Stunning Poll Results, From A Ten-State Survey

I received the following chart today, which gives the results of a recently completed survey of voters in ten states.  It was commissioned by a consortium of groups, including the Montana Policy Institute, a conservative group based in Bozeman.  The poll says that 83% of Montanans believe that state government is being run efficiently, and 55% believe Montana’s economy is on the right track. Montana leads the other states in both categories.

Might I remind everyone that these attitudes about the efficacy of state government are coming at a time when the entire executive branch of Montana is controlled by Democrats?

Two questions were asked: 1) Do you believe that the economy in your state is headed in the right direction or wrong direction?  2) Do you believe your state government is being run efficiently or inefficiently? Here are the ten state results.  Montana is highest in both categories, by a mile.

FL 27% YES 63% NO 47% YES 51% NO
IL 23% YES 74% NO 23% YES 76% NO
IN 28% YES 53% NO 77% YES 16% NO
MI 23% YES 56% NO 41% YES 53% NO
NY 26% YES 58% NO 62% YES 37% NO
MT 55% YES 37% NO 83% YES 17% NO
NC 18% YES 70% NO 55% YES 39% NO
OH 20% YES 71% NO 49% YES 42% NO
PA 29% YES 62% NO 45% YES 53% NO
WI 39% YES 51% NO 57% YES 37% NO

Almost nothing in politics ever polls at 83%.  If a politician jumped into an icy river to save a grandma from drowning, and voters were asked if they approve or disapprove of her actions, it would probably poll only 80-20.  So the 83% percent number is really astounding.  Alas, all of this is terrible news for the Montana Tea Party and the GOP. Montana Teabaggers and Republicans spend their days frothing and foaming and ranting and raving, blurting out lies to crowds filled with angry imbeciles, about how state Government is spending too much money, taxing too much, and regulating too much. None of this information appears to be working. These lies are not affecting voters. Voters like what they are seeing.  So Montana Democrats must now take these poll results, and stuff them down the throats, and up the asses, of their right-wing critics, to victory in 2012.


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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 22, 2011 6:43 PM at 6:43 PM |

    Bad Cowgirl. Bad analogy. You see, water analogies are not nice and dirty pool! ie. Scam Hill rescued a mermaid at the Sip and Dip, and Dopey Reeburp nearly DROWNED his entire staff! I’m sure that that was some kind of Freudian slip on your part.

    But if your numbers hold up, looks as if Pastor Cheesey Bulbdim’s gonna have to recruit LOTS more Inbreds for Jesus if the Pubbies are gonna have a chance. How ’bout it, Pastor Bulbdim? I KNOW you read this site, Loser.

  2. Not knowing too much about the Hoosier state, their numbers seem curiously disproportional on first look. How can things be running efficiently with that amount disconnect on the other end?

    That being said, I love this last little bit MTCG: “Montana Teabaggers and Republicans spend their days frothing and foaming and ranting and raving, blurting out lies to crowds filled with angry imbeciles, about how state Government is spending too much money, taxing too much, and regulating too much. None of this information appears to be working. These lies are not affecting voters. Voters like what they are seeing. So Montana Democrats must now take these poll results, and stuff them down the throats, and up the asses, of their right-wing critics, to victory in 2012.”

    Giddyup. Spot on.

  3. LOL! Hey Cowgirl how about continuing to point out that 2/3 of the Montana government is controlled by the GOP – the House and Senate – or did you forget about them. Oh, and isn’t the Tea Party contingent of the Legislative branch doing the heavy lifting?

    I’d say this poll reflects very positively on the GOP Tea Party.

    • Correction, I meant to say 1/3 of the Montana government and not 2/3 of the government. Didn’t finish my coffee yet.

      • drink lots of coffee…
        then think back…
        maybe even wonder…
        why it was that if you searched “laughing stock” in april…
        mt legislature came up.

        • The Governor knows how to treat the Tea Party, one reason he’s so well thought of un like Rick Scott, Scott Walker etc

          • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 23, 2011 8:26 PM at 8:26 PM |

            OUCH! Poor widdle Mikey Mealworm doesn’t LIKE the guv. Ain’t that too bad. Neither does Judy Mars.

            But I’m still waiting for the book. What book? You know. THE book. The book that sen. Booby Kenan of Big Dork was going to keep of everything single thing Scwheitzer said, and was then gonna use it against him! Wonder if he has enough stuff yet? Or is he just too afraid to quote the guv and make him even MORE popular?

            Pubbies. Dumb as dog sh*t and twice as clueless! They don’t NEED a dog like Jag around, for in their attempts to hurt the guv, they’re chasin’ their OWN tails! Which is quite a trick with their heads up their asses!

    • Andy, Did you forget that the reason the GOP agenda wasn’t served here, & couldn’t do much damage was because every stupid bill they wrote was vetoed by a democratic Governor? Or the fact that the print media and even right leaning newspapers took a dim view of the MTGOP and teaparty to task! Did you forget the Montana polls, which were so anti GOP because of the stupidity of nullification?

      Why is is you GOP forget that 1 out of every four people in this state work for the state, & Federal government or who’s job is in contact with the state and federal Government on some level!

      Do you really think we are that stupid as a big sky people, we would forget about the nullification bill, the spear chucking bill, the Gold standard bill, the I hate the gays so much We need to throw them in Jail Bill…. and so on and so on!

      Are you already trying to rewrite history that started only 9 months ago; and is still fresh in every person of voting ages mind????

    • AAAAAhAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Mr. Hammond has already posted the same poll and claims it looks good for MT GOP. How dense could this guy be? Even long time republicans can’t argue that the MTGOP made them all look stupid. But what do you expect from a person that describes himself as a “proud Teabagger Son of a Bitch.”

  4. Mr Hammond has a funny idea of how things work. The state government is run by the executive branch. That branch is run by 5 state wide democratic elected officials. The legislature makes the laws, and they are a separate branch of government. they do not run it.

    • You may be right but we all know that people lump what they know about the entire government when asked these poll questions. Be as wonky as you like but the average citizen does not know how the nuts and bolts of the state government is run.

      What they saw all year was news about the Tea Party members of the Legislature and that is what they they considered when answering these questions. If you were honest with yourself, you would have to agree. But go ahead and keep your head buried in the sand. We will see what happens in 2012.

      • This is the problem with the GOP they keep thinking the rest of America doesn’t have a brain. Andy your kind of thinking it why the country is having such trouble! Give people all the right information and they generally make good decisions. the GOP doesn’t want to arm people with the truth. Thats the problem they want to give Americans Commercials about wonderful Corps who are so wonderful!

        • The GOP thought process is flawed about people because they don’t know people anymore!

        • woods…

          maybe you could list the last year that the gov or any “party” gave the people “all the right information”…

          • Thats the problem Isn’t it?? I agree we as a people have not fundamentally been taken care of correctly all the time on the left! But they continually try do do good, despite even, late coming, independant… Left bashers like you!

            So lets live in the real world for a second shall we… there is no magic wand the president can wave to make things better , because the system is set to three different powers to be: Congress, Senate, President.and the law is set to prosper bipartisan rule, If any one of these is compromised supposedly the other can two take over but, not right away! By law every effort must be made to allow the wounded branch to succeed!

            This is how the GOP has succeeded in interfering with the normal rein of government! They finally figured out that the laws are set for gentlemen to do the right thing! And if there is no Gentlemen, No concessional support, there is no government. This is exactly the road taken by the south last time that led to civil war! And it took years for us as a nation to overcome, it will take years now to do the same!

            The Gop has not cared for the public at large ever since the Bush man was in office! I was in Washington DC the first time he was elected and you never saw the drive to the white house by the Bush Caravan because it was egged!He never got that walk onto the grounds of the white House!

            Thats right it didn’t hit any of the major outlets because the cars were covered in eggs! The GOP hasn’t cared at all for America since Reagan left office…. since they stole the election from Gore. They haven’t cared for others in the world since the day Bush was elected to office for a second term! Unforgivably, The GOP of old have all come back round to the days and thoughts of the civil war, Coupled with the old dixiecrats thinking; that we kicked out of our party, the DEMOCRATS in the late 1940’s… wrapped in the rebel flag, They are back to try their crap again and since we do not teach our children history well enough about the Monsters on our own streets, on our own soil, in earlier, less gentle times… we have to live this nightmare again.

            What we have left ourselves on the left is vunerable, because we never opposed fighting for Bipartisan Ideas. This is not necessarily a bad thing because the people we voted in are still gentlemen and women. But they didn’t come to fight with people, we sent them to lead by example… and we have left them sorely unprepared because we so strongly believe in the right thing to do, we never thought the other side would fight it!

            Well the Tparty, and old GOP are fighting freedom to be an Individual to our shock and dismay… and we have sent people of intelligence, and science… instead of Cowboys and rustlers! We all thought we were doing the right thing!

            The GOP Meanwhile dont feel comfortable anymore in a free society, that has gone global, Our inventions, and intentions for world peace, scare the unprepared hoards, like gunpowder scattered the Mongolian warriors of old!

            So we must fight this hatred again folks, and we might not get all we want while we do it! We must remember what gov or party gave us the most successful information and for years it has solidly been in the Democrats favor!You Late comers to the world stage that call yourselves independents need to bone up on your history, and pick a side cuz you dont have enough in your fold to be a force…yet!

            • Rleeh wants everyone to boycott the polls, he thinks that will fix everything

              A page right out of the GOP playbook. Discourge as many people as possible from paying attention to politics.

              • Well hes not gonna disturb me. In fact when election day comes I will drive as many other people to the polls in my big swank van as I can… To registrar and vote democratic in my county as needed… or until the poles close! Why because the current GOP Moderate in Politics is dead, killed by the hand of his own right wing brother. I intend to see we take these “Teatards” as Larry so aptly calls them… to task at the Polls.

                • first…
                  not a left basher…
                  have never voted pubic in my life…
                  secondly, your vote NO LONGER MATTERS…
                  actually it hasn’t since the dereg frenzy of reagan, bush, clinton years…
                  we were told that nafta would increase markets and indeed china had huge new markets…
                  and solid american jobs vanished.
                  the corpse-rats have owned elections since they shot kennedy, king, kennedy…
                  now that they are “persons”, they will own elections even more.
                  your enthusiasm is certainly admirable…
                  but the REALITY is critical offices will go as the money goes.
                  if you really want something done…
                  get the money out of elections and the supreme court an elected office.
                  ’til then…
                  it is all a jerk off.
                  remember the prez candy-date who promised the end to war…
                  where’s the end?
                  why would we reasonably believe that one when he voted for warrantless searches and phone/computer taps…
                  under certain circumstances u s citizens can be ASSASSINATED…
                  this is not a gop issue…demos voted for it as well.
                  the parties cut the power of the people in half and now less than half with the teasaggers.
                  get the money out and the supreme court answerable to the people…
                  you’ll get real elections.

                  don’t read the gop playbook…
                  might be good that you do.

                  • One of my top criteria for a Candidate is that they support Election Reform and Overturning Citizen’s United.

                    Honest Lawmakers have come out and said that our present system requires them to spend much of their time Fundraising in stead of working on Legistlation. Since I would rather not see a Civil War in this Country. I hope and pray that America wakes up in 2012 and Votes against Corporate Owned congress people and senators.

                    There are some good people in elected office, hopefully in 2012 we get a majority.

                    That we see REAL election reform in my lifetime. I’m not holding my breath, but maybe..

                  • A person who doesn’t vote cannot complain about his government Rleeh! You just made every thing you say irrelevant… and not worth listening too anymore!

                    • woods…

                      thank goodness i’ve been waiting for some real patriot to take control and write the rules…
                      that cliche is one of the more tired out there…
                      it is as stupid as only those of us who served in nam have a right to comment on it…
                      you want to list out for us…
                      all the great things YOU have scored on your votes?
                      and, it seems that nobody in this sandbox complains about the lack of performance of THEIR own party.
                      who mentions obammy having voted against the constitution etc etc.

  5. It’s interesting how right-wingers like Hammond take so much comfort in the supposed inability of Montanans to make intelligent distinctions. Of course their whole movement is based on disinformation and misinformation — lies — so they’re hoping that the public is really, really dumb.

  6. If this was a poll about how hard the tea party legislature tried to implement nullification, the gold standard, and outlaw divorce, I’m sure the public would say they tried hard indeed. That’s not what the poll is about. Learn civics, please.

  7. MT government operates fairly effectively and I can actually TALK to our public servants. It’s the ‘certifiable’ legislative ‘hoorah’ that thankfully we only have to endure every other yeart that we depend on – ? – to set the budget and some laws, but after this last session’s ‘performance’, we can be GLAD they’re NOT running it on a daily basis.

  8. Holly Cow! I just spent the last 10 minutes looking at Mr. Hammonds blog. What a scary idiot.

  9. Or the intelligence I lost just from reading the drivel.

  10. What I find extremely interesting is that the face value of the poll may look to favor the Democrats, but one only has to look a little deeper to find contradiction.

    There were 6 states that currently have a Republican Governor and 4 states a Democratic Governor.

    6 of 10 are states that just had their governors take office January of this year. (FL, MI, NY, OH, PA, WI)

    5 of those 6 are states in which a Republican Governor just took office after a Democrat was in office.
    (MI, PA, WI each had a Democratic Governor for two terms)
    (NY, OH each had a Democratic Governor for one term)

    Are you saying that all of these newly elected Governors are expected to have reversed the damage essentially created by their predecessors within the first 9 months of taking office?

    If so, I find it completely amusing that it would be the stance of the “You haven’t even given Obama a chance!” or “It’s all Bush’s fault!” and who can forget, “Obama inherited all of these problems!” crowd.

    Pick one argument and stick to it. The hypocrisy is really starting to stink this place up.

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