The Bridges of Madison County (and a Tea Party Imbecile)

Montana Representative "Birther" Bob WagnerRepublican Bob Wagner, legislator from Madison County and a half-literate rube Tea Partier who likes to draw national attention to himself, is in the news again.

You will recall that as a legislator, he sponsored a “birther bill” to prevent Obama from being legally allowed to run for president in 2012. He even appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, but forgot to rehearse answers to basic questions and ended up humiliating himself in front of a national audience and turning the Montana GOP into a national joke.

Now, Wagner has outdone himself. A while back, the Governor line-item-vetoed some money the legislature made available for Wagner’s district, for local projects lie bridges and water treatment. Why? Because Wagner voted against the funding. Presumably, if a legislator doesn’t want money for his district, it is because his constituents have expressed to him that they don’t want it either. So Schweitzer figured if the folks in Madison county didn’t want the funds, why not save the money and keep the budget balanced? So he used a line-item veto to delete the funding.

But it turns out that Wagner’s constituents aren’t too happy. They were banking on the funds for a local project. So it appears that when Wagner voted against the funding, he was not voting the wishes of his district but was rather on some sort of frolic of his own.

Indeed, it seems that Tea Partiers were voting against any and all funding and spending of any kind during the legislature, as a matter of principal, while quietly hoping that the votes of more moderate legislators would be enough to pass the funding.

So now, The Madisonian reports, Wagner’s constituents have sued Schweitzer to try to get their money, claiming that he had no authority to veto the spending. Several other Tea Party legislators did the same thing as Wagner, and now these imbeciles, like Wagner, are also feeling heat from local officials in their districts.

You gotta love these guys. One wonders if these legislators, who apparently enjoy saying one thing when they are in their districts, but doing another when they are in Helena, will be invited back for another term.


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  1. I,ve thought this whole thing was hilarius since I first heard about it. Perhaps the people of these districts well think before they send another knothead like this to Helena. IF that is even possible.
    As to the remark about the the half-literate inbred, as someone who was born and spent a good share of my childhood in Madison county I resent that from the top of my bald head to the tip of my 6th toe. My aunt/cousin has assured me that this does nor happen.

  2. Every time I see or read about this guy the Twilight Zone theme starts up in my head.

  3. I’m going to miss the governor.

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 29, 2011 9:51 PM at 9:51 PM |

    HEY, ya gotta dance with the inbred what BRUNG ya! If the Morons of Madison County elected Birther Bob to be their dance partner, well then, WHERE’S the problemo? I see none. You got what you wanted. You got a big fatassed Teatard! What the hell did you EXPECT he would do?

    Now, if you don’t LIKE that, you have two choices. One, you can be the entirely self-reliant Teatards that you CLAIM to be by sending buffoon boy to the Lege and pay for your OWN damn projects.

    Or two, SECEDE! Make fat little bobby your dicktator for life! He would look PERFECT in a fat little generalismo uniform with lots of fat little medals! He could prance around issues proclamations and little christian Teatard fatwas! He even LOOKS like all the fat little dicktators the world has ever known, a regular Benito Buffoonolini!

    You folks down there in Madison Co. don’t seem to REALIZE the gem of a man you have there. You elected him. Now, get out of his way and let him LEAD! (lead you morons of madison county)

    Too funny.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 29, 2011 10:01 PM at 10:01 PM |

      Remeber that Generalismo Benito Buffoonolini, aka Birther Bob, ALSO famously proclaimed that he din’t NEEN/WANT no health care! Benito was gonna take care of his OWN health care, remember, in SPITE of the fact of being a giant cholestorol BLOB of a man? And he ONLY took the hated state gubmint health care ’cause it was GIVEN to him! Wow! What a magnanimous man. What a giant of a man. What a BIG man. What a big horse’s ASS of a man! It ain’t EVERY day that a veritable walking, talking, spewing HEART ATTACK cavalierly dismisses any health care.

      You see, Birther Bob KNOWS that if he succumbs to the inevitable heart attack or stroke that just WAITS for him, we/society will pony up to care for his ignernt lard butt. Guess that he ASSumed that we/society would do the same for his county’s projects.

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 29, 2011 10:06 PM at 10:06 PM |

        p.s.s. And BTW, wonder if Birther Bob is STILL goin’ around town askin’ folks to lend him a condom?! I’m SURE that there’s probly more than a FEW folks down there willing to find him one that fits neatly over his head!

  5. Knox also in the news today, wants to ‘deal’ with all the socialists, like the Federal Government that brought SUBSIDIZED rural electrification to farms and ranchers! Birther Bob’s constituents have only themselve to blame, as the old saying goes ‘fool me once, you’re the fool’ but ‘fool me twice’ I’m the fool’!

  6. How about those hunters who voted ‘Tea Bag’ and now their hunts will be impacted because state didn’t fill several game warden positions, as ‘Tea Bag’ factions cried no $$$, so those are the consequences hunters, think next time.

  7. Dear people of Madison County:

    I know its a shocker but, as you can see, your Representative Wagner is just another uneducated, fat, white, toothless hayseed Jihadist with a lapel pin. And our legislature is chalk full of these dudes. We have too many of them with out him. Please, do the rest of the state a favor and keep this inbred chimpanzee at home next session.


    A concerned citizen who is very much sick of this crap. Dan.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | September 30, 2011 1:20 PM at 1:20 PM |

      HOLY COW! Circle the wagons! The white suremnits are coming! See, here’s the problem. When your average Montanan says that there’ nothing wrong with the racists that are already here spouting their racist nonsense, THEN, oh yes, THEN, Montana becomes fertile ground for every peabrained racist in the country to MOVE here! Hence, when sen. cornhole burns calls Arabs “ragheads”, and tells “n*gger” jokes, the message begins. Soon, we have folks like Gen. Robert E. Skees proudly displaying the Confederidiot Flag, and Pastord Cheesey Bulbdim moving his flock to Montana. The transplant racist feel comfortable being openly racist here.

      Then, you have fertil ground. OH yeah. LOTS of fertile ground. In other words, if you allow enough fertilizer, you have fertil ground!

      THAT is why every single thinking Montanan must CONDEMN in no uncertain terms the racism, both blatant and subtle, espoused by these racist little worms like skees, gharst, and Pastord Bulbdim. To do otherwise makes one remiss and allows the fertilizer to spread! We cannot allow even MORE fertilizer speaders than we already have, and the message must be sent. You want a white homeland? Create it where YOU live!

  8. I wish I could comment on the way in which voters in Madison County are exceptional, but coming from Flathead County I know that low information, ideologically confused voters are the rule, not the exception, in Montana legislative elections. They’d vote for Bigfoot if they thought he drank tea with his pine nuts.

    • People sent a big FU to the dems for whimping out. They wanted change and the Dems didn’t seem to deliver much past Newt’s 1994 make people buy private insurance ideas.

      That didn’t excite me anymore than it excited you. And it didn’t excite Flathead County. Why should it?

      Are they low information and ideologically confused because they aren’t anymore excited than you or I with our “change?” My guess is yes. Nobody likes to be burned.

      Without Republicans

      • Opps. Meant to say, ‘Without Republicans, we wouldn’t have Jennette Rankin to celebrate. Most people vote the party their parents vote or voted. That seems to be the way it is.

        The reason people vote differently from their parents is when they have a compelling reason to do so. And that’s the same for Democratic Butte as it is for Republican Kalispell.

  9. Wagner Spokesperson | September 30, 2011 3:38 PM at 3:38 PM |

    Derp, dur, duh-derp DERP!!

    • This needs to be parsed carefully. Hispanic is not a racial category. The decreasing population is non-Hispanic whites. Many Hispanics, however, are white. Suppose, for example, that blond, blue-eyed Ursula Anderson of Stockholm marries Pedro Martinez of Los Cruces, and takes her husband’s surname. She is now Ursula Martinez, and counts as a hispanic.


      U.S. federal government agencies must adhere to standards issued by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in October 1997, which specify that race and Hispanic origin (also known as ethnicity) are two separate and distinct concepts. These standards generally reflect a social definition of race and ethnicity recognized in this country and they do not conform to any biological, anthropological, or genetic criteria. The standards include five minimum categories for data on race: “American Indian or Alaska Native,” “Asian,” “Black or African American,” “Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander,” and “White.” There are two minimum categories for data on ethnicity: “Hispanic or Latino” and “Not Hispanic or Latino.” The concept of race reflects self-identification by people according to the race or races with which they most closely identify. Persons who report themselves as Hispanic can be of any race and are identified as such in our data tables. The following sources provide data on race and Hispanic origin population:

  10. Look, the only thing the rest of the world likes about us, is our concept of liberty, and color is not attached to that. nor is religion! They are figuring that out without our help already! All you have to do is look at the Arab spring, and the riots in Britain and know that another wind of change is coming we can either be a part of that progress or watch as this Rome USA goes down in flames as the original one did Hundreds of years ago!

    You know that other countries already have Universities that rival ours… and those good teachers the GOP are firing are going to countries that want smart people for the future of their country and are willing to pay big money to accomplish that!

    We are being dumbed down by by the religious right in this country just as the Arabs were done by Religious nutjobs! hundreds of years ago, it was they who understood math and chemistry long before the hordes of Europe did

    Personally I believe change is a good thing, and America has been dragging its feet to follow change for along time. High time we start high stepping it back to the front line, before the other countries pass us into oblivion.

    • That’s what I meant about the Tea Party/Religious Nuts. They want to undo everything good and drag us back to before the Civil War.

      • I know, and you are right! To Me: The Teaparty is just Jihadists in American clothing! They have become the very thing this country abhors in religious dogma!

    • unkie sham sure do like the front line…
      been there, on average, ever 10 years since the revol…
      you may have noticed since korea, each foray has brought a further squeeze on amelikan civil liberties.

      the “arab spring” is merely a case of time for unkie to install the next puppet ray-gem…so don’t get too excited about “change”.

      what the rest of the world really likes about the u s is blue jeans, hollywood and the idea of being super rich.
      if you are a college kid traveling der welt, you would be well advised to wear a canadian flag on your gear.
      we are HATED abroad.

      you are sure on about being dumbed down…
      we know the control issue at hand for the government…
      ignorant people don’t complain about getting shafted.
      they put up with ranking 37th in the industrial world in medical services…right behind…. costa rica

      they buy the prop-your-gandy about being nummie uno

      but hey…
      why would you want 20 yrs of total med coverage for everyone…
      when for the same price you could have two losing wars.

      have some shocking out-dated numbers….

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 3, 2011 11:34 AM at 11:34 AM |

      Can we ADD to any national news about Hairass Slimes a parenthetical indicating that he is recently moved to Montana from parts unknown? I get SO tired of wackos claiming to be Montanans.

  11. in case you missed it on our good friends and yeomen…

    they own a few of your candy-dates

  12. hey…
    who knows?
    maybe ALL of them…
    they don’t seem to be working all that well for ye low-calls now do they?
    did i read this last low camp legislature wrong?
    hell, the kochsters even have pbs and npr whoring for them.

    • Or maybe none of them. Roll a dice, and call it wisdom, right rleeh?

      • you sure rolled the dice on your state reps, no?
        think you lost…
        maybe not…
        wise one.

        • My state Rep is Franke Wilmer. ‘Didn’t lose at all. I got exactly what I voted for, and I’m pleased. And you?

          You still haven’t answered the question, coward. Who of “our” candidates is bought by the Koch brothers? Do be specific. Quit waffling and answer the question.

          • As far as I’ve Found, only Denny is in the Koch line of giving….

          • ahh, robbie row-bear…

            nice that you have a “personal savior” in your rep…
            too bad more of us didn’t get that…
            but, on a quick scan, didn’t seem like franke got all that much done to offset the damage from the teabaggers, who ALL by definition got support from the kochsters…you might even know the names since there is a continuous whine about them here.
            three of the biggest bozos are from here in the heart of the hi-line.
            while i didn’t vote for them…
            they are MY REPRESENTATIVES…
            AND YOURS.
            the people of our fine state had the opportunity to get our fifteen minutes of fame when the bozos gave us national laughing stock status.
            your vote made a HUGE difference, no?

            • Actually, jackass, my vote did make a difference. And no, the people you failed to oppose adequately aren’t my representatives, though they likely are yours. Don’t be blaming the rest of us for your failures, kitten.

              And you still can’t name names of those who are Koch bought. Innuendo is not evidence. Try harder.

              • did i call you jackass?
                poor attempt at superiority…
                but there’s been a lot of rattle about iq around here.

                actually, i must have missed how your vote made a difference…but i did say i only quick scanned, so maybe i missed the really big stuff…
                it is good that you feel it made a difference…
                the guys in washing-down are always happy to hear it…
                so are the kochs.
                oh, and THEY ARE your representatives…
                they make the local laws YOU MUST live by.
                just like ray-bung IS YOUR REP. read it and weep.

                if you haven’t been to the heart of the hi-line…
                since the general population of bozo tends to think they are the hub of the uni…
                you might not know that the dimmers from here actually pretty accurately reflect the local populace.
                remember, your man stan was from here.

                not a kitten…sucker.

                if you need a list of the teasaggers in YOUR legislature…
                guess you aren’t the politico-student you pretend to be.

              • I am superior to you. I can at least answer a direct question. You can’t so I will repeat it yet again:

                Who of “our” candidates is bought by the Koch brothers?

                • duh…
                  all the teasaggers…
                  they might, given montana history, be YOUR reps before long…from your bud skeeter on.
                  but then…
                  like the three from the heart of the hi-line…
                  you must remember how hard hansen, hutton and warburton worked for YOU…
                  against all odds-ly.
                  there might be enough “superiors” around to stop it…
                  just like last time…
                  and some of them did even worse than your savior.

                • Rob your wasting your time! As Lynn said before the only Reason Rleeh is here is to disenfranchise Democratic voters!

                  The Pathetic little soul reminds me of a twitter person on the Montana hashtags named “judyMT” Always questioning reason with GOP gobbler-goop and conspiracy! This person says they do not vote…. and I say because of that position, their opinions do not matter, because they do not exercise American Values! In My last engagement in conversational text, on this blog, with this witless Idiot, Rleeh pretty much proved He/she doesn’t like America, !

                  So Rleeh has a right to his/her Opinion on this blog and I have the right to ignore witless Idiots who do not evoke or practice American responsibly like Voting!

                  I believe in America and its Constitution to free speech Like you do, but Idiots, even the founding Fathers ignored, when they didn’t vote their conscience!

                  You have the same option to Ignore ruthless Foolery as I do!

                  • so…
                    which of your votes…
                    got us (we all suffer if you just happen to pick the wrong dud)…
                    iraq, afghanistan, abby-grabby, millions of job losses, trillions of disappeared money, up to a strip searches to travel, warrantless searches, electronic surveillance, ARRESTED for saying the wrong thing…and MORE “AMERICAN VALUES”!!!
                    you reasoning challenged wizards name-call just like your right wing buddies at havre daily corrector.
                    you have the perfect right, and the clowns in the deep carpet halls of washing-down hope you continue, to vote WRONG…
                    which could be worse than not voting at all, no?
                    wrong vote=damage…no vote=none of that damage.
                    so pride on, wave a flag and don’t forget the children YOU voted for and paid for drone killed today.
                    i listened to the same twiddle getting back from nam.

          • Appartly our boy Max was behind the unveiling of Koch Brother misdeeds plus unnamed whitehouse staff:

            “”Leading Republicans are suggesting that a senior official in the Obama administration may have improperly accessed the tax records of Koch Industries, an oil company whose owners are major conservative donors.

            And the Republicans are also upset about an I.R.S. review requested by Senator Max Baucus, the Montana Democrat who leads the Finance Committee, into the political activities of tax-exempt groups. Such a review threatens to “chill the legitimate exercise of First Amendment rights,” wrote two Republican senators, Orrin G. Hatch of Utah and Jon Kyl of Arizona, in a letter sent to the I.R.S. on Wednesday.”



            Ha ha ha Max has gotten some skin in the game! Good for him and about damn time!!!!

            • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 6, 2011 5:03 AM at 5:03 AM |

              Jumpin JEEbus! Just like Jehovah in the Old Testament, we are not even allowed to SPEAK the Big Kockh name! So, let’s just spell it. K-O-C-K-H! None dare speak the name, for They are mighty and shall send Their wrath on any that dare LOOK upon Their IRS records!

              How did we allow ourselves to GET in such a F’ed up situation?

              • Larry,

                Not like Jehovah More like an Infestation of our political process of democracy! Call um Kochroaches, and then get out the “Raid” insect spray…. we got us some undesirable Critters to get out of the Peoples House!!!!

  13. You just hate everything about America RLeeh, so you continue to amaze me. Are you beginning to notice we are talking right over you yet! Or dont know what an epiphany is yet?

  14. COWGIRL! I am offended by this article. Even though we do not agree with Wagner’s wacky politics, that does not give us the right to make fun of a developmental disabled person.

  15. Speaking of idiots, here is some good reading. But it is even better if you go to Knox’s FB page.

  16. Seriously check out his FB.

    James Knox
    Again, I am up early in the AM. Already have two hours under my belt. All prepared for this week’s events, keeping the war upon freedom in the favor of true patriots. Someday, in Heaven, I hope to meet our founding fathers (after meeting God and Jesus), it would surprise me not if they are clutching their weapons wanting to return and save this great nation they created.
    Nowhere do our founding fathers write about “social justice”, unless you look at it analytically. They were against socialism and that is what social justice is all about. You want social justice. Work for it, get an education, earn a living and keep your hands in your own wallet not mine or anyone else’s!!! That’s social justice!!!

    • HAHAHAHAHA! This is the best quote ever: James Knox, when he gets to heaven:

      “I hope to meet our founding fathers (after meeting God and Jesus), it would surprise me not if they are clutching their weapons wanting to return and save this great nation they created.”

  17. So funny! Here is more from the FB (spelling errors Knox’s own):

    James Knox
    Democrats have a target on my back and been taking aim over the past few months. Seems they are not only reveling in the economy that has blossomed in Montana under their watch, but then they feel my seeking gainful employment outside of the state, since there is a severe lack of jobs is something to hold against me.

    And don’t forget the TEA Party leader Jennifer Olsen. I don’t think she knows the meaning of the word “cognitive” hehe:

    Jennifer Olsen
    I’ve never met a liberal with a cognitive thought. Especially not a liberal journalist. I can’t figure out why they keep wondering you and I leave MT for work…havn’t they heard? No jobs in MT.

  18. This is probably to much, but in-case you are not one of the 739 people that can look at Knox’s FB page, here is a complete run down of “got Ammo” gate.

    James Knox
    Up in thought this AM. I often get up early and read, write and so on. Some of my most productive and peaceful moments are between 4 and 5 am… then the sun rises and I want to attack socialists!!!
    Like · · Share · September 26 at 4:32am · Privacy:

    5 people like this.
    Jennifer Olsen: Totally agree. I’m the same way.
    September 26 at 4:44am · Like · 1 person

    James Knox: Kindred souls! Got ammo?
    September 26 at 4:48am · Like

    Jennifer Olsen: Actually, I just bought more :) stocking up. For what…..I’m not entirely sure yet.
    September 26 at 4:50am · Like

    Jennifer Olsen: That along with rice and beans is going in my safe. Haha, can’t barter with gold.
    September 26 at 5:02am · Like

    Kayla Corcoran: Mr. Knox, you should be ashamed of yourself. This type of rhetoric is unacceptable, especially from an elected official.
    September 26 at 6:54am · Like · 1 person

    Jennifer Olsen: Kaya – are you serious?
    September 26 at 1:36pm · Like

    James Knox: Kayla go to someplace safe…..for your not in the real world!
    September 26 at 2:05pm · Like

    Kayla Corcoran: I am serious. Are we so soon to forget to that a US Representative and her constituents were shot & some killed in January?! Our heated political rhetoric may be protected by the First Amendment, but it is not without consequence. As an elected official you have a duty to set an example of proper and responsible speech.
    September 26 at 4:13pm · Like

    James Knox: Well I am always armed regardless of others. Both packing and mentally. I really do not care to placate to the opposition for frankly it is a battle for our freedoms and liberty, the soul of our country! If you do not agree it is your right but get your head out of the sand. Our opposition uses words against us and far too often we stop speaking the truth to make others feel good. Well I will not do that. Our country is under attack and the very core of who we are as a society is under attack. I will call it like I see it and will not back down.

    It is for these reasons I am so hated by the liberals in Helena. Compromise is not an option. The consequences you are implying are false, for if we do not take a stand and speak out, speak the truth we deserve the loss.
    September 26 at 6:25pm · Like · 1 person

    Kayla Corcoran: The point is that your comments, as well as those of Ms. Olsen, make it seem as if you both believe you have the right to harm “socialists” because “they” are exercising their right to disagree with your ideology. In addition, your refusal to compromise on even the most basic of issues, along with the refusal of many other elected officials on both sides, is precisely why our country is in the situation it is in. It’s absurd and irrational for one to believe that every single belief one holds is absolutely infallible.
    September 27 at 12:31pm · Like · 1 person

    James Knox: ‎@Kayla…really you don’t like my comment and you have misconstrued it but to complain to press?
    September 28 at 10:45am · Like

    Kayla Corcoran: I “complained” to you, following which I chose to share your irresponsible word choice with a media source because Montana deserves to know what its public officials are up to…even when they’re in another state. The entire point of this conversation was to demonstrate to you, your constituents, and Ms. Olsen that the words you choose to use can be easily misconstrued, which is why it’s irresponsible of you to have such conversations publicly. I can appreciate metaphor just as much as any other educated adult, but this type of metaphor has no place whatsoever in public rhetoric.
    September 28 at 12:57pm · Like · 1 person

    James Knox: Your the one who implied anything physical in my conversation with Jen. Frankly I served. Many of us received attacks and even death threats for our bills and votes yet you nor the press reported that. Yes they where told. So the misconstrued lies you spread for your own warped purpose.
    I am very on of my dislike and for anything that remotely threatens our freedoms and this includes socialists and socialism.
    September 28 at 3:35pm · Like · 1 person

    Jan Linn: James, don’t you know? Only DEMOCRATS can use violent rhetoric. Barack Obama: “If they bring a knife, we’ll bring a gun.” Rep. Maxine Waters: “The Tea Party can GO TO HELL.” Jimmy Hoffa: “Let’s GET those SOBS!!!” Remember, this is the NEW CIVILITY …
    October 1 at 5:52pm · Like

    Jennifer Olsen: I’m gonna laugh when they come looking for this “safe full of bullets” and it doesn’t exist. I’d check your facts…..but on the other hand, leave it to the liberal media to report on total lies.
    October 1 at 6:39pm · Like

    James Knox: Okay but what about all the fully automatic firearms with silencers we use to hunt….deer.
    October 1 at 7:07pm · Like

    Kristi Allen-Gailushas: Wow! You go James. We need more elected officials like you. One who does not back down, does not compromise and does not apologize for fighting for our freedom and liberty. I am so tired of individuals like you being lambasted for saying how one feels while the Libtards go and spew their hatred on a daily basis. Remember Kayla Corcoran your side are all hypocrits, stay on your side and keep living on your knees, us Conservatives will fight for our freedom and liberty. Report that to the drive by media!!!
    October 1 at 7:19pm · Like

    James Knox: Kristi thanks for the support. I may not be serving next session there due to lifestyle path but I will keep up the aggressive fight for liberty. I have always been one yo take a stand even if I stand alone. Obviously on this I am not alone.
    October 1 at 7:51pm · Like · 2 people

    Kristi Allen-Gailushas: Never alone.
    October 1 at 9:40pm · Like

    Jan Linn: Don’t know why Kayla’s so mad. James commented on Socialists, not Communists.
    October 1 at 10:10pm · Like

    Jennifer Olsen: I thought there were just democrats in this country… what is anybody worried about? are they admitting me are right? that they are in fact socialists?
    October 1 at 10:11pm · Like

    Jan Linn: Progressives now admit to being Socialists

    • Thanks Brad for this episode of “Stupid does like talking to stupid!” Kinda puts it all in prospective!

      • I read this, I think Knox “I am in a high-risk job. It is not the Mall of America, but Ill tell you what its no podunk mall either.I am a responsible citizen who has made the choice to carry at all times. I defend others. If something happens at the Mall then I would be the hero, not those of you who are making fun of me for no reason. Yes Im not a Green Beret but guess what neither are you”

        • A real soldier( not an armchair Characterless Wimp like Knox) know it is his wit, strength, and training that gets him out of trouble and keeps him safe, the gun is only an extension of that knowledge and might! we have the greatest warriors in the armed services cause we train to be the greatest without a gun more then with one!

          Then there are nutcases like Knox who imagine stupid shit like he does about saving people! Did you know Knox, that there were others in the crowd that had guns on their person the day Giffords got shot in Arizona… and they almost shot the heros because they weren’t paying attention; just like Knox is now, to the real world around them.

          We missed by a whisker…A Tuscon tragedy becoming even more insane that day, because unarmed people stopped hillbillies like you from firing on the unarmed heros who took down and pinned that murderous scum…true story!

          I say … I say Knox you remind me of the chicken Hawk in those looney tune cartoons that carries a big stick for all to see… only to be shamboozled by a big white chicken who gets the hawk to believe its the big beagle dog trying to snooze peacefully in his doghouse, that is the real chicken!

  19. Thanks Brad this is a riot! What kind of idiot signs their name to crazy and posts it on the internet for all to see. Lesson of the day: Here’s why being a Facebook Rambo is a bad idea. You look like a complete lunatic.

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