The Montana TEA Party Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes To…

Cyndi Baker (left) and Rep. Cleve Loney R-Great Falls (right) at a TEA Party Rally in Great FallsGreat Falls City Commission candidate Cyndi Baker, who campaigned against school district spending, then turned around and sought a district paycheck.

But it’s worse then that, as the Great Falls Tribune reports, Baker tried to threaten the local government for taxpayer funded payola in the form of a position as “ombudsman” to the local TEA Party anti-government activists. Here’s how the threat worked.   Baker  had been complaining for some time that it was “illegal” for district employees to criticize her opposition to district funding.  Baker said if she were hired, she’d keep the “illegal” activity quiet.  She did not explain how the proposed ombudsman position would work with people who are divorced from reality.

As the Tribune reports, while the district’s criticism may not have been flattering to Baker, there was nothing illegal about it.  What the Tribune didn’t report is that Baker is the leader and spokesperson for the Great Falls TEA Party. Apparently Ms. Statue of Liberty (Baker’s preferred costume when at TEA Party rallies) is engaged to TEA Party Republican legislator Cleve Loney (who prefers to dress as George Washington, among other things, as you can see from this KRTV video).

So there you have it folks.  Another city commission candidate seeking your vote as a platform to spew right wing nonsense in public meetings, in the newspapers and on our airwaves.



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  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2011 8:26 PM at 8:26 PM |

    Cyndi in her OWN words. (below) Someone in the comments described her as egomaniacal. Can’t add much to that except to say that she’s also batshit crazy. But I find her interesting in the sense that she is MUCH like sarah palin. Palin I’m sure started this way on the local level, and then went national. Very similar personalities. Dumb as dog shit, arrogant as hell, and fundiwackmentalist to the hilt! And really, just WHAT the hell does abortion have to do with the city commission?

    She definitely thinks quite highly of herself and her supposed skills, talents, and abilities. Ya just gotta wonder how a person GETS this way. Strange, very strange. But pretty typical for a Teatard.

  2. Oh man Larry is right the stuff he links to is hilarious! Here are some great excepts. It’s from her letter to the district telling them they need her “sage political advice” and is full of misspellings!

    Cyndi Baker: “Fifthly, my sage advice to you, if you choose to listen to it, as a political analyst/consultant will help you better understand the public, their mood and their voting patterns. The advice you have been getting thus far, from whom I know not, has been totally off target and unrealistic, amatuerish[sic] at best. I will never spin or tell you something that I don’t believe to be true or ffective[sic]. I have 25 years of experience with voters, campaigns, media spin, cleaning up media messes, creating media messes for others to endure, etc… One of the complaints I hear most frequently is that you guys on the hill “just don’t get it” or “are so insulated you can’t relate to the regular people”. I think there is merit to those complaints. You have a habit of only really listening to those who are singing your praises and trying to ignore, silence, demonize, or rationalize away the concerns of your opponents. You need an outside perspective to help you navigate the turbulant[sic] waters ahead.”

    “Lastly, I feel that you will look back on this decision( if you decide to go for it) as one of the best you ever made. It will be made with a “leap of faith” but knowing my personality, work ethic, ability to make change happen, connections with the media, and political saavy[sic], you will be getting a “force for change” in a positive manner and in the spirit of cooperation.

    “I leave with you below what I consider to be one of the finest press releases I ever crafted- this regards the upside down flag controversy from last year. I have highlighted the language that speaks to cooperation and benefit to the community. It can be a pattern for us also. Thanks for your time.



  3. People of Great Falls, meet your Chamber of Commerce endorsed candidate! Aren’t they credible!

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2011 9:28 PM at 9:28 PM |

      Well actually, PSC member travis kavula ALSO endorsed this freak. Go figure. Even the Kockh brothers’ gazillions canNOT make this Teatard into a viable candidate, especially not here in GF. And I gotta tell ya, even the rightwing wacks on the GF Spitoon comment section don’t like her. She’s history in this town. And she can take ol’ Cleve Looney WITH her! And as far as I’m concerned, Looney can take the entire Realtors Ass. WITH him and her! They are a worthless bunch of sleaze balls if there ever was one!

  4. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 28, 2011 9:30 PM at 9:30 PM |

    p.s. Ya gotta wonder why ALL these Teatard wackos go the ASSembly of GAWD! church. Bunch-a freakin’ christofascist WACKOS!

  5. Please tell me he isn’t a furry. I’m not clicking on that video link until someone confirms this 100%.

  6. I’ve been staying quiet on the city commission races in both Great Falls and Helena because Im not the most knowledgable on these races or the issues surronding them, plus I do not have a dog in the fight. I own no property in either Great Falls or Helena, and I don’t live there, and I only visit a few times a year at most. But I will say this, and this will be my final word on the city commission races in Great Falls, the people of Great Falls would be stupid to elect this person. Given all that has been said she is not worthy of a vote.

  7. I am like you on this one Farmboy I do not have a dog in this fight either, but if I was a resident of great falls… Id be pushing her outta town with a backhoe!

  8. Citizens already HAVE representation and ombudsmen, they’re called SCHOOL BOARD members, who serve at no expense to the taxpayers.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 29, 2011 6:52 AM at 6:52 AM |

      True, we have an ombudsman already, but cyndi has no JOB! And boy, could WE use her expertise……..BWHAHAHAHAHAAAA! You can never have enough tea, for it makes for good humor.

  9. Thank you Cindi Baker for providing to me the most intensive lesson in public relations that I’ve received in some time. The pictures of you in your Lady Liberty outfit, next to your boyfriend George, just add to the strength of your strategy. Cindi, I think you need to consult with your “coalition” in drafting one of your brilliant public relations strategies, you know, get the statewide media involved, ensure that this latest incident doesn’t become a “public relations nightmare” — “you get the picture, I don’t need to go on.” Part of your strategy, as you’re now running for public office, might include taking some of your own “sage” advice to “understand the public, their mood, and their voting patterns.” You will also need to ensure that your strategy includes “media spin, cleaning up media messes, creating media messes for others to endure …” the latter strategy being very important, so as to get the spotlight off of you! You know, so you can better “navigate the turbulent waters ahead.” Along with your PR strategy, given your “personality, work ethic, ability to make change happen, connections with the media, and political saavy (sic),” everything will be just fine. I’m almost sure of it.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 29, 2011 6:19 PM at 6:19 PM |

      Too funny! Cyndi, make a “media mess” of me. PUHHHHHLEASE! bwhahahaa! But I gotta tell ya, cindy’s “coalition” consists of all the inbreds for JAYsus down at the ASS-embly of GAWD church! And the Realtors ASS. too of course since boyfriend Looney is one. And that’s about it. They show up at the school board meetings and make HUGE asses of themselves, and cyndie thinks this is a good thing. Stick a fork in cindye, she’s done!

      But I just gotta wonder, Ol’ LOONEY is as old as I am, and the dude STILL has a girlfriend????? Whassup with that? Don’t none of these religeeeous wackos believe in MARRIAGE?? You know, the institution ordained by GOD?

      I’m thinkin’ that to get in down at the ASS-embly of GAWD, one needs to be a sleazey, cheesey, greedy, creepy, FORNicatin’ FORNICATOR! I mean, WHY the hell is it Dems like me who’ve been married for THIRTY-THREE freakin’ years are considered irreligous, and a limpo like Looney is a “chresteeyan” down at that ASS-embly? I don’t get it. Someone help me out here.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 29, 2011 6:29 PM at 6:29 PM |

      UH oh. Double Haul, if ya see them weirdos a’prayin’ outside your house, you’ll KNOW that you been found out by the prayer warriors! I seen by my place. They show up often. They was a’PRAYIN’ their holy ASSES off. But I’m immune to it. So, just watch for’em. Just like me, you got heathen writ LARGE all OVER you!

  10. Look, we all know Larry has been putting stuff in the Great Falls water supply. What the heck did you expect?
    I’m looking forward to your reactions after the election. Then we can assess the effect of Larry’s nefarious deeds.

  11. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 30, 2011 1:11 PM at 1:11 PM |

    Ya THINK?! Call me cynical, but I really, Really, REALLY don’t think that little ms. Windy Cindy dreamed UP this bullshit omsbudman deal on her own. It appears that the hand of the Big Kockhs is behind this.

    I’m sayin’ that this is just one of the LATEST tactics comin’ outta the endless rightwing Big Kockh think tanks out there. And therefore, it’s important to note just HOW pervasive the Big Kockh bullshit trail is! Follow the bullshit and I’ll lay you money that you’ll find the Big Kocks at the end! Little ms. windy cindy is like Dorothy in the Wizzard of Oz, ‘cept she’s followin’ the liquid stream of BROWN road instead of the yellow! And it leads right to the fellows behind the curtain callin’ the shots, the Big Kochs! She STOLE their tactic! In other words, act like a freakin’ moron, disrupt meetings with nonsense, pretend to represent a coalition, and then, THEN, viola! Offer to REMEDY your OWN bullshit by becoming an ompubsman! It’s brilliant! And that’s why a maroon like windy cindy could NEVER dream that up herself.

    Amazing really, when you think about it. These Teatards have NO original thoughts of their own. Their kinda like Kockh zombies wanderin’ around with blank stares, repeatin’ the latest Kockhisms, and trying to stir up trouble. I mean, in your freakin’ WILDEST imagination, how could ANYONE (of windy cindy’s intelligence- tee hee) dream UP this shit? She couldn’t. It’s a tactic. A BIG KOCKH tactic. Look for it to come to a school system near you! (or other gubmint agency)

    This is what we’re up against. Kockh zombies with an unlimited budget to influence the morons out there. Well, at least we now know.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 30, 2011 1:23 PM at 1:23 PM |

      Joe Blow from electriccity has an interesting take on it. Apparently Windy Cindy’s supporters are furious because they consider the Spitoon article to be a, now get this, a “hit piece” on Really Windy Cindy. Too funny. Take it away, Joe!

      17. Joe Blow says:
      October 30, 2011 at 11:50 am
      Um, Sally, I really must ask you one more time. How can a person’s OWN words and actions ever be considered a “hit piece”? Is Baker now ashamed of her OWN words and actions? If she is, why did she do it?

      I’m sorry, but put me in the slow category. I don’t get it. All the Trib did was to present the FACTS of the matter, and Baker’s own words. How do you construe that as a hit piece? Baker tried to extort a job from the SAME agency that she railed against. I’m thinking that this is now some sort of rightwing tactic that’s coming from a national level. Am I wrong? Did Ms. Baker think this bizarre tactic up on her own?

      Interesting. Job extortion. I like it. But the problem then becomes just WHAT to do with HUGE populations of jobless folks trying to extort jobs from our school system? Did Cindy ever think through the possible results? I mean, as a taxpayer, we only have so much money to spend, and we surely can’t afford the hordes of copy cat omsbudders. I shudder to think.

      Sally, help me make sense of all this. You seem very knowledgable about such issues. CAN we really create prosperity this way? Do we REALLY need an omsbudder for EACH different looney faction out there in society? And if so, why? How about an omsbudsman for the simple majority of folks out there who love their school system and its teachers

      • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 30, 2011 1:58 PM at 1:58 PM |

        HEY, maybe THAT’S what makes Really Windy Cindy such a politicat ANALyst! Maybe THAT’S where she learned to “create messes for others to endure”! Maybe THAT’S what engenders her braggadocio! Maybe THAT’S what makes her such a “public relation nightmare”! Maybe THAT’S what makes cindy so “sage”! And able to navigate the “turbulant” (sic) waters! Maybe THAT’S what cindy means when she talks about her “connections to the media”! It’s becoming clearer now. No WONDER cindy is so confident! She’s got a Big Kockh beHIND her! And with a Big Kockh, you’ve got the world at your feet!

        I think I get it now. Cindy like Koch!

  12. Het Cindy whatever happened to standing and saying what is true! Oh yea the Golden rule doesn’t apply to teabagger politics!

  13. Cleve Lowney–winner of the 2011 Dennis Hopper Look A Like Contest.

  14. Here is the woman who is running against Cindy Baker. Mary Jolley is her name. She seems to be smart, witty, and capable.|topnews|text|Frontpage

  15. From TheWesternWord: Chamber rescinds endorsement of commission candidate Baker Woot #MTSEN

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | October 31, 2011 6:10 PM at 6:10 PM |

      THE CHAMBER OF COMNERDS DID WHAT???? Oh…..MY….. GOD! That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! Seems that even the freakin’ CHAMBER POT of commerce doesn’t like morons who threaten the school district! My respect for the Chamber Pot of Commerce just went from nil to a little bit. Good job guys. This baker woman really IS as sicko as they come! She is rightwing christofascist fundiwackmentalist Teatard with attitude! Guess that her “coaltion” ain’t gonna be to happy that she was found out to be quite insane!

  16. Has this ever happened before? The Chamber taking back an endorsement? Incredible. If you are so low that you are a Republican that the Chamber won’t even endorse you, then that’s bad.

  17. Virginia attorney general on Koch dole takes on the EPA over coal rules:

  18. Y’all don’t think it was a brilliant try on her part to 1) get a job; 2) get them to pay for her training for the job she feels only she is qualified to have; and 3) demonstrate unequivocally how unfit for any elected position she truly is?

    Her powers of persuasion were ripped straight from Don Corleone. The Tea Party would be well shed of her. Having used them in her threatening missives as back-up to her ploy, she has tarred them even more than they manage to do on their own.

    “Cyndi Baker won’t raise my taxes” is her political motto. She CAN’T do a thing if no one votes for her. I would look into seeing how these two are spending whatever funds their ‘coalition’ is bringing in. I surely do not want her anywhere near a decision making process for the City of Great Falls.

    • Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers | November 4, 2011 10:03 AM at 10:03 AM |

      Of course windy cindy based her campaign on the Godfather. But she forgot one leetle very important detail. You send ONLY the horse’s head, not the horse’s ass! Windy cindy sent herself! Bad move. THAT didn’t scare anyone, just made them laff like hell!

      But hey, her motto SHOULD be, You Vota for Me or I Break’a You Face!

  19. Cyndi Baker was defeated at the polls by the narrow margin of 83% voting against her. She accused the teacher’s association for having it out for her. She cannot accept responsibility for her own actions which opened up the truth about her manipulation and bullying. Having thrust herself into politics with an agenda to control and dominate rather than govern, Ms Baker has been as easily shut out from local municipal government through sheer force of the vote of “We The People” for whom she says she wanted to represent….as long as you were someone from her coalition, that is. The rest of us would have had to hang fire and wait for her 4 year term to be up.

    Ms Baker, 83% of your constituents do not want you in politics. Feeding upon a heady 16% of people who did vote for you would be a foolish mistake on your part to believe you should energize yourself for some other political assignment. I have no doubt you will find your vocal chords and begin railing out in your Statue of Liberty costume yet again. However, I suggest first you get a handle on logical reasoning, and eliminate the pull of bullying and fear of repercussions if people do not give you their tired, their poor, their huddled masses,a job….and their lunch money.

    • Short story: Real Jerks, whether male or female, don’t get elected on the Lies they spread! Good job on this, “debs”!

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