Montana Republicans Unveil 2012 Campaign Priorities

In a series of guest editorials in the state’s largest papers, Republicans today unveiled the most revealing look yet at how the party would lead if it regains control of the Montana Legislature in 2012.

The rising stars of the “Grand Old Party” have developed an 800-word treatise, complete with florid language addressing “mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, grandparents, cousins, friends, rivals” and deep philosophical questions on what Republicans believe to be life’s most pressing issues.

So of course, the GOP features the shining example of the 2011 session’s focus on irresponsible extremist ideology and frivolous nonsense:  Spear hunting.

GOP headquarters has been pushing the op-ed out on email, Facebook, Twitter etc, so it appears to be of central importance to the Republican party.   As to why the party is focusing on this kind of agenda…that isn’t hard to figure out.   Facing a hurricane-force political backlash post-session, the GOP certainly had the incentive to shy away from their lack of job creating proposals in order to leave opponents a smaller target at which to shoot.  But based on the latest reactions to their grand announcement, it looks like the spear has once again missed the mark.

Welcome to the land of nutters, the Montana Legislature.


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  1. Oh Rep. Kris Hansen you make me laugh at your stupidity!

  2. This was in the Missoulian too. To me, this is a big reminder of how much control the TEA Party has over the Montana Republican party, and of where we’d be right now without a democrat in the Governor’s office. We have to elect Steve Bullock people. Otherwise, there will be no stopping this stuff.

  3. Rep. Hansen is unlikely to be back this session after her performance in 2011. Havre is a democratic town and we can elect democrats back to more honestly represent us for the 2013 session. It is true that the GOP views her as part of their talent pool. God knows why. Probably because she is an attorney. And this just goes to show you how shallow that pool is.

  4. I am always surprised at how dumb the Republicans are. I mean wow! A couple of points in particular on the Hansen piece. I’m no professor of political science, but why oh why on earth is she spreading the word about how stupid republicans looked during the craziest session in state history! I don’t think she has all the facts right here, but she almost recounts the whole story so that anyone who missed it now knows that the governor even had to call out the GOPers as “bat-crap” crazy. Who spreads the word about their own bad image!?! We should make Ms. Hansen an honorary dem for her help in reminding Montanans what the GOP is all about.

  5. Personally, I’d rather watch Essman try to spear hunt than Kris Hansen,

  6. I’d rather see none of them. Wasn’t there a picture going around a while back of Knox in a loincloth from some legislative boozefest? Who’s got the goods?

  7. We can only hope they keep ‘hoisting themselves up on their own petards’……and let’s get those precious Youtube moments ready to REMIND citizens not to let the ‘bat-crap’ crazies back in the People’s House!

  8. Makes me wonder just what’s in the tea Hansen is sipping.

  9. The ending of this piece was almost as good as the ending of the Derek Skees campaign ad where the screws come loose to reveal his name. Check out this ending which basically says, next time you here someone call the legislature “bat crap crazy,” come to Havre and watch us throw atl-atls!

    “Republicans were accused of being too “tea party,” too “extreme,” and plain ol’ stupid for some legislation that was introduced last session. At their convention a few weeks ago, the governor told Democrats that the Republicans are “bat-crap crazy.” Next time you hear that accusation, think of the Atlatl Competition in Havre, and consider it carefully.”

  10. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 7, 2011 7:53 PM at 7:53 PM |

    WTFaaaa?? Just WHAT is ms. hansen’s fascination with the atl-atl? Could it be? Nah, COULDN’T be! I mean, what would a gal WANT with a long, hard, taught, manly, powerful, shaft-like weapon? Does she like the way the shaft feels in her hand? The way it slides back and forth in preparation for the big moment? The way it stays hard even after lots of use? The way it responds when she gently strokes it and gets it ready? The giddy way it makes her feel? The way it slides so delicately along her fingers? The way it seems to almost PULSE with history, THROB with antiquity, THRUST with vitality? The way it satisfies her most primitive needs and urges? The way it finally EXPLODES in release sending its deadly seed, a dart, into the air? The longing to do it again and again and again simply for the pure pleasure of such an emotional ecstasy? What? What is it? I don’t get it.

    But whatever it is, I think that ms. hansen needs an atl-atl with batteries included! A small purse size one for those hard to reach places that need relaxin’, if ya know what I mean!

  11. @Cowgirl –

    Republicans today unveiled the most revealing look yet at how the party would lead if it regains control of the Montana Legislature in 2012.

    Did you mean to say retains instead of regains? It’s hard to regain something you already have.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 7, 2011 8:20 PM at 8:20 PM |

      What they gonna DO, Brokeback? Get them some branding irons??? BWHAHAHAA! Seems to me that they got their asses handed and branded to’em! Oh, you’re right. They were in control. (snicker, snicker)

  12. I was tempted to write something new, but decided to stick with my previous posts on spear hunting and other Hinkle twinkles:

    I suspect it’s possible that Rep. Hansen wrote such a foolish oped because she’s in one way or another making a fool of herself over a guy who likes throwing spears. Surely she’s not so atatl atatled as to suppose that another spear hunting bill will make it past the hoot, howl, and self-destruct stage in the next legislature.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 8, 2011 7:50 AM at 7:50 AM |

      James, I have a theory. Remember Project 100,000 back during the Vietnam days? I’m sure that you do, but for the folks that don’t remember, we were basically running out of men to draft for the slaughter in Nam. Hence, McNamara came up with Project 100,000. What the military did was to totally relax their standards for entry into the military thereby making it possible for men previously disqualified for either mental or physical reasons to suddenly be perfectly qualified for military service! Wow! With just a name change, guys who were retarded, mentally ill, physical unqualified, and just generally completely unsuited for the rigors of war were suddenly, magically now ready!

      As a result, they were shipped of to Nam and slaughtered in disproporionate numbers as was to be expected when you send retards to war. An IQ of 80 was considered high enough to be a good soldier!

      Now, we no longer have a real Republican Party. They disbanded long ago, and now must implement their OWN Project 100,000 so to speak. They have scoured the countryside of Montana and drafted even folks who are RETARDED for public service! Hence, the last Lege was a perfect example. We ended up with Birther Bob, Gen. Robert E. Skees, Kris Hansen, and on and on and on. Out of desperation, the Pubbies have deemed the retards in their ranks elgible for legislative duty! And the results have been the same. They were slaughtered!

      • Oh Larry, Larry, Larry since I appear to be somewhat as old as you and remember Project 100,000 my self I can Only marvel at you explanation and how close it mirrors todays GOP Party! LOL!

  13. I thought the spear hunting idea had gone the way of other bad ideas of the past, like the Earth being flat, or Sarah Palin would make a great President. All these ideas of the past wow, all I can say is this from reading that article, Kris Hansen makes Judy Martz seem like “The Smart One”, and I did not think that was possible that a day would come when I would consider Judy Martz to be smart.

  14. Whenever I see Larry Kralj post on here, I hear it in a “what-europeans-would-think-a-hootin-hollerin-caricature-of-a-backcountry-cowboy-would-sound-like”- with a mask for his trolling comments.

    What voice do you all hear?

    Perhaps he has the same manifesto as LulzSec, who govern their actions based only on maximizing the Lulz in a situation. :)

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 9, 2011 5:13 PM at 5:13 PM |

      “8] They do things “for the lulz” and focus on the possible comedic and entertainment value of attacking targets.[39″

      Kinda me too. I’d never heard of these guys, but it sounds like they’re doin’ good work. I simply use satire to expose the weirdos for what they are. Most of the time the material simply writes itself though. I mean, Westy, if you paid attention at all to the last Lege, did you not find it funny as hell? These Teawanker dudes are funny beCAUSE they’re serious! But you’re right. I take great pleasure in making fun of them. Is that so wrong?

  15. Simple, racist TEA Party logic dictates that when you have a spear-chucker in the White House one needs to arm oneself with spears.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 10, 2011 10:47 AM at 10:47 AM |

      UH oh! I see no old, fat, racist, retiree dudes wearin’ tri-cornered HATS in this video. And that’s real scary… a good way! But talk about hope! It gives GREAT pleasure and LIMITLESS hope to finally see the young peope of this country picking up the torch that my generation dropped in their headlong rush to greed! If I die today, I can die happy in the knowledge that the dick cheney’s and the Kockh brothers of the world are gonna get their asses kicked REAL good for’em! These will not be denied! They bring what’s been SORELY lacking for so long: youth, idealism, and justice for ALL to the country. And when you think about it, THAT is what America is all about! (not old, fat, bald, oxygen-guzzling, gubmint-sucking, retarded racist TEAtards!) GOD BLESS AMERICA! The REAL America! The America that plays FAIR, and by the RULES, and values JUSTICE as much as freedom! That’s right. It AIN’T just about freedom like fatboy knox whines about. Our country is about JUSTICE FOR ALL equally as much! LET JUSTICE RING! and reign! I can’t wait!–OWS%3a-Take-this-video-VIRAL%2c-NOW%21?via=siderec

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