Opposition to Rehberg’s Land Takeover Bill Continues to Grow

TEA Party Congressman Dennis Rehberg is taking some serious incoming for his bill to give the Department of Homeland Security the authority to seize control of any federal lands within 100 miles of the border.  It was calledridiculousyesterday by the New York Timesand worse things by hunters and anglers who have unleashed a full scale campaign to stop Rehberg’s bill from becoming law. 

This week, they’ve put an ad up statewide. Here’s the ad:

Now, Montana’s top law enforcement official, Attorney General Steve Bullock, is pressuring pressuring Congress to shelve the bill. In a letter (PDF here) to Speaker John Boehner and Senator Harry Reid, Bullock writes: 

“The language of this proposed bill rightfully reminds many Montanans of the REAL ID Act. That legislation–which would have mandated federal ID cards to board airplanes and enter courthouses–was unanimously opposed by the Montana Legislature, and as a state we’ve refused to implement it.  Twenty-four other states have followed in our footsteps and opted out of the program.

Our opposition to REAL ID–not unlike the opposition of many Montanans to HR 1505–is not a statement that we do not take the security of our country seriously, rather the opposite.  (Montana has a higher rate of military service than nearly any other state in the country.)  What our opposition to these federal measures does represent is a reverence for the rights protected in our Constitution and a recognition that federal authorities working with, rather than around, local law enforcement and land owners have a better chance for success.”


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  1. If Rehberg supports HR 1505 that would tell me that he has been in Washington far too long and its time for him to get back to his goats or his subdivision. AKA throw the bum out in November 2012!

  2. Wow, is that a deceptive ad. Starts with an ATV, but the fact is, the sponsor groups exist primarily to eliminate motorized access to public lands.
    I guess we’re gonna find out if voters are as stupid as the folks who made this ad think they are….

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 26, 2011 9:33 PM at 9:33 PM |

      Huh? Lay off the sauce before posting, skinner. You’re makin’ even LESS sense! BTW, who the hell needs an INDUSTRY group to tell them how to vote? Your brain is so hardwired to suckin’ corporate teat that you can’t even THINK any more.

  3. Hellgate Hunters and Anglers wanna restrict atvs? Really? Larry’s right what have you been drinking???

  4. I like that this ad shows women and men in an outdoor recreation setting. With Republicans, it would be just men.

  5. Right on Havre Voter, my wife’s very handy with the 30-30, and ad’s duct-tape symbolizes the ever more OPPRESSIVE efforts to exchange or Liberty for so-called’ security, which I thought the Tea Party would ferociously oppose as intrusion on our rights. The Tea Party should especially be aware of what Ben Franklin (Founder) said about this issue when he said, “Those who would give up their liberties for more security will lose both and deserve neither.” Is that what this Nation really deserves, and even now the feds want to put more restrictions on our vital Freedom of Information Act and rights.

  6. Keep up the hooey, kids.
    First, it’s not Rehberg’s bill, but Rob Bishop’s. Rehberg in fact introduced and passed the sunset amendment that makes it acceptable to me. I wouldn’t want complete carte blanche.
    As for HHA, first I saw of them was in their orange vests, with “hunters for roadless” signs at the Missoula hearing Burns held about the terrible B-D forest plan, at which Tim Baker read the room and planted the seed for FJRA. Roadless backcountry pretty much scotches mechanized use, of course.
    Never mind the Arabella efforts, or TU’s “Ride Right” spinoff from that.
    Nonetheless, thanks for posting this trash…it’s useful strategic information.

    • Skinner, you just admitted what many of us have complaint about concerning Rehberg. He’s promoting a bill he didn’t write (it wasn’t naming a post office after all) as something *he’s* doing for Montana when many of his constituents don’t favor this effort at all. You then laud Rehberg for supporting this tripe bill as long as he added an amendment for it to expire after he uses it for nothing but a campaign tool. That shows a lot of concern for Montana, now doesn’t it?

      Essentially what you’ve done is verify what more Montanans are coming to know every day. Rehberg is a legislative leech who doesn’t care about this state and it’s people. He does nothing except suck the lifeblood from the government vein. He cares about getting elected and nothing more.

      Rob Bishop is more than welcome to worry about the illegals and drugs and security threats coming over Utah’s international border … Rehberg insults Montanans by supporting this effort as if he had done anything to favor us.

    • you keep talking this trash and didnt answer my Question which is: Hellgate Hunters and Anglers wanna restrict atvs? Really? Larry’s right what have you been drinking??

      The only reason you don’t like any of these Hunting and fishing groups is because a majority were founded by Democrats.

      This is the only reason you dont want like minded moderate republicans around us! Dave your just a party shill!Lying to make a point against good Montana Hunters and fisherman because they belong to the wrong party!

  7. Oh, and never mind the “unprecedented authority” comes not from the Tribune, but from John Leshy’s testimony against HR 1505. That John Leshy, who is on Hansie Wyss’s payroll, said it — kinda matters given John’s history.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Well, Rehberg’s own website says he is a co-sponsor. So it looks like it is his bill.

  9. it is right and just…
    to be opposed to encroachment by the federales…
    i seem to recall receiving a bar stool law lesson…
    that the feds can do anything they want.

  10. in fact…
    there is an applicable history lesson (and plan) for us all:


  11. If Congressman Rehberg does not give up his desire to let yet another government agency take over public lands and thus gain property that Homeland Security absolutely does not need and is completely unnecessary, he needs to go – and fast. I left the SE – East Coast – to enjoy the lands of Montana and this idiot is trying to screw everything up! Apparently, he has made a lot of poor decisions and should not be voted for in the next election. Big government and feds, stay out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rehberg did the right thing with the changes. I read the bill, I checked with Cong staff on what changes were made in committee — the original was a complete overreach.
    BP doesn’t have the money to pave the border and never will. If the bill passes, if Obama signs (?) and they somehow overreach, Congress either defunds them or rewrites.
    But border security does in fact matter more than ocelots losing sleep. It’s not okay to have hordes of illegals traversing Smugglers’ gulch, excusing it because they are nonmotorized. Illegal is illegal — and the BP is tasked with stopping illegal activity, the more the better.
    The fact remains that the ad is flamingly deceptive. The pull quote is completely out of context. The ATV opener is just like Schweitzer’s gunny ad, the one David Sirota bragged so loudly about?
    Kind of like the American Hunters and Shooters thing run by a Handgun Control guy? Or John Kerry with a shotgun? So the ad itself is made of straw.
    I guess straw prices are up, eh?

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 27, 2011 10:28 PM at 10:28 PM |

      Wow! HORDES I tell ya! HORDES! Traversing Smuggler’s Gulch! Skinnerflute says it’s so so it MUST be true!….. Um, you’re a joke, dude. This bill is beign laughed at, and rightly so. And by extension, so are you and Dopey Reeburp.

    • Dave Dave Dave we closed roads to Canada Last year because there was little or no threat from our northern friends of even allowing nutcases across…. Or did the GOP forget that Canada was with us in the war against terrorism sending troop to die right along side of us in Iraq and Afghanistan. That the country next to us is our brother and arms and kin!

      I think you guys are just trying to lock in Americans so we cant travel at all! Is this crap for your future Corp dictatorship( Which of course will never happen,) or are you GOP trying to keep our elders from getting good medical care, and cheap prescriptions?

      Whatever the case you RWNJ people are sick! Canada and Mexico are not that big a deal, Really!!!! But they are your smoke screen for ruining the Country, cause you haven’t a clue of how to help 300 million plus Americans. This is why you would rather help those who have the Money to help themselves! And who know maybe some crumbs will fall off the riches table!

      • Woodsie, what’s an RWNJ? Could you spell that out?
        As for travel and being locked in, what the heck are you smoking? Aside from the PITA that results when Customs is in a snit, none-such. The issue is not at the Canadian border except possibly in the metro regions where third-country transients might try some funny business. Canada is doing pretty well economically and is a stable, First World commonwealth.
        The issue is at the Mexican border where the economy stinks, the government is corrupt, the guns and dope flows unabated, with lots of help from ATF, it seems…
        Mexico is deteriorating into a Fourth World cesspool and its citizens are trying to escape, while the Mex government abuses the border as a safety valve AND as a means of injecting funds into the country through remittance.
        And Larry, if you ever saw 12 million people, or even a million, you’d have to admit that’s a horde. Not all at once, but it adds up. Go ahead, remain blind to the real problems.
        Finally, you consider the bill a joke — but why then is there this screaming opposition? Because the bill might work better than current policy. Waiving environmental laws, however temporarily, might be viewed by Joe Public Average Guy as a good solution in the wake of improved Border Patrol effectiveness.
        Insulting me doesn’t change reality, I’m sorry.

        • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2011 11:35 AM at 11:35 AM |

          Wow. I’m impressed, Dave. The fear card AND the race card, all in one argument! So, let me see if I understand correctly. The mojados are coming across for jobs. Therefore, we must GIVE TO HOMELAND SCREWITY Glacier National Park and one hundred miles of of Montana! Fear, it’s a terrible thing to waste. BTW, just WHERE is your opinion piece on the illegal searches the TSA is doing in Tennesse? I thought you wacks were all armed and dangerous!

          This “bill” is some Kock brothers think tank wet dream, Dave. That’s all. This turkey ain’t gonna fly. It’s a flightless bird.

          • Larry,
            Rather than rehash, whyncha just go here. You’ll be in good company:


          • LOL Larry took the words right out of my Mouth!

            Canada is doing better then us economically period! If it was a commonwealth the countries money would go to England which it does not! It would also fly englands flag instead of a maple leaf! it is not dependent on England, or an unincorporated dependent territory.

            The Canada Act of 1982, severed the vestiges of legal dependence on the British parliament and England, it is considered a realm only because of british ties with the queen carring a honorary title of Monarch , but they are onto themselves their own country!

            You need to learn the difference between Realm and Commonwealth Dave! Secondly, Mexico is no longer considered a third world nation either, and its ecomony is just taking off were as ours is stalled in GOP Poopsville.

            The economy of Mexico is the 13th largest in the world in nominal terms and the 11th by purchasing power parity, according to the World Bank. According to the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world’s largest companies in 2008, Mexico had 16 companies in the list. Yea they have some drug running gangs on our borders. but that is not the real picture of Mexico to real Americans! But it is the last vestiges of a dying breed of gangster in their country! What? We didn’t have people like Bugsy Seigal define America… but you’ll allow the tea party and GOP to always paint people of another color criminals or wetbacks?????

            Mexico is one of our country’s up and coming real Oil and energy partners. They are giving the USA a real chance to get of the tit of Arab oil! Stop thinking dirty little pueblos Dave the country is for real and a good friend of the USA!

            They are not third world by any means anymore Dave!

            You have been in the RWNJ Camp way too long to understand the financials of this country, let alone the world!

            • oh RWNJ:Short for Right Wing Nut Job. A RWNJ is a neocon conservative who proselytizes about his political beliefs, trying to convert others to his flawed way of thinking.

              Example 1:

              I can’t watch the O’Reilly factor; listening to that RWNJ scream hurts my head.

              Example 2: Dave Skinner’s Political beliefs carries the same weight as a RWNJ!

              Lastly, Other republicans wear the term as proudly as Batshit Crazy: http://www.rwnj.org/

        • Dave, if as you say, the issue isn’t the Canadian border, then perhaps you’d like to explain just why Rehberg is selling this pile of crap to Montana as if it’s in our interests? Maybe instead of blaming “environmental extremists” for Montana’s distrust of this turd bill, Rehberg could just explain that the Canadian border really doesn’t matter. So, it’s all okay if we give the Dept. of HS free reign for unknown future action over our border lands. What’s the worst that could happen?

          The worst that could happen is that Dennis Rehberg sells the interests of his constituents right down the river and actually wins a Senate seat with help from dissemblers like you, Dave. The Canadian border does matter to Montana, because we have the largest share of it, save Alaska. There’s a concept that you and dear ol’ Dennis best warm up to. Montanan’s, in general, carry more distrust for the security apparatus from Washington than they do for ‘Messicans’ or even environmentalists. Jumping on this bandwagon is gonna backfire on your boy. Hard.

          • The plan is to take the Interior department away from making decisions regarding gas and Oil Leases that agency follows EPA law DHS is not bound by it…. making it easier for GOP corporations to say they will lease the land and put private patrols in!

            It is a complete scam by people not interested in protecting forests or the recreational enthusiasts that use them! Rehberg and his cronies are screwing us again!

          • Can I just ad, what kind of idiot believes that mowing down Indian cultural sites will make the border more secure?!? This is a complete and total scam by Herr Rehberg and his team of popped collar flip-flop wearing dolts. No. No. No.

          • Rob, sweetie, I’m typing real slow so you can keep up. Read the last paragraph of my column. Does that read like I’m a true fan of Homeland Security?

            • Dave, honey, you missed the point completely. No one gives a shit about your lame excuses and weak defense of Dennis. What Montana does give a crap about is that Dennis is selling us wholesale into the arms of Homeland Security, and it’s corporate underwriters. Since you weakly sigh about not liking Homeland Security, I’d call you a whore for defending Dennis in his efforts. But I doubt you’re good enough for him to pay you.

  13. Who are you Demorats calling stupid? Look at your own drunken senior senator before you go pointing the finger at others. He doesn’t even know what town he’s in. Libby, Laurel HEY WHATEVER Right!?!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2011 3:12 PM at 3:12 PM |

      This is MONTANA, dufus. We ALL drink! Why don’t you? Are you queer or sumthin’? Not that I have anything against queers. Hell, even the QUEERS I know drink! Where you from? Obviously not here. You CaliFORNeeayan,ain’t ya?

      BTW, maybe YOU’LL be the one to answer. Just WHAT do you love about the country, dude?

  14. Thats from his head injury you F***ing Idiot. You can see he is not drunk and he makes complete sense! Christ you think cops are gonna let him talk drunk…. you RWNJ are out of your trees!

  15. You all have not been paying attention. Rehberg clearly understands what’s really going on. NBS News has obtained documents that show that that Canada has embarked on a military program and has already amassed 90% of it’s population along the border. They are clearly preparing for an attack.

    Here’s the report: http://youtu.be/J0R5DTHcmGU

  16. Baucus did undergo emergency surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. He injured his head in a fall during a 50 mile race (and finished the remaining 42 miles!) in November of 2003. The brain bleed went undetected until January, when he was hospitalized with a subdural hematoma, whose symptoms include “inability to speak or slurred speech.” Age and a second fall in 2007 have brought some of his mumbling back since then!

    The Gop will probably say the same thing about Giffords, if she makes a full recovery as she has the same affliction speech wise! It is something they do to the disabled in this country as well! Embarrassed to be seen with disabled but perfectly mind thinking people.

    Pretty shameful breed of people the GOP have become!

  17. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2011 6:19 PM at 6:19 PM |

    Another great story going on over at the GF Spitoon ’bout what happens when a Teatard is given enough rope and HANGS themself! It’s a heelarious tale about one cyndi baker who fancies herself an expert in all KINDS of stuff! (Like Mike Royko’s Dr. I.M. Kooky) AND, get this, who has an ego as big as the Big Sky! This woman is certiFIably goofy as the day is long! WHICH, makes her the perfect Teatard!

    Apparently ms. statue of liberty (yes, that is her prefered costume when at Teatard rallies), attempted to EXTORT herself a job from the hated school district which she enlessly criticized and worked like hell to defeat the levy for! Go figure. A Teatard who is nuts and wants a gubmint handout at the SAME time!

    Go and read, ESPECIALLY the comment section. It’ll truly make you laugh at the arrogance and ignorance of a typical Reetard Teatard! It’s well worth it!


  18. in fairness max backass is a ding…
    the rest of the sieben ranch clan are hard core repubs…
    max really likes insurance companies and said on national tv that single payer was simply impossible and, as chair of senate fine-dance made it so.
    i knocked doors for him in missoula in 78 because he opposed the brilliant plan to turn mt into a nuke waste dump.
    of late he has served the corps-rats with, as kennedy said, VIGAAAH.

  19. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2011 8:12 PM at 8:12 PM |

    These Nuckers are FUTS! Here’s sumthin’ else that Dopey Reeburp and Skinnerflute can agree on. The formation of a 51st state for the military industial complex. It’s gettin’ real scary bout now. Time to take to the mattresses to save democracy!


    I’m sure that Dopey is all for it. Gotta keep us safe you know.

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