in his future endevors.

  8. What is the deal with Essmann announcing he is “considering a run”? Is he or isn’t he? It seems like he is just trying to give himself a way out of the race if he gets no support. So he’s already taken on the stance of a loser before he even starts. This is not the sign of a smart man–as if anyone had any illusions that he was smart after that legislative session. This man should be embarrassed to show his face in public. Time to retire from politics Mr. Essmann. Please, go away.

  9. Thanks to Mr. Testa for his good reporting in Montana. Wish we had more like him.

  10. Please do remind us Sen. Essman on the ‘nutty’ session and what was NOT accomplished and left rushed at the end, and we’ve seen the insane results, especially ‘soup sandwich’ bills on eminent-domain
    and medical weed. Bravo to Mr. Testa and hope others will keep speaking ‘Truth to Power’ so this state doesn’t get ‘tea bagged’ again.

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 1, 2011 5:04 PM at 5:04 PM |

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANOUNCEMENT!, brought to you by me. Look, it’s almost Labor Day. And if you’re like me, you like to CELEBRATE labor day any time by drinking good, union made beer. SO, I decided that I would post all my favorite UNION MADE beers. Drink hardy, my friends, while celebrating the Labor Day. And drink a good union made beer! It makes that beer taste that much better knowin’ that you’re supporting union brothers and NOT the Big Koch brothers!


  12. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 1, 2011 6:56 PM at 6:56 PM |

    Wow! Ol’ Sen. Mini Barfus needs our ideas about cutting the budget. Hey, Mini, how bout we just END OUR SENSELESS WARS, moron?! And then, close all our bullsh*t military bases around the world?! It AIN’T that hard to figure OUT, Mini! Ron Paul’s got it figured out. Why can’t YOU?

    Let’s face it, Mini. You’re just not up to the job, dude. Your oysters have yet to descend. You AIN’T no Sen. Wayne Morris nor Sen. Robert Byrd. You’re just our pathetic little Mini Barfus who needs some cover for his latest little corporate boot licking. Hey Mini, I’m SURE that the Teatards can give you some great advice!

    But really, Mini, HOW old are you now, and you STILL can’t think for yourself?? You’re an embarrassment to yourself and our state, Mini. Time for you to hit the lonesome Cornpone Burns trail, dude!


  13. Andy ‘H’, let’s all go back to snake-healers, get rid of x-ray machines, MRI technology and modern meds that help heal our loved ones, all developed from SCIENCE and Technology, technology we ‘lust’ for to kill innocents as we fight two wars, squandered trilions because of the lies to go into Iraq, where my friends have died, and our Nation’s resources and blood horribly wasted, and Bush could have easily trapped OBL, but let him get away and then declare he – Pres. Bush – ‘mission accomplished’…..?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 2, 2011 7:56 AM at 7:56 AM |

      I STILL remember all those righties who said that even if invading Iraq was wrong, it would be such a great big boost to the economy. War is good business! Well, how’d THAT work out for us??? It WAS a boost to someone’s economy. It was part of the largest transfer of wealth upward that this country has even seen! THAT is why I get so pissed off at moral cowards like Sen. Mini Barfus who will NOT EVEN SPEAK THE UNSPEAKABLE!

      And what is the unspeakable? Well, that our country is NO better than Nazi Germany and their invasions of innocent countries. I mean, look at the Rape of Falluja. It was a modern day Guernica, and most of the world with a true free press (ie. Al Jazeera) understands this.

      And it’s also unspeakable to point out that it was ALL done with lies, and on PURpose! And that everyone that went along with it was complicit! INcluding Mini. (insert true story here) Once, before the invasion, I had a chance to confront Max about it. I told him that I was vehemently opposed to such an evil undertaking. He did not disagree with my reasoning, but just said that it was what MOST Montanans wanted! What MOST Montanans wanted! Can you even imagine? THIS is our “leader”?? SO, now we go to war based upon a consensus of our citizens???? And NOT whether or not such a war is evil??? What COURAGE our leaders do not have!

      And yet, even today, we continue GEORGIE’S ORGY OF SLAUGHTER FOR BIG OIL AND HIS CORPORATE BUDDIES, and not ONE leader other than say Ron Paul objects!

      And back at home the eric cantor’s are stealing what’s LEFT of the common wealth we all share. One would THINK that Mini Barfus would at LEAST object on principle! But nooooo, not Mini. I mean, what does the guy have to lose? He’s old, he’s set up for life, and secure. At WHAT point in one’s life does one STOP being a corporate bootlicking pimp??

      I find the meek acquiesence of the American public to the theft of ALL their hard earned entitlements so that the plutocrats can continue their evil wars to be very discouraging. It says a lot about how far we fallen as a once proud people. We will willingly donat our last remaining entitlements to NOT have to confront the fascists running the country. And that’s real sad! Tea anyone??????

  14. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 2, 2011 8:25 AM at 8:25 AM |

    Fernando Botero gets it. His paintings are, he describes, “a testimonial to a time of insanity”. His works are much like Picasso’s Guernica, which the dick, cheney ORDERED to be covered up so as not to appear behind him as he spoke before the U.N. Can you even IMAGINE such evil? Cheney would not speak in FRONT of a painting that represents more than anything else the evil of fascism in the modern world! Very telling.

    And yet, “most” Americans seem to not care about their role in supporting such evil as done in THEIR names by bush and his dick, cheney.

    If you’re not familiar with Botero’s work, it’s because it’s not really allowed to be displayed in this country. Only once, briefly. But the REST of the world is very familiar with his work.

    Investigate Botero for yourself. A good place to start.


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