A Rebel Yell for Montana

Creepy photo of Derek Skees with a creepy sign and a woman in a creepy mask.Confirming a story that was first reported here at the Cowgirl blog,  TEA Party Republican Derek Skees, confederate sympathizer who has tried to set up his own Little South amid the ultra-right-wing colony in the Flathead, has announced his candidacy for State Auditor.

Skees will run against incumbent Monica Lindeen – D, and his candidacy will likely be based on a single issue: Say No To Federal Healthcare Reform.

It really fits perfectly into the broader themes so dear to Skees’ heart. He is a states-rights fanatic. He believes that the fifty states individually can, should and must override federal law when they please. He admittedly does not recognize the supremacy clause of the US Constitution and believes Abraham Lincoln was the villain and cause of the Civil War, that the Southern States had the right to do what they wanted, including own slaves, without interference from the federal government.  Such ideas were explicitly expressed by Skees in an e-mail to a supporter in 2010, which was published in the Flathead Memo at the time but has so far received little coverage from major newspapers in the state (which raises disturbing questions).


As he views Lincoln, so does he view Obama.  Skees believes Obama has no authority to enforce laws that seek to reform our health system and insurance system.  His opponent Lindeen has taken the polar opposite view, putting the weight of her office behind legislation and regulation that would actively implement federal healthcare reform.  She believes the state of Montana should maneuver into position to deal with reality, reality being the 2014 start date of federal health reform. And she believes, we can assume, that Americans cannot continue to empty their pockets on medicine, doctors and hospitals.  (Given that the major hospitals in Montana are growing so fast and raking in such increasing profits that they appear to be impervious to the recession, she may have a point.)

Nevertheless, politics is about timing and Skees has timed his move smartly.  He can’t win re-election as a state legislator in Whitefish, because he is a right-wing super-radical who got lucky in a GOP year and snuck into office representing a moderate district.  And so he’s now made a move that will cast  him as a major opponent of a federal scheme (health reform)  and a federal person (the president) that are both miserably unpopular with Montana voters.  And Skees has an opponent who has sided with Obama on the issue, courageously I think.

Lindeen’s candidacy goes beyond healthcare.  As one of five votes on the land-board, she helps decide how state lands will be used (this includes things like timber sales, grazing, resource development and a host of other decisions).  In this regard, Bullock, McCulloch, Juneau and the Bucy/Laslovich winner will also all face tough challenges in an uncertain election year. If GOP turnout is anything like 2010, the land board could be in jeopardy.

So Lindeen will have a fight on her hands.  But fortunately she, too, is now positioned against something unpopular: right-wing lunacy.  Skees is a national leader of a fringe of the GOP so far right that it barely considers itself Republican.  He was actually featured in Time Magazine as the alleged leader of a national Nullification Movement. This movement has been strong in the South ever since the Civil Rights Act.   It is appropriate that Skees’ be named the head of it, since it is his own people who started it.  Every time the the federal government tried protecting or enforcing or granting equality for blacks, Skees’ folks did what they could to stand up for States Rights, lest they find themselves with what they would call “uppity negroes” on their hands.

Montanans aren’t very fond of right-wing radicals nor people who wear confederate flags.  As for which thing–health reform or right-wing radicals–scares Montana voters more, we’ll know next November.


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  1. Interesting that General Robert E. Skees would want to be in charge of regulating anything. Wouldnt the t-bagger philosophy he subscribes to argue that the office of State Auditor should itself be abolished? I mean why would we want state regulation of securities or insurance Derek? Shouldnt we just abolish the office and let the free market protect us?

  2. If Skees get the nomination, the race become high profile and attracts a lot of money from national sources that are hostile to any government role in health care. If Skees beats Lindeen, and Republicans hold the U.S. House, capture the U.S. Senate, and oust Obama, Montana’s auditor will have the power to commit a lot of mischief in the name of personal responsibility. Under Skees, the auditor’s office with the health insurance industry would remind one of the SEC’s relationship with Bernie Madoff. And the Three Musketeers, with their socialistic attitude of “one for all and all for one” would be prosecuted for conspiring to pool risk.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 15, 2011 3:09 PM at 3:09 PM |

    Skeeter has to do at LEAST as well as the nutty broad whose ONLY commcercial for auditor was an internet video that showed her shooting a gun! Remember her? Hell, she did remarkably well! The nutso, racist, militia types will automatically vote for Skeeter. But I don’t think that he’ll get much traction with anyone else. He’ll end up bout as well as shooting woman did.

  4. If Lindeen thinks her current course is a good one she needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Just who is she getting her political advice from at this point anyway. Either her Chief of Staff and Chief Legal Jesse Laslovich he needs to stop focusing on his own political race and start paying attention to his boss. If he is paying attention and her current course reflects his advice, perhaps she needs to start questioning his judgement.

  5. Lindeen shouldn’ta gone within a 100 miles of Obamacare. Shda stayed away from it. What the state does is irrelevant anyway, so her advocacy produced nothing for citizens or patients. Now she’s in a tight spot. Obamacare is all that the GOP has. Its their go-to issue. It is a landminte for D’s. And I wonder if she truly gets that.

    • Helenan and Christie,
      There is the political thing to do, and that’s look at the polls and decide how she should run her office according to public opinion. And theres the right thing to do. And am proud of Lindeen and her willingness to do the right thing. And to take such a pitiful cheap shot at Jesse L means you have not been paying attention. Jesse did great during the session trying to do the responsible thing for the State of Montana amongst a see of crazy tea baggers. He deserves kudos for sticking up for the poor people obamacare will help. Shame on you.

  6. Obama Care has a lot of Good Points which the Dem’s have to get out there and fight the Garbage Fox News has put out there for the Health Care/Insurance companies who do not want to have to pay 80-85 cents of every dollar collected on Patient Care instead of investing in CEO’s playtoys


  7. Adding the public option to Health Care
    is still an option given the right Congress and Senate. I think what people dislike about Obama Care is that it did not go far enough Fast Enough. It still lets the Corporations rip off people a year after it was passed.


    As long as the Corporations run Health Care for a profit…unregulated.. the price will rise


    there is Vermont’s option


  8. obamacare is a loser for everybody…
    token changes for us…
    in the end it won’t matter much vs republi-con predictions.
    on the other hand…
    obammy sold us out on single payer…
    what? the rest of the industrialized world’s human services ahead of the greatest christian nation on the planet?

    • There was no law passed that we can never have single payor…

      • of course not…
        but when will it happen with all members of CONgress eating caviar on insurance lobbyists expense accounts?
        and a nutless prez?

        • Its happening in Vermont because people fought for it, not like you who just crys in your beer

          • vermont ain’t the nation…
            and it sure as hell ain’t mt.
            i have max free health care, and i don’t even drink beer, haven’t cried since my youngest kid was born…
            the issue is pivotal because it is a blazing example of the contempt ALL polly-trickstons have for YOU.
            if homer won’t take CONgress on for health care, they know sky’s the limit for the party.
            they already know that.

            • Well I have NO health care
              prexisting conditions-from a drunk driver- make it very expensive. Althought at least now I could get it if I had the money.

              The Health Care bill must do some good for people or the Insurance Companies would not be fighting so hard to repeal it.

              • you should (and could) have the same health care i do…
                money no object…
                the health care bill does little and the insurance companies bitching is a fake…
                they got just what they wanted…
                EVERYBODY will now buy insurance.

  9. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 15, 2011 6:51 PM at 6:51 PM |

    Skeeter the Great! Gen. Robert E. Skees is simply another great intellect of our times. He joins other great thinkers and writers in attempting to bring order to our Homeland. And let’s face it, isn’t THAT what it’s all about? Order? Trains on time?
    Skeeter knows.


    • but then…
      mt voters have a record of selecting absolute loser…
      ie last session’s legislature…
      mark the rascal…
      the judster…
      etc. etc.

  10. Republican Candidates have been crooks and nutcases most of the but Gov Schweitzer, Senator Tester have done a lot of Good. Ellie Hill and others have done good. You just want people to stop voting

    • and the “lot of Good” is…?
      not interested in having people stop voting as much as having voters exercise an active role in picking candy-dates…
      instead of settling for mutual of omaha’s pick…
      or the koch owned national committees…
      you know…
      it works best when you own both.

  11. So you are active in the Green Party? How many meetings do you go to a month
    where possible candidates are disussed?
    Have you researched all the possible candidates for Rehberg seat? POST that info. Where are these “perfect Candidates” What does a perfect candidate consist of in your eyes? The Governor set a good model by refusing to accept PAC money. He Stopped alot of the Tea parties worse bills. You want a perfect world in an inperfect world. Senator Tester has been much better for Montana then Burns was but because he’s not perfect in your eyes he’s all bad.

    • ever noticed the hostility “party folk” express over the concept that their man/woman is bought and sold in advance of the camp pain?
      “parties” and devotion to them is the problem.
      “we” pick no candidates.
      the game is rigged such that true citizen action is impossible as long as the big money weighs.
      meetings be damned…
      only the money matters.
      one mind changed is one person closer.

  12. What is all this talk about “Obamacare”? Don’t you mean “REPUBLICARE”, since the program was originally proposed by the conservative think-tank Heritage Foundation as a conservative response to “Hillarycare”?

    Do your research, look it up. But then, this isn’t the first time that republicans have been opposed to something they originally PROposed, because President Obama is also in favor of it.

    Look at everything the republicans wanted, but now oppose, because the President wants it too.

  13. Wow, 21 comments. Is that all?

    After all of this pathetic sites rabid bigoted posts against me based upon totally false and baseless accusations of racism that are only indicative of a totally myopic hate of anyone or anything that is against the all powerful state, and all you can muster is a few lackluster, very tired comments and a discussion string that flies away on a tangent?

    Surely the rabid left can muster up a little more than this, because these feeble attempts are very encouraging to me. Have you all lost the burning rage that fuels your fires of discontent? Are you actually beginning to see that the now incredibly worn out and utterly ineffectual baseless personal attacks plan that you have so thoroughly embraced will only lead to failure? Please tell me you are finally ready to enter the world of adult civil discussions based on political positions and solutions, rather than being the rabid leftists’ blog posters in sole possession of a bankrupt political philosophy that leaves you no actual retort to the fact that the socialist path only leads to ruin.

    I will continue to pray that modern political debate in America will finally shift to resolution, not deflection, and to clarity, not lies, and the realization that hate based politics only leads to a critical shortage of good people willing to join in the political arena for fear of false attacks. This is the legacy of Bovine Scatology: inflicting a near fatal wound into the heart of the political life of the Republic.

    All I ask is debate me on the issues I represent: Less centralized government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, smaller and less expensive and more responsive government at all levels, increased personal responsibility and individual decision making in our lives, a return to Constitutional government and rejection of Marxists ideals of wealth redistribution and social engineering.

    These are a few of my favorite things and by now, well know to all who care to follow what I have been actually saying for years. If you stand against me, then you are against these ideals, and hence why you must resort to baseless character assassination, to “kill the messenger” so to speak, rather than heed the message, because you cannot honestly tell the electorate what it is you stand for. Integrity kills your message, and that joined with my faith in God, will provide the victory of my cause.

    May God bless the people of Montana and the end to our miseries under the misguided principles of socialism.

    • Derek:
      Thank you for responding and for your continued contributions to Cowgirl Blog. There is nothing bigoted at all about the criticism of you from this blog. You have previously expressed in writing your ideas on States Rights, in the context of the Civil war and Southern Secession, exactly as I recount them above. And of course you are a major advocate of Nullifcation, a Civil-War era concept (and modern ultra-right-wing concept) by which States may ignore the federal government. These ideas, plus some of your affiliations with ultra-right wing types, seem to make it a reasonable thing for me to call you a far-right winger. True, you are proud of your Southern Heritage. But that pride clearly extends beyond just just Southern Culture. It clearly encompasses support for Southern History and Southern Actions before, during and after the Civil War and during slavery.

      • Are Democrats really against “nullification”? Do they really want to implement every law that Washington DC throws at the States? Perhaps a review of the 2007 Session is called for; specifically HD287. For those that don’t remember the governor and the legislature nullifying the Real ID Act, here’s a link to the unanimous vote in both the House and the Senate nullifying federal law. http://bit.ly/eOZUb3 I guess it’s OK to nullify federal laws when it’s your governor that wants it done.

        • cowboy…

          good example of a sensible nullification…
          but, fess up…
          most of the suggested nullification were just plain stoop-id.
          in the end, as well, it is likely that if the feds really wanted a particular law observed in mt…
          there are the means to see to it.

          • hmmm – “sensible nullification” – an interesting term. So it appears you favor the idea of nullification as long as it is “sensible”. The question then becomes, who gets to decide what is sensible? As I recall, enough states nullified Real ID that it has never become law.

            Personally, I don’t feel that attempting to nullify the PPACA, in particular the individual mandate, to be “just plain stoop-id”.

            • in theory you are correct…
              think the insurance companies, served by ppaca, won’t turn the fed dogs loose?
              in which case, maybe nullification would be at least pointless if not stoop-id.

    • Derek Ive read a lot of your online ramblings and you asking others to speak with clarity is irony in its purest form.

    • did you vote for the texass monkey boy?

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 16, 2011 5:11 PM at 5:11 PM |

        rleeh, PLEASE don’t insult texASS. I kinda like that state. Oh sure, there are some real knuckledraggers there, but they have some good folks there too. And Chimpy Bush is NOT from there.

        • there are good folks everywhere…
          i have friends there also…
          they did elect monkey boy gov…
          and sent scumdaddy to CONgress…
          i would say that was enough to make a texass of themselves.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 16, 2011 5:14 PM at 5:14 PM |

      HEY, Skeeter is ON to sumthin’ here? A dude who PROULDY displays the Confederidiot Flag calling OTHERS bigoted! Wow! Just Wow! Now THAT’S funny!

      But I will tell you this, Skeeter, I never saw anyone in Montana marching in a public parade in a Confederidiot Flag unTIL you showed up! Think about it, but no too hard. Wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself. What does THAT tell you, Derek?

      • I can see the Campaign ads now, Instead of Christine O’Donnell saying “I’m not a Witch” we’ll get Skees saying “I’m not a member of the Klan”

      • Before you continue to display your ignorance, I must supply you with a healthy dose of truth (although I know many of the readers of this site don’t come here for that). I do not own a Confederate flag, and never have (I do have a Betsy Ross, an Old Glory and a Don’t Tread on me one though). I never carried nor waved one on the streets of Whitefish. This lie was a Democrat Party paid for “October Surprise” hit piece AD (that no legitimate news paper would print in the Flathead except a free sensationalist rag owned by Maury Povich) just trying to shave a few points the weekend absentee mailer shipped. Every point in the AD was false and easily proven so, it only enraged the good people in the North Valley and ultimately helped immensely to get out the vote (and suppress (and/or change) with disgust many good Democrat votes in town).

        Yet the cardinal rule of Propaganda, one this site knows well, is “a lie repeated often enough, becomes truth.” Well, keep trying I guess…it didn’t work for Goebbels either.

        It backfired on the Dems big time (ask Will Hammerquist, Democrat candidate for HD 4 in 2010) because many in town know I am part of a Civil War cannon team that competes with over 40 other batteries across America. The incredible veterans of Whitefish asked my family to fire the cannon to salute the veterans on Memorial Day. We did so proudly displaying multiple Stars and Stripes flags and we wore our club grey Car hart denim jackets and ball caps for the rain that day (true investigative journalism would have asked: ever wonder why such an event, photographed by many guests and reporters never one showed a Confederate flag?)

        That club jacket has a 2″ x 2″ Confederate Battle flag (among many other cool patches and embroidery) in reference to the competitions. If you read any of the editorials (after the attack ad) where the veterans defended us, you would know all this. The only group left holding on to belief in the lie in the Flathead is the Democrat Party. Obviously, since to admit it would taint them more than they already are. Do you see any supporting reasons here as to why the Republicans carried EVERY elected seat in the Flathead in 2010?

        You only help me by continuing to hit this pathetic and obviously false string of attacks. I am 1/4 Jew on my grandmothers side, my wife is 1/4 African American, and 1/4 Cree Indian. We were married by one of our best friends, a black inner city outreach minister in Orlando. We have many friends who are also minorities and my family has a rich history helping inner city folks in faith based outreaches in central Florida. (I am starting to envision a great TV commercial here…) These accusations are pathetic and in light of the truth, only make my point stronger: the rabid left cannot debate me in the arena of ideals (as demonstrated in the 62nd session) and must resort to propaganda and lies in the hope of confusing the ignorant. Time and truth cures that in all cases, and I have plenty of both.

        As a Christian I would ask that for the sake of only telling the truth and adhering to the Creators law, you should not repeat these lies, as they only taint and condemn you. I pray daily for your absolution and repentance, and the hoped for day we can all embrace as brothers and sisters in the love of our Savior, and get to work together to mitigate the very real suffering of families here in Montana.

        As a political candidate however, I would reference you to the good pages of one of your own leftist blog gurus, James Connor and the Flathead Memo to support the argument that I hope you continue to retell this lie, as it is easy to refute with truth and proves you have no legitimate argument against me. It is a Freudian admittance to a fear of my capabilities. When the good people of Montana hear your rants about race, secession, and a struggle that occurred over a century ago, whereas all they (and I) care about is how I am going to reduce their Insurance rates, free them from Obamacare and support the growth of natural resource gathering jobs with consistent votes on the land board, they clearly see the rabid nature of the left.

        In reality, I must thank your side as I am nationally known due to these pathetic attacks. They just add fire in my belly for a righteous fight, allow more people to want to seek me out and discover for themselves who I am. To quote a noted conservative who supported me solely on the amount and tenor of my enemy’s attacks: “you wouldn’t be getting so much flack if you weren’t right over target.” Yes, your hate based rants actually let every moderate you propose to inform against me, to actually look to me in light of the truth as fighting the good fight because of the very tired and over played “race” card. Honestly, you sound like a broken 45″ record with a stuck needle.

        This is why I will win against the rabid left in the end. You base your campaign of hate on lies, and to further perpetuate the myth of what you mistakenly want me to be, you must continue to lie. The truth will always win.

        I will still pray for you all, as I continue to reap the rewards of your self-feeding mistake.

        • as christ’s servant…
          you never answered…
          did you vote for george w bush?

        • Oh, and one more thing.

          The email letter describing my view on the Civil War, its origins and historical perspectives which started all this, was a planned event (and a good read if I don’t say so my self, supported by a very large bibliography). I wanted to first; educate an obvious operative of the left who related their respect for me having the courage to embrace my ancestry by talking about Civil War history (which I love along with ancient Roman, Revolutionary US and WW2), and simultaneously go fishing for the response I knew your side couldn’t resist.

          I knew this would quickly become your only attack if I provided it and since I knew you needed one (and I wanted it to be a false one I could easily refute), why not drop a few crumbs to lead you down a path you could not initially see was a dead end? My wife reviewed my plan in the beginning and though it might backfire as she thought the left would not embrace such an obvious ploy, and if they did, once committed to the lie, would never give up on its dissemination in the end. She was incorrect on the first position, but sadly spot on with the second.

          Yet now you have taken so much line, the reel is smoking!

          Honestly, if I was actually all you suppose me to be, would I initiate its discovery in an email? If I ever was actually in the Klan, or was a racist, or embraced the Confederate pro-slavery cause would I draw attention to its discovery and outing, which by now if their was any truth to any of it would have occurred and rightfully buried my political future a year ago? Really, if I was as terrible as your lie suggests, wouldn’t your side by now have so much proof that I could not refute it? Wouldn’t some good-hearted neighbor, family member, or friend from my past have come forward to support this position you falsely say I “proudly” support and provide some tangible evidence to nail the lid down on my political coffin?

          All you have, is all you started with(based on what I provided you with):a Democrat paid for lie, supported with such a huge degree of separation it boggles the rational mind.

          I only finally confess this as I feel responsible, in some small way for allowing the taint you so freely wallow in. I feel sorry that I dangled the carrot in front of this Donkey, as I knew that its nature would only allow it to follow. I apologize for the plan, as it really just hurts the political process.I have now realized that this plan only helps your side by scaring away many good folks from seeking public office in light of these attacks against my good name.

          That having been said I hope we can move on with your forgiveness and get to debating the issues Montana really wants to talk about. I will forget all the hurtful attacks on me, my wife and children and forgive you. Now lets get together and provide the good people with our competing plans to provide prosperity for Montanans, and let them pick the winner as the founding fathers designed.

          I understand the grip hate has on your hearts, and I will just say this: I am now absolved of any small part of this, and you ride alone in your sinking ship of lies. My conscious if finally clean on the genesis of this path: you now own its future exclusively.

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 17, 2011 9:58 PM at 9:58 PM |

            Get thee beHIND me, Mammon Demon!

            Derek, sans C. Flag.


          • Derek-Why not just post a photo here of that silly jacket, so it can be settled once and for all, and we can move on to something else? If it is truly minimal as you say, why not just show us?

          • perhaps it is a christian deed…
            to take the wealth of the amelikan people…
            convert it to weapons…
            then GIVE it to over 100 nations…
            whatcha think, christo?

          • I think you just blew your election to anything in Montana, Skees Baby! Your inbred white man posts today about being from somewhere else do not help us here In Montana! Let alone that jacket of yours! Why wear the colors of any Losing nation, becus the south lost that battle buddy!

            Please don’t prey for me either, I do not worship any god but my own, and he alone will deal with me not yours!

            “The Constitution has not placed our religious rights under the power of any public functionary(T.Jefferson)!”

        • As a Christian Derek I ask that you please stop lying about history and citing to proven frauds like Cleon Skousen and the “5000 year leap” as factually accurate. Im going to pray for you and hope that God will speak to you regarding your violation of His Commandment that you shall not lie.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 17, 2011 9:45 PM at 9:45 PM |

        What??? You’re praying for me? You’re praying for me? You’re PRAYING FOR ME??! (Deniro, Taxi Driver)

        Sorry, dude, but no thanks. I don’t need the prayers of a liar. You see, Derek, we all saw the pics of you in your jackets COVERED with the Confederidiot Flag. We all KNOW that YOU, yes YOU, not me nor anyone ELSE posting here, showed up at the Hate Conferences sponsored by your pal, YOUR pal that you intro-friggin’-DUCED to the entire Legislature. (it’s on tape) Did you not? Of COURSE you did!

        Now, if you DIDN’T know that this was a hate conference, I would submit that you’re not SMART enough to be state auditor.

        And really, WHAT “vets” wanted you to fire a Confederidiot Flag festooned canon? And why? You see, Derek, we DON’T celebrate here in Montana with Confederidiot flag canons. At least not THIS Nam vet! That makes NO sense!

        And you BEST save all your prayers for yourself! I’m good with the Creator, dude. For He KNOWS that I don’t attend hate conferences, NOR do I celebrate by WEARING a Confederidiot Flag, which represents one of the most hateful, evil periods in our country’s great history!

        And laslty, what are the prayers of a liar really worth anyway? DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT HAVE THE CONFEDERIDIOT FLAG ON YOUR JACKET DURING THE PARADE?

        (Sorry, Derek. Pictures don’t lie. Only politicians do!)

        And lastly, you are going to HELL, straight to HELL, for having false gods before you! Remember THAT one? You worship a god as FALSE as any, dude. You worship MAMMON! Hence, I got a leetle prayer for YOU too. And it goes like this.

        GET THEE BEHIND ME, MAMMON DEMON! You see, Skeeter, if you were TRULY a believer, you would NOT be doin’ what you’re doin’! Yes, I consider you to be a Mammon Demon! And you’re on your own! Good luck with that!

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 17, 2011 9:50 PM at 9:50 PM |

          p.s. And Skeeter, what gives a transplant like you ANY right to say what we do with OUR natural resources? You got no right, dude. You’re not one of us. You may be a hit up there with Pastor Chucky Cheesy Bulbdim’s inbreds for Jaysus, but THAT moron ain’t from here either. Face it, dude. You’re a carpetbagger. Alwasy will be.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 17, 2011 10:22 PM at 10:22 PM |

          For Skeeter. You see, Skeeter, only an arrogant MAMMON DEMON claims to pray for others while wearing a Confederidiot Flag. Subsitute “praying” for “talking” in the following.


          GET THEE BEHIND ME, MAMMON DEMON! Get thee back to florida, you false Christian! Get thee back to the Bible belt where inbreds rule!

  14. Derek – you will only get deflection and attacks from this site. I don’t agree with you on a lot of things but I do have to give you credit for advancing your ideas in a civil way. Your post took some courage, more than most that comment here. Not sure if you’ll get my vote, but you do have my respect. For posting this I am sure I will be labeled some kind of tea party nut, which I am not. My gut is that this is about as acurate as them painting you as a southern bigot. I’d rather hear or discuss what you might do as auditor, which I am sure will not be done with any clarity or accuracy at this site.

    • Mr. Skees just can’t help feeding his ego and delusions of grandeur. Check out his attempts to justify his views on the Informed Whitefish site, it is a little more conducive to polite back and forth. Its pretty clear his understanding of the issues goes about ankle deep and no wonder he cut and ran from all the discussions there. He knows he will get abuse and ridicule here though and it feeds his need to play the victim as a way to avoid justifying his views.

  15. Skees doesn’t even know what the state auditor does. I went to his website, which is online here, http://derekskees.com/preview/ and found that he wrote:

    I will not vote on anything that is counter to my principles, my faith and my business sense. I will deny all legislation that we are not allowed time to read.

    Clearly, he is unaware auditor doesn’t get to “vote” like the legislature does, nor does the position get to “deny legislation.”

    Scoop offers kudos for Skees courage to post here. I encourage Skees to get the “courage” to find out what an office does before he decides to run for it. I agree with the others here that Lindeen seems completely out of touch going into this race. It may be too late for her to change course at this point. The stupidity of her actions boggles the mind.

  16. I must say that derekskees.com/preview is where I am building my site, as modified from my house run, hence the preview component. If you visited my site, it would tell you its under construction. I will get it complete by this weekend, and thank you for your patience.

  17. Skees could not handle one day in the State Auditors Office, he would not know what to do. Skees might win the primary but let me tell you even dyed in the wool Republicans would vote for Monica Lindeen over this clown. Seriously if he wins the Republican primary Monica Lindeen will not have to break a sweat to get re elected, she just has to let this guy open his mouth a few times and fly his Nazi flag around.

  18. Perhaps ‘General’ Skees would want to melt down the REAL General Meagher statue in front of the statehouse, as you know, General/Governor Meagher was an ardent Federalist, OMG, secession must prevail!

  19. anybody can see through derek skees. the guy just wants to get himself a nicely paid and furnished office in helena. his cronies on the right have devestated the economy of montana so badly with their austerity measures that the construction industry is dead. he just wants a job for himself on the public dole even though he has zero credentials to hold the office.

    scammers like skees always lean on their “christian” values to justify their actions. we used to call them spiritual grifters.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 17, 2011 10:01 PM at 10:01 PM |

      10-4 THAT, pbear. “Spiritual grifter” works well with Skeeter and Pastor Chucky cheey Bulbdim. What a bunch-o dipsticks.

  20. The Southern – Central Florids – Fake sugar does fly up here. I spend 7 LONG years dealing with it in Central Florida. Skees ran on Jobs in 2010, this was what he spent his time on in the leg.

    Now whose lying?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 18, 2011 8:05 AM at 8:05 AM |

      Folks must understand that lying is not lying according to guys like Skeeter as long as it promotes their agenda. The rationalize lying as promoting the greater good. You see, according to the Family, lying is acceptable as long as you’re lying for Jaysus! All Skeeter’s talk about his “saviour” is nutty talk. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Christianity. It is a ruse. HIS idea of Jesus is pure blasphemy. And most mainstream churchs understand that but will NOT call it what it is, for by allowing the blasphemers to operate freely, they feel that they also achieve some of their ends. ie. abortion restrictions, vouchers for private schools, etc.

      It’s really a sad situation. Skeeter and his crew, like Pastor Cheesy Bulbdim, are destroying any credibility Christianity had as a force for good. It’s like has been said, when fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and religion! Bulbdim and Skeeter WANT theofascism to benefit the wealthy. They worship at the alter of the Big Kockhs, and truly believe that the best way for the country to prosper is for ALL of us to worship the Big Kockhs. The Big Kockhs more resemble Jesus to them than the idea of a meek, humble Jew who gave his life for the world. THEIR idea of Jesus is a rabid capitalist who trounces his opponents! THIS is their gospel!

      I still suggest that folks read a book called The Family by Jeff Sharlet if you want a clearer understanding of the evil these folks like Skeeter and Bulbdim do. They are NOT Christain in any traditionals sense of the word. They are hucksters maligning the spirit if Jesus. I am not exagerating ONE bit when I say that they are Mammon Demons, for that is EXACTLY what their religion is designed for. Look at the list Lynn provided above. Absolutely EVERY bill that Skeeter introduced is designed for Mammon and not good.

      Call these holy hucksters what they are. I do. Why can’t the mainstream religious folks? I see only that a view do.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 18, 2011 8:31 AM at 8:31 AM |

        p.s. See any Christ-like bills in that list? There are none. Little Skeeter is a phony. But HEY, his attempts at nullification were quite successful. He and his group of misfits nullified JESUS long ago! Now, all he’s left with are his saviours, the Big Kockhs! Sad, so sad. When will the mainstream churches respond? WWJD? Well, Jesus would condemn them as being cowards for allowing His holy works to be misused for Mammon, and evil to be called good! Hell, I’m suprised that they haven’t elevated Ronnie Raygun to sainthood yet! Or at LEAST started the process! St. Ronnie the Alzheimeric Hearted! He done a lotta good for the world!!!

  21. I wonder if Mr. Skees will answer the question of whether the Southern States were within their Constitutional authority to secede from the union, continue to enforce slavery, and even more recently to enact Jim Crow laws. I think we all know what his answer is but it would be nice to hear it from the horses mouth. If it werent for that damn evil over reaching federal government the whites could still have their own drinking fountains in the South right Derek?

  22. Why don’t we ask Derek about his favorite toy while he still lived in Florida. Remember that Derek the club you kept behind the seat of the pick-up called the “N” beater. And you call people here bigoted. Please.

  23. Me too. What’s the scoop here?

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