The TEA Bag Ruptures

It appears the U.S. Declaration of Independence is just too lame stream.

The Montana TEA Party has put out another important manifesto this week: a “TEA Party Declaration of Independence.”

In the document, they declare that they are a “genuine, spontaneous, grassroots movement,” not sounding at all defensive on that point.  The manifesto also insists that the Montana TEA Party is independent from “all political parties.”

It seems that the irony of this assertion was not lost on the folks at the Montana Watchdog, because the very story in which the TEA Party declares itself above political parties includes an item about the TEA Partiers’ meeting with Montana’s top GOP candidates, Congressman Dennis Rehberg and congressional candidate Steve Daines.

The TEA Party has been pimping Rehberg hard for some time now.  After the wingnut nightmare that was the Montana legislative session (and Rehberg’s notorious speech to the legislature laced with angry TEA Party invective,) no one is left in the state who is dumb enough to believe the fading myth that members of the tea party are somehow distinct from Republicans.



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  1. Tea Party – tyranny of ignorance!

  2. This is a TEA party gimmick that is the latest fad pushed by the national astroturf generators like Americans for Prosperity etc. You can see this simply by googling “TEA party declaration of independence” which apparently none of our local geniuses bothered to do. The fact that this declaration includes language about it being genuine grassroots I couldn’t help but laugh. What a crock.

  3. Tea Party – your worst nightmare. Hey if we are so stupid, ignorant and a bunch of dunces, why do you all have such a hard on over us.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 22, 2011 12:11 PM at 12:11 PM |

      You’re right, Candy. We should be THANKFUL that there exist such ignoranuses that VOTE! That makes a whole lotta sense, but that’s why you’re a Teawanker!

      • I am just glad they are out of the closets! at least I can walk down the road and see who I don’t trust now! I no longer cater to GOP/ teaparty Businesses anymore for anything! So thanks, I know my money will never be put into the coffers of Idiots by mistake anymore!

  4. It’s why you come to this blog, Andy. Because we have a hard on for you, you come here and post.

    Why do we not go to your blog and post? That’s easy, it’s because we have a hard on for you.

    Brilliant dude. Unbelievably brilliant.

    Is that a dunce cap in your pocket or are you happy to see me, Andy?

    • ROFL OMG Come on Andy answer that one!!!! LOL

    • Too easy. You guys don’t comment on Conservative blogs because you are incapable of an intelligent debate of the issues. (I do know you visit, however) You take the coward’s way out and just comment only on blogs that share your ideology and way of thinking, a circle-jerk if you will. Telling each other how smart and enlightened you are. When a Conservative leaves a comment in the middle of a ‘jerk, you attack and avoid debating the issue.

      I admittedly come over here and a few other places and intentionally drop a bomb or two just to get you folks riled up because I know you won’t/can’t debate me without a personal attack. I’ve been at this for five years now and that’s the only thing you folks seem to be capable of. I do it purely for the entertainment.

      Someday, one of you may have the courage to visit a Conservative blog and debate without a personal attack. But be warned, if you are intelligent and open minded, you will more than likely become a Conservative.

      • andy-conservative blogs don’t allow comments in montana. find us one, and we will comment.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 22, 2011 4:38 PM at 4:38 PM |

        Ditto the above, Candy. Show me the site that will allow me to post. Who’s the cowards? And if they DO allow comments, it’s all screened. Try again.

      • anyone who doesn’t espouse the PARTY line…
        and i’ve watched you do yours here…
        is persona non gratis on either PARTY dump…
        the “debate” you request is readily available here…
        i’ve complained of the jr high name-calling in lieu of substance myself.
        i’ve noticed that you, like everybody else here, believes “the system” is out there to benefit you if only the right person gets the prize.
        i’ve been watching this crap for 50 years…
        it’s a nickel for you and the rest to the corpse-rat state.
        the federales have beefed up domestic security in violation of the CONstitution courtesy of BOTH parties…
        for the federales know that their REAL enemy is just down the street.

      • Andy< To tell you the truth, I tried a couple of times to make comments on red blogs, there was no intelligent replies…. they just told me to leave and mentioned my Mother or family with the F word! So much for your intelligent commenting. secondly I dont answer to conspiratorial Conversation very well! You guys are too far out there policy wise to ever get your butts off the limbs you climb out on! Lastly, This is a progressive blog so why are you here?? Because no one reads your blog thats why!

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