America waits as Rehberg… cancels

Earlier this year, Republican party bosses in the U.S. House of Representatives took a big gamble by putting the TEA Party’s favorite boat crash survivor in charge of an important  subcommittee–the one responsible for funding health care, financial aid, community health centers, and Head Start–just to name a few.

That means Dennis Rehberg, best known for naming post offices and suing firefighters, is now responsible for what could be his first real bill, and it happens to be an important one.

Here’s the hitch: Rehberg is the only subcommittee chairman (there are a dozen of them) who has yet to introduce his funding bill for the next fiscal year.  He was supposed to unveil his plan in July like everyone else.  Then he was supposed to do it last week, but he canceled again.  Now, who knows?

With a matter of days until the deadline, Congress is now waiting for Montana’s Congressman to make some big-kid decisions about what to do with his “Labor, Health and Human Services and Education Appropriations Act.”

But what is Rehberg’s committee up to?  The thing he does best.  Nothing.

Rehberg keeps montana in the dark

Doing nothing is what Rehberg is best at, but in this case, his doing nothing means keeping Montana citizens who want a voice in these important budget proposals in the dark.  Dennis Rehberg likes to preach transparency and open government, but we’re all still waiting for it.

What is Rehberg planning to cut?  What does he want to spare?  What have Montanans told him during his August town hall meetings?  Oh, wait.  Strike that.  Only Jon Tester and Max Baucus held public events in August to hear from the people they serve.

Below the fold there’s a closer look at just some of the things Dennis Rehberg is responsible for, but refuses to talk about:


Health and Human Services
·         Community health centers
·         Head Start, which provides comprehensive early childhood services, including educational, health, nutritional, and social services for low-income children before they enter school

·         Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP), which ensures all households can stay warm in the winter

·         Nutrition and other services for seniors, including nutrition, transportation, and other supportive services for elderly Americans
·         Public health efforts administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
·         Training for students across health professions, nursing fields, and dental care workers
·         National Institutes of Health (which conducts research to help improve the quality of health care)
·         Mental health services and treatment programs administered by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, including programs for children and homeless
·         Nursing home and medical facilities inspections
·         The Social Security Administration
·         Pell Grants (or as Rehberg calls them, “welfare”) which help ensure access to higher educational opportunities for low- and middle-income students by providing need-based financial assistance for college costs
·         Title I Grants to school districts help ensure that approximately 20 million disadvantaged children in nearly 55,000 public schools obtain the educational skills they need to compete in a global economy.
·         Assistance to schools across the country with chronically poor academic performance
·         After-school centers, which provide tutoring, mentoring and enrichment activities for children
·         Teacher Incentive Fund, which supports school districts and States that aim to reward effective teaching through compensation systems that reward entire high-need schools for raising student achievement
·         Charter Schools
·         Striving Readers, an initiative that helps struggling students build their literacy skills
·         The High School Graduation Initiative, which targets assistance to high schools that disproportionately contribute to the nation’s dropout crisis
·         Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, which provides Federal support for special education
·         Adult Basic Literacy Education State Grants, which help adults to acquire basic literacy skills, complete a secondary education
·         The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
·         Veterans Employment and Training
·         Programs providing training and supportive services to workers affected by mass layoffs and plant closures
·         YouthBuild, which allows at-risk youth to gain high school credentials and construction skills training while building affordable housing for low-income families.
·         Green Jobs programs that help workers enter careers in emerging green industries
·         Career Pathways Innovation Fund, which provides competitive grants to community colleges and partnerships with local adult education providers to prepare workers for careers in high-demand and emerging industries
·         Older Americans Community Service Programs, which provide community service opportunities for low-income seniors
·         Unemployment Insurance Operations, helping states process Unemployment Insurance benefits
·         Centers of Excellence for Veterans Success, which provide college and university-based support centers for veterans seeking to obtain a post-secondary education
·         Worker protection agencies, including the Employment Benefits Security Administration, Employment Standards Administration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and the Mine Safety and Health Administration
·         Corporation for National and Community Service, which supports AmeriCorps members



34 Comments on "America waits as Rehberg… cancels"

  1. Maybe he’s up to working on some significant and real cuts in the budget. Adults sometimes have to make difficult and unpopular decisions especially when cleaning up the kid’s messes (Obama). IT would be easy (as Democrats and RHINOs know) to just let the automatic 8% budget increase take affect but maybe he’s really taking his responsibilities seriously and working on cutting out wasteful and redundant expenses.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 14, 2011 12:26 PM at 12:26 PM |

      BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! And maybe he’s just a dumbass who doesn’t have a clue! And I hear that, Candy. Adults get drunk and nearly kill their staffs, and fall off horses in the countries they’re visiting, and sue fire depts. Yep. Adults do that, right?

      • Aren’t you just the funny guy! Got me good on that one, I have to say. What does any of that have to do with the topic addressed in the post and my comment? Just a lame smokescreen to avoid the real issues.

        • lumberman…

          ray-bung is such a toady for the corpse-rats that he has forgotten which one to lick next.
          your definition of “significant and real cuts” would be interesting…
          corpse-rat giveaways? tax gifts to the rich? $5 bil each and every year to arm 160 nations?
          pointless wars?
          which did you have in mind?
          ray-bung has NONE in mind.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 14, 2011 3:29 PM at 3:29 PM |

          I just tee’ed off on your post. YOU’RE the one that refered to Dopey Reeburp as an adult! BTW, how many “adults” you know get SH*TFACED and nearly kill their staff? Or SUE the FD? Or get drunk and fall off a horse in Kyseekistan?? Dopey did all three. He writes his OWN humourous response. I just repeat it.

        • Andy, you didn’t address a topic in your comment. You offered conjecture. I could have done the same by writing that maybe Rehberg is “up to” doing blow and cavorting with hookers. Or maybe he’s up to illegally downloading porn. Or maybe, he’s really a secret agent man too busy saving us from SPECTRE’s fire-fighters to do the job Montana elected him to do. Anyone of my conjectures is as realistic, and sadly more likely, than yours. Yet your expect yours to be taken at face value.

          What we should be able to agree on is the obvious, known and factual which is really the topic of this post: He isn’t doing the job Montana elected him to do. He wasn’t elected to single-handedly fix the US Budget. And before you offer your bluster about how he was elected to do that, then explain where the hell he was when Bush exploded the debt by $4 trillion and bailed out the banksters who wrecked the economy. If his job is what you say, then he’s obviously not very good at it, is he?

          No, Andy, he was elected to be a Congressman, representing the state of Montana. The point of the post is that he isn’t fulfilling his duties there any better than he is in your fantasies. He was elected to a job he truly sucks at.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 14, 2011 4:57 PM at 4:57 PM |

          Maybe THIS is why Dopey is tardy! Ya never KNOW ’bout Dopey Reeburp!

          Oh wait, that was probly Scam Hill at the Sip and Dip when he was chasin’ mermaid tail!

          Candy, you gotta admit, your Pubbie/Teawanker candidates are prepackaged humor fodder!

    • Cuts like Pell Grants, food stamps, Nursing home care for Seniors. More TAX Breaks for his buddies?

      If Denny put his money where his mouth is by buying his own health care for him and his Family I might have some respect for him. He does not have the Pre-existing condition excuse any more.

    • “Maybe he’s up to working on some significant and real cuts in the budget”

      Have to agree with Larry…that is hilarious! The thought that Denny would actually propose any useful legislation, given his long record of doing nothing but poking holes at other people’s proposals, is quite funny!

  2. Speaking of idiots. Here we go. Skees has announced for Auditor…

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 14, 2011 3:33 PM at 3:33 PM |

      GET YOUR GRANNY A SHOTGUN! Gen. Robert E. Skees don’t NEED no sheriff’s office for poteccion! He’s got his granny, the old lady, and all his offspring totin’ shootin’ irons! What a freakin’ BUFFOON!….and perfect Teawanker.

      “We must hold sacred the Property Rights of each citizen and work to turn back the clock on the erosion of those unalienable rights. State law should guarantee that the security of the individual is assured by his firearms and not the power of the police state.”

      Gen. Robert E. Skees, Wackjob!

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 14, 2011 3:56 PM at 3:56 PM |

        p.s. LOTS of misinformation in that press release. First. HOW many times has the Skeeter been married? And to whom?? For you see, Skeeter CLAIMS to be a big KRISTyeean family values dude. But never is it mentioned if the Skeeter is on wifey one, two, or even three! Inquiring minds want to know. (it’s called transparency, skeeter)

        And second, Skeeter “attented” college somewhere? Oh bullsh*t. He’s an uneducated buffoon who MIGHT have used the restroom in some college somewhere. But he did NOT, repeat, did NOT get a degree anywhere! (unless he took the toilet paper with him on his shoe! that’s the ONLY piece of paper skeeter has from a college! maybe he framed that!!! hangin’ on his wall!! ready to be moved into the auditor’s office when he’s elected!! another judy mars.)

        So, in the interest of honesty, the Skeeter should at LEAST come clean ONCE in his phony little existence! He CLAIMS to be a family values dude. SO, just HOW many has the dude had????? Hypocrite much??

  3. Rehberg is lazy and none too smart. He’s also worried becuz if he cuts these programs, it will no doubt anger rational independent voters–this is stuff like education. But if he doesn’t , the TEA party may go after him. So he stalls like a coward, paralyzed. Do your job jerkoff like we pay you to do!!!

  4. Will the ‘Tea Party’ ‘skee-daddle’?

  5. Rehberg is no spending saint, but this argument has zero credibility as Democrats in Congress have failed to pass a federal budget for years. In the end, it does not matter if Rehberg and his committee do squat. Reid, with Tester backing him every step of the way, will just continue to increase the debt limit and spend regardless of budgets. That is why it is so important for Tester to be replaced. Then Montana, and the nation, will no longer have to wait…

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 14, 2011 9:51 PM at 9:51 PM |

      Stoop, be honest now. Are you now, or have you EVER drawn, social security?! Stoop, you’re full of it, dude. When I see YOU sending back your social security, military retirement, medicaire, medicaid, ANY gubmint money, etc., I’ll start to believe your sh*t. But until that time, you’re just takin’ a dump, dude. You’re just a typical Teawanker wankin’ in public. Get a different hobby.

    • We Democrats tried to work on the federal Budget in December 2010 but if you remember Scooter…. the GOP threatened to fillabuster anything on the budget then…. and now! Trying to attach the deficit to the Budget was some of the most irresponsible BS I have seen the GOP do in years! They just didn’t want the government paying for bills the GOP already plunged the USA into! Thats right your man Bush and congresses BS!

      Dont let revisionist history get in the way of the truth!

  6. I have never drawn social security or any form of public assistance, although I do believe in the the concept and don’t demonize others that do. In it’s current form it will not be around when I retire in thirty-some years. But, the deficit will be, as it will when my kids retire fifty years later. There may be comfort in doing what we are doing now, but there is no compassion for what it does to future generations.

    • debt ceiling is a ruse…
      unless plundered (as it has been) social security would be set for a century or longer.
      and it is not part of the budget.
      amelika has plenty of money…
      they shoot babies don’t they?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 15, 2011 4:42 AM at 4:42 AM |

        Please don’t confuse Stoop with facts….or reality. It’s much more enjoyable and comforting to be oblivious. Tea goes so much better with obliviousness. Stoop is of the opinion that billionaires need love too. They’re people too. And it’s pleasing to se at LEAST someone making it in Tea Murca. Hell, if the Kockh brothers can be billionaires forty-five times over, there’s hope for guys like Stoop. He gets it. Billionaires are what made this country great. They are job creators… Stoop’s little mind. And lets face it, a tiny mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 15, 2011 4:47 AM at 4:47 AM |

      Stoop, you bought it all, the entire bag of crap. You see, SOME folks are so unsophisticated that the ONLY thing that they can grab onto is the most basic, simplest concept. Hence, that’s why your Teatard politicos FRAME the debate in the most simplistic terms possible. They KNOW that it requires no thought what so ever! Hence, when they want to screw you over AGAIN, they trot out the one issue issues. Abortion, guns, deficit, freedom, flag. YOU know what I mean. And all the while you’re buying their crap, they’re hosin’ you REAL good again. Kinda sad really.

    • There was a deficit when I was born!

      “W”‘s plan was to Run it up as high as he could. Just like Reagan did. Look up the “two santa claus” concept

    • Scoop, I don’t know you, so I’m not going to assume. But, just so that we’re clear on the concept, if you have ever:

      Deducted your home mortgage from your taxes,
      Taken out a federally insured student loan, or received any of a variety of student aid tools like Pell Grants or work-study aid,
      Deducted your student loan interest payments from your taxes,
      Received an Earned Income Tax Credit,
      Received an Energy Use Reduction Tax Credit …

      If you’ve done any of those, and a long list more, then you have indeed ‘drawn public assistance’. If I wanted to get pedantic about it, I could point out that your attendance at a public school would be ‘drawing public assistance’. Now it is possible that you’re home-schooled, earned a GED, never went to college or trade school, and yet somehow landed a great job. That would make you a very untypical American.

      It is entirely possible that SS will not be around in it’s current form 30 some years from now. It could be better, or funded out of the general fund. You can’t make any intelligent prediction at all about what the debt will be, unless you can see the future. Can you see the future? You’re likely to come on back that you can tell the future from the past. You don’t seem very good at that, either.

      See, *you* are as responsible for the current debt situation as much as anyone else, including the Democrats in Congress. You actually want me to help get rid of Tester so that we can have a budget that you presume will not burden your special snowflakes in the future, right? Just answer me this, how many times has Rehberg voted to increase the debt limit? It’s a simple question, one I’m certain that you’ll avoid like the plague. But now Rehberg has found that new-fangled religion of making everybody else pay for his excesses, and you help him by telling me that I need to give a crap about the future of your little snowflakes? That latter is not likely to happen. If you support Rehberg, then don’t blame me for their fate. Blame your parents for leaving you so poorly educated, and yourself for remaining so.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 15, 2011 4:11 PM at 4:11 PM |

        OUCH! I felt that one from here! Stoop better get a new handle after THAT dressing down. Ya just can’t go out in public with your intelligence all hangin’ out and expect no one to notice! It’s kinda like havin’ your fly open. If you’re well endowed, you probly don’t care. But if you come up short in that dept., people are gonna laff at you. Maybe Stoop could change his handle to Shorty. Now THAT works!

      • Like the last gasps from a swatted, and squeeshed fly! Dang ROB, you really gave Scooter, a metric ton of truthful force there… you sure hes bright enough to take that????

  7. Holy cow Rehberg is actually doing his job! Must be an election year coming!

  8. “What have Montanans told him during his August town hall meetings? Oh, wait. Strike that. Only Jon Tester and Max Baucus held public events in August to hear from the people they serve.”— That doesn’t say much, actually. Rehberg has held countless more public listening sessions/townhalls/etc than Baucus and Tester who are usually hiding under their desks. Maybe they just don’t like me (which is entirely possible) but the only response I’ve ever received from either of them was after I sent a letter about healthcare reform, Baucus responded by thanking me for my letter on climate change. He too is concerned about climate change. Blah blah blah. I’m sure there are plenty of similar stories about most politicians but I’ve never had a problem reaching Rehberg.

    • Anecdotes to the side, don’t you find it at all peculiar that the Representative you have found more approachable than the others goes into hiding suddenly when he’s running for the Senate? If you don’t, I suggest that you should.

  9. Well one things for certain….. he didn’t even show up here in Dillon for a town hall meeting, he sent his lackies. So looks like he is trying his damnest to keep from making any promises in person! So what bar you figure hes hiding at until the election is over????

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