Political Quick Hits

Mental Limitations

Rep. Champ Edmunds (R-Missoula) has trouble figuring out the difference between climate and weather, but that doesn’t stop him from declaring those more scientific minded than he “mentally ill.” Here’s the screenshot. 

Edmunds writes on his Facebook page that global warming must be a scam because snow is on the way.   Then when a commenter claims  that reports are being issued that global warming causes mental illness and substance abuse, Representative Edmunds quips that he “thinks they have it backwards.”

Republican Asks for Prayers to Help Him Stop Trolling

After a Whitefish businessman made headlines for his work to build a community political discussion group on Facebook, TEA Party Republican Derek Skees, of Kalispell, MT is asking for your prayers this week to help him stop trolling it, or as he calls it “vindicating himself.” Here’s the screenshot.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to start fasting as well.

Screen shot of Derek Skees Facebook Page  2011-09-02

Politics is an Art, Not a Science

A poem about Montana’s TEA Party Congressman Dennis Rehberg appeared in the MTStandard comments recently (in the article about him trying to take credit for Tester’s wolf management work) that is too good not to share.

Howlin’ Mad Denny Needs A Hug!

A Montana congressman who’s an ineffective jester
Has a boil on his record that’s starting to fester
You see, Ol’ Denny can’t claim
Any wolf rule changing fame
Because it was all accomplished by Senator Tester!

In his tenure, Denny’s only sponsored a few bills
Rumor is, he spends his time stewed to the gills
Because while in Kazakhstan
He was the first Congressman
To become infamous for his drunken horse spills!

But he’s a leader at the nighttime boat races
And he’s great at filing frivolous court cases
But if it’s legislation you want,
Denny’s record is real gaunt
In the legislation game, Denny’s runnin’ in braces!



10 Comments on "Political Quick Hits"

  1. If I had a nickel for every time a right winger said “its cold, so much for global warming” I would buy out Warren Buffet. So unoriginal. At the very least, Edmunds has proven he’s no wit.

  2. I pray that Skees continues to troll. That guy cracks me up. You never know what nutball rhetoric he’s gonna spew.

    • I miss the verbal boxing myself! But really the worlds a better place when people like him have no voice. Cause every time he speaks we find another nut that likes him!

  3. The informed Whitefish gets it’s most traffic when Skees is on there spouting non-sense. The more that guy posts dumb shit on the internet the better. I suggest trolling him, he obviously has trouble resisting.

    • Agreed. I think Informed Whitefish was originally started because of local matters. Too many people, me included, get a kick out of reading what Skees will say next. Sad but entertaining just the same. A book called ‘The True Believer’ by Eric Hoffer describes him to a ‘T’.

  4. Chump Edmunds favorite thing to do on twitter is retweet religious drivel. Like this gem: Rick Warren retweeted by champedmunds
    “Help those who CANNOT help themselves”Pr31:8 “Those who REFUSE to work(able but unwilling)should not be supported”2Th3:10

  5. I find it ironic that Mr. Edmunds served our US Navy proudly aboard nuclear submarines, but can he acknowledge that SCIENCE – not anti-science fantasies – made nuclear reactors possible, and nuclear medicine has
    cured illness, so how can he by a hypocrite and deny 90% of climate assessments on man-made contributions to the planet’s pollution?

  6. What is with these guys like Derek Skees? So did anyone notice if Jesus liked that comment enough to give it a thumbs Up?? Iquiring Minds want to know!

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