Daines Sells Out, Bozeman Jobs Uncertain

Montana news outlets reported this week that RightNow Technologies just sold Bozeman’s largest employer, Right Now Technologies, to Oracle for a cool $1.4 billion payout.   As NBC Montana reports,

“Oracle is a billion dollar company with a history of massive layoffs.”

And while the company offers the standard vague assurances that it “will remain in Bozeman” they don’t say to what degree this will be the case.  After all, Oracle’s nerve center is based in Boise, ID.  Even if they “remain,” there is no law to stop Oracle from continuing the increasingly common practice of bringing in lower cost out-of-state or foreign employees while letting go higher priced long-termers who are Montana citizens.

Nor do we know what the specifics are of the deal Daines signed–except that he’ll have a whole lot more cash to pour into his congressional campaign account.



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  1. WHen Oracle bought “Peoplesoft” in Pleasanton California it canned thousands of jobs, and brought in alot of their own people from other divisions! Really scared the heck out of the east bay for a few years as people moved out and businesses shut there doors! That part of California had a whole lot more going for it then Bozeman does!

    Larry is a very tough businessman folks do not be surprised that the same thing doesn’t happens here! I lived in Pleasanton California from 1998-2007 It wasn’t pretty, and you better have the tenacity and Money Dublin and Pleasanton did to woo in other high tech companies quickly to the area! If you do not have the Money????

    Daines, pretty much just sold you out!

  2. And Cowgirl, Oracle started based in Cali! Unless you know something I dont!

  3. Mrs. Blanche Maison | October 26, 2011 12:51 AM at 12:51 AM |

    As a business owner, I’m not going to attack this move. You gotta do what you gotta do if someone wants to put a billion dollars in your pocket. However, with that boatload of money, the severance packages for the employees should be damn good.

  4. WOW – the POWER! I had NO idea that one person had to power to sell a publicly held company. Especially as that person is not even the top dog. I thought the board and stock holders had to give their approval.

    But, I guess writing without the facts really doesn’t matter.

    Nor do we know what the specifics are of the deal Daines signed

    Is Daines signature REALLY on any of the paperwork?

  5. Probably he thought if he off-loaded the company now he could try to duck getting hit for outsourcing later. I doubt that will work.

  6. Stock transactions of RightNow affiliated people that are required to report stock transactions to the SEC: http://bit.ly/s7HjYk

    I don’t see where Daines has sold stock – but he has acquired some. The last transaction I see was Feb 2010 (page5). He doesn’t appear to be financing his campaign with the sale of stock.

    I also don’t see him listed on the Board of Directors – he is just a company VP & GM and is not even listed on the company leadership page. http://www.rightnow.com/company-executives.php

    I think you believe he has more power and is more important than he really is. But then, that doesn’t make for good political commentary, does it.

    Nice try, but incredibly weak.

  7. In perusing your entries on this blog it seems to be heavy on speculation, personal attack and innuendo, while sacrificing facts… Bravo!

  8. Well, MTCowboy, the outsourcing is the most important point. Daines makes a very good living taking jobs over to China. He’s taking the money, even if what he is doing is not good for the country. Sort of like Pitman. Taking the dough, looking the other way.

    • Gumbo – is he taking jobs over there or is he just managing the company sales and product as his job title says? I’d bet as a VP and GM he must manage some people over there and I’d also bet that he helps to sell the company product to customers. But surely you are not against having a sales force overseas to sell products that are made in Bozeman. At least I hope not.

      • MTCowboy seems to know a whole lot about Daines personal business. This is either a Republican party operative or a Daines campaign staffer.

        • Sorry to disappoint you, HV. I am neither a Republican party operative nor a Daines campaign staffer. I have seen Daines speak and it’s pretty easy to see what he is from the RightNow website and from the stock stuff from my previous comment.

          But it seems we are straying from the original intent of Cowgirl’s comment – that being that Daines sold the company and will potentially use some of the money in his campaign. And I still maintain that he does not have the authority to single handedly sell a publicly owned company. That is up to the stock holders, the company officers and the board of directors and Daines is not a company officer nor on the board of directors, according to the company website.

          • Oh of course. Silly me, what was I thinking.

          • Wow I have listened to Obama 4 times in person and it didn’t make me an expert on Obama…. I like how that seems to work on MTCowboy for Daines though!

            Daines gives his blessing how about we start with that! Meaning: He just gave Bozeman a kick in the teeth! Because I know Oracle pretty well, from my vantage point in the Peoplesoft debacle! Whereever Larry and Oracle go to buy businesses, Jobs disapear! Larry wants Right ons customers, Cowboy! Not the help!

            • @ILW – Are you really as dumb as you try to appear to be?

              You’ve seen Obama far more than I have seen Daines. Did I say I was an expert or are you just jumping to a conclusion?

              Daines gives his blessing how about we start with that!

              Do you really believe that any VP/GM of any corporation is going to publicly go against what his bosses have done? I figured you had more common sense than that.

              Larry wants Right ons customers, Cowboy! Not the help!

              And you could at least get the company name correct.

              I’m done with this thread – you can go ahead and jump to all the conclusions and twist the facts all you desire. Bring on all the straw man arguments to try to deflect things your way.

              • Well I don’t hear Daines side period, I just hear you yammering to protect Daines? Why, do you keep protecting people who dont protect your state?

  9. and so what do you believe daines does in china?

    • I believe he contacts customers and tries to boost sales of his company’s US made products and possibly manages a sales/marketing team. But I am not sure. I’ve never asked him.

      What do youthink he does?

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