Montana TEA Party Leaders Call for Violence Against Political Opponents

The leader of the Billings Montana Shrugged TEA Party and a TEA Party Republican state lawmaker have been caught posting remarks online that imply support for shooting their political opponents.

The incident comes on the heels of another Montana TEA Party scandal.  TEA Party leader Tim Ravndal was forced to resign after his comments about lynching gay people Matthew Shepard style were reported on blogs and in the state and national media.  The latest exchange, which was captured today via screenshot after it caught the sharp eye of Billings politico Kayla Corcoran, is pasted below.  Here’s the screenshot.

James Knox
Up in thought this AM. I often get up early and read, write and so on. Some of my most productive and peaceful moments are between 4 and 5 am… then the sun rises and I want to attack socialists!!!

Jennifer Olsen Totally agree. I’m the same way.

James Knox Kindred souls! Got ammo?

The TEA Party has a penchant for referring to its political opponents as socialists.  As the exchange continues, it becomes apparent that this isn’t rhetorical ammunition she’s talking about.  Here’s the Billings “Montana Shrugged” TEA Party leader again:

Jennifer Olsen Actually, I just bought more :) stocking up. For what…..I’m not entirely sure yet.

Jennifer Olsen That along with rice and beans is going in my safe. Haha, can’t barter with gold.

Ms. Corcoran calls them on the rhetoric.  One would think that this would be the time someone who wasn’t serious would apologize or attempt to clarify the statements as “jokes.”  Instead, Ms. Corcoran is told by Olsen and Knox that she’s the one in need of a reality check.

Kayla Corcoran Mr. Knox, you should be ashamed of yourself. This type of rhetoric is unacceptable, especially from an elected official.
Jennifer Olsen Kaya [sic] – are you serious? ·
James Knox Kayla go to someplace safe…..for your [sic] not in the real world!


After Ravndal was expelled from the Helena TEA Party for his violent bigoted remarks, Olsen spoke up.   But instead of condemning the call for violence against gays, Olsen expressed her support for Ravndal, as you can see from the screenshot here.   Olsen’s is the final comment in the thread.

Olsen signs the TEA Party blast emails and boasts of leading a group of some 3,000 activists.  She was a candidate for vice-chair of the Montana Republican party in 2011 and has filed to run in a contested seat for the Billings City Council.  The Montanafesto Blog also reported that Olsen is the administrator of the Ken Miller for Governor Facebook page. James Knox became one of the most radical TEA Party legislators in the state despite the fact that he was elected to represent a moderately democratic district in the Billings Heights in 2010.

A tip of the hat to Kayla for catching this.  Reader tips are the essence of this blog.  Send your tips to the tipline email here.


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  1. It seems that party of why this is such a disaster is that Stapleton could have used the $15,000 to raise $200,000 more, then spend that in the months right before the election when people are paying attention. By not doing so, he appears dumb.

  2. I meant to put this on another post. Apologies!

  3. WHOA! What the EF. These people think they are in a literal war and are bragging about stockpiling ammunition and what not. The FBI should look into this. Creepy.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 26, 2011 7:27 PM at 7:27 PM |

      Creepy is Jumbo Jimmy Knoxious thinkin’ he’s RAMBO! And Ms. Olscum thinkin’ she’s Rambo’s partner, Bimbo! These morons are heelarious! Wonder where fat boy Jumbo took his military training? You see, Jumbo Jimmy forget the FIRST rule of urban warfare which states that if you’re a big fat bastard, you’re ALSO a big fat target!

  4. I want to know WHERE Knox is and WHY Montana is still paying his insurance and Salary AND where’s the Laptop we Bought him?

  5. I want to know whether the TEA Party will oust Olsen. She’s pretty much its main organizer, with her dad, so they probably think they can’t afford to do without her. If they keep her, however, they are stuck with her actions.

  6. What a bunch of Pathetic losers! Thank goodness is all I gotta say: There but for the greater good of humanism, my democratic Morals, Moxie and education… go I!

  7. Someone needs to investigate for ethics violations as a state representative. We can not have someone like this on our legislature. He needs to be removed a.s.a.p. BTW – GOOD JOB, KAYLA ;-)

  8. I must say Ms. Corcoran has backbone. It would seem to be a bit of a risk to comment like this to people who have no problem throwing these kind of statements out there on the internet. Plus Knox seems like a computer stalker.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 26, 2011 10:43 PM at 10:43 PM |

      Do you REALLY think that lard butt Jumbo Jimmy Knoxious would REALLY risk doing sumthin’ stupid and violent and end up in prison? Kristin, do you KNOW what they do to fat boys like Jumbo Jimmy in prison? Ever see the movie Deliverance? Well, let’s just say that Jumbo would be singin’ a DIFFERENT tune if he realized the fate that awaits a blubber butt like him in prision! He’d be singin’ a tune that sounds a LOT like a piggy squealin’! And I DON’T think that Jumbo’s man enough for that song! What a buffoon.

  9. This isn’t the first time Knox has made these kinds of threatening statements. How many times does someone get to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater before they’re made to pay the consequences?

  10. It seems I posted a comment under the wrong article-oops! Here’s where I meant to say this:

    Greetings from the midwest. I came upon your site through Buzzflash today. Isn’t threatening to shoot people illegal out there in the west? Crazy.

    P.S. Great blog! Wish we had more like this in Ohio.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 27, 2011 2:45 PM at 2:45 PM |

      Hal, we have fun with our wackos here in Montana. The are an endless source of amusement. You should’a seen our last legislative session. It was comedy central on steriods! And the sad thing was that these dumb bastards were serious!

      And now we have all the white sumpremnits moving to Montana. Things just get better all the time.

  11. @ Hal: Seems to me that she could potentially be investigated by the FBI based on her comments about stocking up and ammo. Evidence of a plot perhaps.

  12. You have to remember these people are cowards with big mouths. Ms. Corcoran doesn’t have to fear those two big-mouth numbskulls. They know there is too much to lose for them personally to do something that irrational. They hope to awaken on the edge people like the guy who shot Mrs. Giffords or the guy in Norway. True cowards!

    • Joe,

      That’s exactly the incident I reminded Mr. Knox & Ms. Olsen of in my next response. I cannot believe people in their positions think that’s acceptable. I’m even more upset that mainstream media thinks nothing of it. People need to hear about the crazy in our state. Thank goodness blogs like this get of it out!

  13. Dear Tea Party:

    The Second Amendment applies to liberals too.

  14. Dear TEA Party: This is why your moronic “movement” is the most unpopular of all time. Crawl back under your rock and stop with the crazy violent threats. This is not what America is about. Even in Montana, I presume.

  15. Not making any threats or anything but someone should let them know that not all democrats are unarmed hippies.
    Semper Fi.

  16. Man what’s up with your media not reporting this Montana? No offense but did somebody schedule a cattle drive or something and they all got too busy? Seems like they wouldn’t let the TEA Party get away with saying this kind of thing? This is NOT normal.

    • Agreed. However, this is normal. For the record, I also submitted this to the Billings Gazette, so it’s not as if they didn’t know.

    • Media is under orders not to report negatively on the Tea Party most of the time it seems.

      • I wondered about that too. They had a rally with loaded guns and ammo here in Helena and the media didn’t cover it–probably because they didn’t want to have to report on the low turnout. Still, 8-10 people parading around with loaded weapons isn’t news? Now I know why I guess.

  17. WTF. I mean wow. WOW. Tea baggers are so awful. The one is elected already and the other is a candidate!?? Incredible

  18. I just went to Knox’s facebook (wide open) and here is what he posted. Does anyone know how to do the screenshot?

    James Knox
    Well I am always armed regardless of others. Both packing and mentally. I really do not care to placate to the opposition for frankly it is a battle for our freedoms and liberty, the soul of our country! If you do not agree it is your right but get your head out of the sand. Our opposition uses words against us and far too often we stop speaking the truth to make others feel good. Well I will not do that. Our country is under attack and the very core of who we are as a society is under attack. I will call it like I see it and will not back down.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 27, 2011 9:19 PM at 9:19 PM |

      Oh……. GOD! Someone is attacking Jumbo Jimmy’s core! Who? Who would DO such a thing? Is it a commie? A socialist? A black dude? A secular humanist? An enviro? A minoritee, Mooselum, or Mormon maybe? Just who? The Red Hat ladies? Who? This is serious stuff! Jumbo’s core has been SO violated that he feels the need to pack HEAT, even though Jumbo’s clip is a few rounds short of a full LOAD so to speak!

      But the fact remains that someone is playing touchy feely with Jumbo’s core and he’s gonna WASTE the perp! He’s bout to go all Dirty HARRY on us! Or more like Dirty Jumbo! “Go ahead, mess with my core and MAKE MY DAY!”

      Did I mention that Jumbo is a few rounds short of a full clip?

      • I can just see James standing next to Rush Limbaugh and Chris Cristy……

        The Best and the brightest of the Tea Party….Advertisment for the stste of Health care in America…….

  19. These internet Rambo’s are a freaking joke! Except for that they mean business. Look at that guy in Alaska Shaffer Cox who was just busted for his plot to kill cops.

  20. Schaeffer Cox. Mama Grifter’s bestest buddy. He’s pretty representative of the Klanbagger wing of the Rushpubliscum Party.

  21. Shit! Arizona is losing the race to the bottom. Must go rally somebuddy.

  22. Think of it as job creation. The more people they shoot, the less jobless there will be. You people don’t understand jobs strategy. GO TEA!

  23. When we grow up, we’ll be telling our kids about time in this country when adults wandered about in costumes, pretending to be something they weren’t and yelping loudly about all manner of people they wanted to kill, starve, and force into poverty. TEA bagging is so done. Just remember, they are doing it to themselves.

  24. Don’t blame the tea party for this criminal. I used to work for him and as a libertarian I agreed with some of his politics but warned everyone around him about who he really was. They would not listen, now Billings got what they deserved. If people would have looked into his past in California, and listens to his “stories” we could have got a real candidate. Oh well looks like he has taken a temp job in Billings, so we are stuck with him for awhile. Oh and if anyone else has worked for him never use him as a reference, he pretends he cant remember who you are then yells to his wife..”is that the guy who used to steal from us”, then laughs and says “I will have to look at my records” Been screwed out of many jobs before finally having a friend call all of my past employers..

    • People like that don’t want to see anyone get a head! I worked for a paranoid piece of crap just like him years ago. I feel your pain!

  25. Knox says in the AP story that he “will not “placate” to the criticism of his comments.” So take that you people. The link is here to the flathead beacon story:

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